7 Best Games for Eid Party: Fun Activities for Kids and Adults

7 Best Games for Eid Party: Fun Activities for Kids and Adults

Eid is a festival and occasion of love and fun with your closed ones and family. After tough fasting for one month, everyone will love to celebrate the festival of Eid with joy, fun, and happiness. To make your Eid memorable and joyous playing games will be a great idea.

It is the best way to make the day cheerful and delightful. Celebrate this day of blessing with your family, friends, and some games too. Here we will list some best games for the Eid party for some fun. They can be played and enjoyed with everyone either adults or kids.

The list of games is filled with joy and love, also they are tried and tested to suit this occasion.


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1. Pin the Moon on the Minaret

This game was invented for the special of Eid and goes well with the Eid theme. It is a printable game inspired by the most popular and loved game ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey.’

It is similar to a birthday party classic, the goal of the game is simple, it is to pin the moon on the Minaret. The fun starts from here, people have to be blinded folded, and spun around many times.

Isn’t it fun to just read or imagine? And it is even more fun when you play. The game is perfect for the whole family or guests, and it is enough to make everyone chuckle and laugh. Try this game this Eid and you will fall in love.


2. Pass the Parcel

This game must be known and heard by some of you. It is quite a popular game for house and festival parties. It is also a hit for Eid Day. The wholesome thing to do on Eid is giving, receiving, and unwrapping gifts. For almost everyone adults or kids, it is very exciting and full of happiness.

This game is also like that and for Eid day, passing the parcel is a fabulous and perfect idea. Pass the parcel also reminds us about the beautiful gesture of giving and receiving it can be a hug, a present, or blessings. It can be also perfect for the idea of charity on Eid.

3. Balloon Waddle Race

We all know a party doesn’t seem good and exciting without balloons, right? There comes the Balloon Waddle Race, and it is the excellent and perfect way to put a smile on the faces of your family members, friends, and even your relatives. And what’s even better than putting a smile on the faces of your loved ones on the day of celebration and occasion?

The game is simple and easy to understand, just draw a start and finish line, and then two individuals have to race along a pumped-up balloon between their legs or knees. They should reach the end or finish line without bursting or dropping the ballon in the middle of the race.

It sounds easy and quick to play but is tougher than it seems. To know you must play this game with your friends or family, and it will be a lot of fun and giggles.

4. Pinata

Pinata is an awesome way of putting some energetic and fun vibes to a party or occasion. It is also a great way to make your kids busy and involved. After all the Eid preparation and giving blessings to each other, you can play this game. And we are sure you will love and appreciate this.

To make the game easy for your guests, you can buy Eid-themed Pinata and begin the joy and fun.



5. Treasure Hunt

For young kids and adults, Treasure Hunt can be a perfect game to develop excitement and joy among them. The way to play this game is by cutting letters and hiding them in several easy places in your home or around your home with sweet treats and tiny toys. At first, give the kid a clue, and later watch them figure out themselves.

For adults, you can modify the game according to your interests and choices. Switch the treats and toys with other different things that you love. It will be fun for either kids or adults.

6. Cookie Decorating

This game is about cookies as the name suggests and who doesn’t love them? Cookies are loved by everyone either kids or adults. Nothing is more exciting than a game that involves cookies and delicious treats. And it’s a game changer for your Eid day if you love baking.

This game is about baking Eid-themed cookies and sweets with your family or friends. It is an excellent way of spending time with your loved ones because festivals are meant to be celebrated with people you love.

And it is all worth the time when the reward will be a delicious cookie made with love, joy, and togetherness. Also, to make it more fun you can buy cute and interesting cookie cutters to make cookies more attractive and fun. Later they can be decorated with icing, sprinkles, and coco chips. You can add anything sweet of your choice.

7. Make a Mosque Out of Sweet Treats

Yet another game that revolves around sweets and cookies. It is a cherry on the cake for sweet lovers. If you and your sister/brother are good and interested in baking, then this game is for you.

People can make edible mosques with the help of cookies, and sweet and delicious treats. Also, you can add treats for your choice such as toffees, candies, etc. It is satisfying and fun to make a mosque of delicious treats.


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