18 Fun and Entertaining Games for Women’s Day Celebrations 2024 – Spice Up Your Event!

18 Fun and Entertaining Games for Women’s Day Celebrations 2024 – Spice Up Your Event!

Fun Games for Women's Day Celebration

Every year, 8th March spots the global celebration of International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating and honoring the incredible achievements of women all around the world. We’ve created a selection of exciting games for Women’s Day, to add an uncommon taste to your festivities. To keep up high spirits throughout the celebration and spare everyone from trashy conversations these activities are designed. So dive into our article to give tribute to women’s accomplishments and express appreciation for their presence in your life through enjoyable games. Keep reading!




1. Blind Fold Makeup

Blind Fold Makeup

Instructions: This is a very simple game. First divide the participants into two teams. Now from each team one member will apply makeup on her partner’s face but with the blindfold. The partner with no blindfold has to guide the person who is doing makeup telling what product where to use. The best makeup team will be victorious and rewarded with a prize set before. 

People Required: No bar.

Things needed: Makeup products.




2. Role Reversal

Role Reversal

Instructions: Keep the cards in a big bowl to draw randomly from for participants. Instruct them to choose a role card from the bowl at the onset of the game. Designate a time period (e.g., 5-10 minutes) for participants to collect data and investigate the accomplishments of females in their selected roles. Now one by one every participant has to perform the name or a unique facet of the chosen woman. The remaining participants then must guess the person’s name and tell about their occupation.

People Required: No bar.

Things Required: Cards with gender-associated roles like artist, engineer, doctor, or police officer.




3. Pick The Coin

Pick The Coin

Instructions: For this game you need to hide some coins in the sand or put them in a water filled tub. Now each player has to find coins working with one hand only. You can set a time period and fill water with water balloons if you want this game to become more enjoyable.

People required: 2-8

Things needed: Sand or water, a tub, balloons and coins.




4. Bollywood Quiz

Bollywood Quiz

Instructions: This game is for bollywood buff women. For this you can make some questionnaires associated with bollywood movies, dialogues and actors. Make two groups and start having the fun!

People required: no bar.

Things Needed: Paper to write clues and prize treasure.




5. Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Instructions:Treasure Hunt is a very exciting game and can be played indoors or outdoors. In this game every one or group has to find the hidden treasure that can be some prize. All players are given some riddles to solve and get the clues to reach out and find the treasure. 

People required: no bar.

Things Needed: Nothing. 




6. Two Truths And A Lie

Two Truths And A Lie

Instructions: To know someone better this game has its own way. Every participant has to come in front and share two truths and a lie about them. All other guests need to guess what’s the truth and which one is the lie.

People required: no bar.

Things Needed: Nothing. 



7.  Dumb Charades

Instructions: Dumb Charades, a fun old game can be so enjoyable for house parties or in office games. Make chits writing some women-centric movies and put them in a bowl. Make two teams, call one member alternatively from each team to pick a chit and act according to the name to make her team members guess the name of the movie. The team that gives maximum right answers wins.

People required: no bar.

Things Needed: Movie names.




8. Would You Rather

Instructions: Create a list of women-focused questions to pose to all players. Queries such as ‘Do you prefer to forgo waxing or shave off your eyebrows?’, ‘Would you choose not to wear heels ever or wear a bra every time?’, ‘Do you opt for blue eyeliner or favor red lipstick?’ and similar questions. Although in this no one wins or loses, it can be enjoyable to hear the varied responses and the reason behind them.

People required: no bar.

Things Needed: List of questions.




9. Guess The Grain

Instructions: Guess the Grain game players are blindfolded and asked to identify different grains by touch, smell, and taste. Take some cotton bags and put different grains in them. Participants take turns guessing the grains’, making for an entertaining and educational experience. It is perfect for parties, gatherings, or food-themed events. One who gives maximum right guesses wins the game.

People required: no bar.

Things Needed: Food grains like different pulses, wheat, ragi, barley, maize etc.




10. Thread It

Instructions: Make teams of 4-5 persons. Set a time range and blow the whistle as time starts. Now each participant has to thread needles as many as possible within that set time period. The contestant who threads the maximum number of needles will win. 

People required: no bar.

Things Needed: Thread and needles. 




11. Have You Ever

Instructions: You have to prepare a list of some interesting questions to ask “Have you ever” to the women. Questions can range from silly to serious, encouraging funny anecdotes or deeper discussions. For example, “Have you ever travelled solo?” or “Have you ever sung in public?” or “Have you ever been arrested?” or “Have you ever played an adventure game” etc. You have to be creative and prepare a list to ask. While playing, ask the question to the women. They have to play with Yes or No. One who says Yes, will get 10 points and No will get ) points. Note down the points, calculate the end and announce the winner of the game. 

