Eid-ul-Fitr 2024 Salah: How to Perform Eid Prayer with Steps and Rituals

Eid Mubarak! Eid is about to come and we all are fully geared up with our preparations for festivals. Eid is a delightful festival to show gratitude towards Allah for giving us endurance and strength during Ramadan. Eid makes us remember the value of our friends and family and healthy relationships with loved one’s. This year Eid will fall on Wednesday 10th April or Thursday 11th April 2024 according to the moon sighting marking the end of Holy Ramadan month. Prayer is a very important thing to do on Eid, it is one of the five pillars of Islam. In this article we will know all about Eid Salah and rules to perform it. 

Eid-ul-Fitr 2024 Salah


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What is Eid Salah?

Eid-ul-Fitr 2024 Salah

Each Eid celebration begins with the early morning ghusl (bath) following with a prayer which is generally called Salah. Eid Salah is essential for both Eid celebrations. Salah is performed after fajr which is one of the five mandatory prayers.  This special Eid prayer (Salah) is slightly different from the regular prayers. It is made up of two parts (rak’ahs). It is necessary to perform Salah in open space like a huge ground, or field rather than in a mosque in Jama’ah (congregation). Salah should be performed after dawn or anytime in the day before sunset. Although this can be performed at home in a pinch too.

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Why is Eid Salah prayed?

Salah is one of the five essential pillars of Islam. Salah-ul-Eid is contemplated as a sunnah, which is a legal precedent and related to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad. Salah is wajib, which means it is essential to perform. It is fard kifaya or communal obligation, an act of worship which depends upon the school of thought or madhab that you follow in Islam. It is considered as an act of personal communication with almighty Allah. It is believed prayer Salah purifies the heart. The main purpose of Salah is to worship Allah alone as Allah commanded Prophet Muhammad. Performing Salah differentiates a muslim from a non-Muslim. 


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When to pray Eid Prayer;Salah?

Eid Salah should be performed after the sunrise. That’s why Salah should be prayed not immediately after fajr. Eid prayer must be performed before Zawaal. Zawaal is a term given to the time when the sun in sky reaches the zenith which is the highest point of the sun in the sky. That’s why you should perform Eid special Prayer anytime between 7am to 12pm during daylight. There is no sermon or khutbah after this prayer if you pray at home. However, the sermon can be listened to online because it is Mandub or recommended. It is not wajib or mandatory to listen to khutbah. 

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How to prepare for Salah?

Before performing the Salah, it is essential (a sunnah) to make a ghusl (taking bath).

Wear your finest clothes to celebrate Eid. And wear elegant perfume. 

It is a sunnah to eat. Prophet Mohammed used to eat dates before going out to pray. 

On the way to Eid prayer, say the general Takbeerat. Which is Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. La ilaaha illa-llaah, wa-llaahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, wa li-llaahil hamd. 



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How to perform Eid Salah?

Before starting the Prayer make niyyah intention. The intention must be coming from your heart. You can say it outloud too, which is as follows: I intend to pray two raka’ah of the Eid al-Fitr/Eid al-Adha prayer for Allah facing the Ka’bah’.


The First Rak’ah

Now raise your hands up to your earlobes for men and shoulders for women to pray. Say the takbeer as mentioned above during this with the Imam. Now keep your right hand over left below navel and women below chest. 

Now recite the opening supplication: SubhanaK-Allahumma wa bihamdiKa, wa tabaarak-asmuKa, wa ta-’aala jadduKa, wa la ilaaha ghayruK. Which means: O Allah, glory and praise are for You, and blessed is Your Name, and exalted is Your Majesty and there is no god but You.

After it Imam will recite multiple takbeers. You should raise your hands up and then take to your sides for each takbeer.

When takbeer is over repeat keeping your right hand below chest and navel. Now Imam will recite Surah al-Fatihah. Now rest will be similar to daily prayers.

The second Rak’ahs

Imam will recite Surah al-Fatihah and after it another surah. 

After it Holy Quran recitation and multiple takbeers will be done. You have to repeat hand gestures as mentioned above. 

When takbeer is over, bow down (ruku). 

The rest of the prayer will be similar to the daily prayers. 

After it Imam will recite Khutbah or sermon. And some important Islamic issues are addressed.

After finishing while going home take a different route. It is believed and Abu Huraira narrates that when the Messenger (saw) would go for Eid (prayer), he would return taking a different path from the one he had used to come. [Ibn Majah]​



Salah is essential for the Edi Festival. It is a sunnah to eat before the prayer. It is part of a tradition set by Prophet Muhammad. Usually dates are eaten. ‘The Messenger (saw) would not leave for Eid al-Fitr until he ate…’ [Ahmad] Before the prayer Zakat-ul-fitr (fitrana) is a must. Zakat is obligatory for each member of the household. All should give things and food to the less fortunate. Apart from all this Eid is the festival of joy and love between family and relatives, and of compassion towards less fortunate people. Eid Mubarak!

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