Govt Launches ‘Chakshu’ Portal To Report Fraudulent Calls, SMS


Govt Launches ‘Chakshu’ Portal To Report Fraudulent Calls, SMS

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IT Minister Ashwin Vaishnav launched the Chakshu Portal yesterday on 5 March 2024. He said that with Digital Intelligence Platform and Chakshu they’ll be able to detect and prevent cyber fraud better and faster.  He was This in the context of the Chakshu Portal. This Portal was announced on Monday by the Department of Telecommunication and it is a reporting platform where a cab reports suspects fraudulent communication from mobile numbers via calls, SMS, or social media like WhatsApp. Seeing the increasing cyber fraud in India , this step will try to curb those. In the past few years India has witnessed lots of different types of cyber frauds that have done the damage of millions of crores. Apart from this the minister also announced that the Sanchar Sathi Portal will also be accessible through a mobile app in coming days. Together Chakshu and Snchaar Sathi will strengthen the nation’s fight against mobile based scams, said Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw. “With Digital Intelligence Platform and Chakshu, we think the pace at which we were able to detect and prevent cyber frauds will significantly improve further,” says IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw




What is Chakshu Portal?



The Chakshu portal is a new website made by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to help people stay safe from scams on the internet and phones. It’s not for reporting scams that already happened, but for telling about suspicious messages or calls. If someone gets a message or call that seems fake, they can report it on Chakshu. The portal covers lots of different scams, like pretending to be government workers or trying to steal bank details.




How Chakshu Portal Works

Using Chakshu is easy. First, you go to the website and fill out a form. You say what kind of scam it is, when it happened, and what the message or call said. You also need to attach a picture of the message or call. Then, you give your name and phone number. After that, you verify your phone number with a code they send you. Finally, you click submit. If the report is true, the fake number might get shut down to stop them from scamming more people. Chakshu helps keep everyone safer online.


Spam Reporting Portal

The Chakshu Portal will also play an important role when it comes to the reporting of Spam and other fraudulent activities. User can report spam Phone number there too. Additionally, it has been integrated with the “Sanchar Sathi portal” of the department of telecommunications. The new Chakshu portal will cause the re-verification of numbers that appear to be fraudulent. The number will be disconnected if the re-verification is unsuccessful. The identity of the person reporting these figures, along with their username and other information, will always be kept private. Confidentiality will also extend to the suspected number’s numbers, username, and other details.  This is a great step towards Securing the digital safety of the nation and will help millions of peoples.



Digital Intelligence Platform

Chakshu will also play an important role in financial security on the digital platform.  Thanks to the recently released Digital Intelligence Platform, banks, payment wallets, social media sites, and Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) can now exchange data about alleged fraudulent connections. This will help the law authorities and public. They can effectively monitor the data to take preventive measures. In order to stop fraud in the future, it will provide banks and payment wallets with a single, centralised area where they can compare their databases to the master list of fraudulent calls.





Grievance Redressal Portal


The Telecom Minister Ashwin Vaishnav also said they will also release Grievance Redressal Portal. This Portal will help the citizens and allow them to raise their concerns accordingly.

According to DoT officials, the government is still working on a grievance redressal portal for reporting about connections that are inadvertently disconnected through the Sanchar Sathi portal. Additionally, representatives stated that the Department of Technology is working with the Reserve Bank of India and the Department of Financial Services to reunite citizens with the frozen $1,008 crore in suspected accounts. This is either from fraudulent activities or money laundering. Until the agencies scrutinise it the money will remain Frozen.





Trai’s Recommendations On CNAP

Even though the services like Truecaller are available their accuracy is still doubtful as one is allowed to edit the information. To tackle this and provide more reliable information  the Minister of Telecommunications stated that the Department of Transportation will examine the TRAI’s suggestions about the suggested Calling Name Presentation (CNAP) service. Users should be able to view the registered name associated with incoming calls thanks to CNAP. “User safety and protecting users’ privacy is most important. As a user, it is my right to know who is calling me. It is important for people who are calling to at least identify themselves,” Vaishnav added. Moreover the minister also stated that as of now they are also analysing SMS on unsolicited commercial communication. Till now 1.9 lakh text message headers have been blacklisted after 35 lakh headers were analysed.


It can be seen that government is working hard on all fronts to curb the cyber crime and bring culprits to justice



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Chakshu Portal:

1. What is the Chakshu Portal?
– The Chakshu portal is a platform developed by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to report suspicious communication, such as fraudulent calls, SMS, or messages on social media like WhatsApp.


2. How does the Chakshu Portal work?
– Users can visit the Chakshu website and fill out a form detailing the suspicious communication they received, including the type of scam, date, and content. They also need to attach a screenshot of the message or call. After providing their name and phone number, users verify their phone number with a code sent via SMS and submit the report.


3. What types of scams can be reported on the Chakshu Portal?
– The portal covers various scams, including impersonation of government officials, attempts to steal bank details, and other fraudulent activities targeting individuals through calls, SMS, or social media platforms.


4. What happens after a report is submitted on the Chakshu Portal?
– If the report is deemed genuine, the fraudulent number may be shut down to prevent further scamming. The portal also facilitates re-verification of suspected numbers, and if unsuccessful, the number may be disconnected. User information and details of reported numbers remain confidential.


5. Is the Chakshu Portal integrated with other platforms?
– Yes, the Chakshu Portal is integrated with the “Sanchar Sathi portal” of the Department of Telecommunications. It also collaborates with the Digital Intelligence Platform to enhance cybersecurity measures and financial security on digital platforms.



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