People Required: 20 or more women can play it

Things needed: None

12. The Guessing Game

How to play: Every woman will note down their 2-3 truths about themselves on the paper. Distribute paper and pen to everyone. Collect the notes and put them in the bowl. Mix them. Now, invite any one of the women to read the truth loudly in front of all women and guess who has written this truth. If she is right, then she will get the point. One by one, this process will repeat with every woman till all the notes unfold. Remember to note down the points and at last women with the highest points will win the game.

People Required: A group of 15-20 people can play it

Things needed: A paper, pen and a bowl




13. Spin The Bottle

How to play: To play this new twisted spin-the-bottle game, arrange nail paint around the table in a circular motion. Leave a space inside that the bottle can spin. Traditionally, spin the bottle between the nail paint circle. When the bottle points to someone after spinning, the woman the bottle is pointing at has to paint her nails within a minute. For a twist, you can also give her a challenge while painting the nails.

People Required: A group of 15-20 people can play it

Things Required: A Bottle and Nail Paints

14. Barter Puzzle

How to play: All participants should be divided into equal-sized small groups. Assign a distinct puzzle of equal difficulty to every group. Whichever squad can finish their problem the quickest wins. However, certain components are combined with puzzle pieces from different groups. It is up to each side to figure out how to reclaim those parts, be it via trading, bartering, team member exchanges, or some other means. Whatever you choose, it must be completed in a group.

People Required: 4 small teams or more

Things Required: different puzzles for each group.

15. Truths and lies: 

How to play: Ask everyone to sit in a circle facing the centre. Ask all participants to think of three facts about themselves and one false fact. The fake must be realistic, not extravagant. Move around the circle and ask each person to say the three facts and the false one in random order, without revealing which is the false one. When some have shared their data, the others will have to guess which data is fake.

People Required: 5 or more

Things Required: None




16. Blind Drawing

How to play: Divide the participants into pairs. Ask them to sit back to back. Give one member of the couple the pen and paper, and the other the photo. The person who has the photo will have to describe the image to their partner without actually saying what it is. For example, if the picture is a worm in a mango, you cannot say, “Draw a mango with a worm in it.” The person with the pen and paper will draw what they think the image represents based on the verbal description. You can set a time limit of about 10 or 15 minutes.

People Required: 5 or more

Things Required: None


17. This is better than that

How to play: Select four or more different objects, or the same objects in different configurations. Team players should be divided into equal-sized groups. Describe a scenario where each group must use those objects alone to solve a problem. It might say something like, “You have to save the world from Godzilla,” or “You find yourself on a desert island.” Ask each team to justify their arrangement of the items based on their relative usefulness in the given scenario.

People Required: Any

Things Required: 4 objects or more

18. Blow The Balloons

Instructions: Give a balloon to every participant. Each participant gets 10 breaths to blow the balloon as soon as the whistle is blown. In 10 breaths one who blows the largest balloon wins the game.

People Required: 9-10 ladies

Things Required: whistle and balloons 




Q.1 What is International Women’s Day?
– International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8th to honor the achievements of women and promote gender equality worldwide.


Q.2 Why is International Women’s Day celebrated?
– International Women’s Day is celebrated to recognize women’s contributions to society, advocate for women’s rights, and raise awareness about gender equality issues.


Q.3 How can I participate in International Women’s Day celebrations?
– You can participate in International Women’s Day celebrations by attending events, sharing inspiring stories of women, supporting women-owned businesses, and advocating for gender equality.


Q.4 What are some common themes for International Women’s Day?
– Some common themes for International Women’s Day include women’s empowerment, gender equality, women’s rights, and celebrating women’s achievements.


Q.5 Who can participate in International Women’s Day?
– International Women’s Day is inclusive and welcomes participation from people of all genders who support women’s rights and gender equality.


Q.6 Are there any specific colors associated with International Women’s Day?
– Purple, green, and white are commonly associated with International Women’s Day. Purple symbolizes justice and dignity, green represents hope, and white signifies purity.


Q.7  How can I support women on International Women’s Day?
– You can support women on International Women’s Day by advocating for gender equality, promoting women’s rights, supporting women-owned businesses, and amplifying women’s voices.


Q.8 What are some traditional activities for International Women’s Day?
– Traditional activities for International Women’s Day include rallies, marches, panel discussions, film screenings, art exhibitions, and cultural performances celebrating women’s achievements.


Q.9 How can I educate others about International Women’s Day?
– You can educate others about International Women’s Day by sharing information about its history, significance, and current issues related to gender equality through social media, blogs, or organizing educational events.


Q.10 How can I continue supporting women’s rights beyond International Women’s Day?
– You can continue supporting women’s rights beyond International Women’s Day by advocating for gender equality in your community, supporting women’s organizations, and challenging gender stereotypes and discrimination in your daily life.



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