Father’s Day Movies: Films to Watch with Dad on His Special Day

Looking for a heartwarming movie to watch on Father’s Day? Explore a world of joy, affection, and possibly even a few tears with these amazing films that are ideal for seeing with your father. There is entertainment for every type of father-child combination, including warming dramas, humorous comedies, and action-packed adventures. This guide on films to watch with Dad on Father’s Day provides you an opportunity to connect over special moments. So get your popcorn, make yourself comfortable on the couch, and get ready for a movie adventure that celebrates the unique relationship that exists between fathers and their children.

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Best Father’s Day 2024 Movies:


1. Piku:


This film beautifully captures the heartwarming relationship between a father and daughter. The film teaches you how to cherish your parents when they’re still acting like kids and becoming upset. It hits an emotional note when it says that even the strongest father becomes dependent on his daughter as he gets older and that, despite his complaining, the daughter is his greatest supporter and source of support. This movie deserves to be on the top of your list.


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2. Drishyam:


It is a suspenseful thriller that you and your dad would enjoy seeing together. This film beautifully shows the lengths a father would go to in order to safeguard and provide for his kids. The father, having been involved in a web of unexpected crimes, uses every method known to man to protect his family. You will be shocked and engaged by Drishyam till the very end of the film. A worthwhile viewing for this Father’s Day!



3. Dangal:

This movie highlights that how dads are good at noticing their kids’ hidden talents. You learn from the movies that your father is your biggest supporter and is most proud of you when you succeed in life.

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4. Angrezi Medium:

This movie has ups and downs like a roller coaster. This movie has plenty of movement which makes you happy, sad, and emotional. This movie revolves around a middle-class man and his daughter. The main character is a single parent who loves his daughter more than anything else in the world. This effortlessly shows how a father took extreme measures just to fulfill his daughter’s dream.


5. Paa:

Primarily this movie focuses on Progeria a rare genetic disorder. But multiple scenes make you cry and laugh. This shows how much pain a parent has to bear when their child is sick and they cannot do anything. The feeling of being helpless made you realize how much pain our parents experience if something happens to you.



6. Udaan:

This movie is completely opposite from the movies discussed earlier. It does not revolve around the sweet, pure, and emotional parent-child relationship. But deserved to be part of your list. The story is about a teenage boy’s difficult relationship with his drunk father. His father beats him up out of frustration and does not care about him. The film conveys a powerful message about welcoming those people who care about us and letting go of those people who do not cherish and love us.


7. 102 Not Out:

This movie is about an unusual father-son duo. Amitabh Bachchan and Late Rishi Kapoor are the main characters of this movie. The story revolves around a 102-year-old father (Amitabh Bachchan) and a 75-year-old son (Late Rishi Kapoor). The unusual difference is just not only visible in their age but also visible in their personalities. The father is cool, chilled, and relaxed and the son is sad. This movie makes you realize that a father’s love, affection, and care do not change even after you grow old.



8. Akele Hum Akele Tum:

This movie is about a single parent (Amir Khan) and his son. The main character is financially struggling and working hard to meet ends. Despite this, he fights against his wife for his son’s custody. This movie has lots of ups and downs which keep you engaged.


9. Wake Up Sid:

Ranbir Kapoorp plays a rich young man named Sid in this moving movie who spends his father’s money irresponsibly. Lost in life, Sid struggles with his love of photography and finds it difficult to pursue his dream. Eventually, he manages to do what he likes and prove himself. The film skillfully shows how a parent’s love can forget and forgive a child’s mistakes, regardless of how many they make.



10. Waqat the race against the time:

Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan are the main characters of this movie. The movie first half of the movie is full of humor.  But as the movie progresses it makes you emotional and teary. The movie focuses on the father-son relationship. It is a good movie and worth to watch with your father.


11. Chicchore:

You find in this movie that self-doubt and regret may be huge barriers in the way of success. Actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who passed away, plays the appealing role of Anni, a carefree college student who experiences a dramatic transformation into a caring father.

Anni becomes his guide after his son Raghav tries suicide after failing his IIT entrance exam out of dread of being labeled a loser. Along with his group of “loser” friends, Anni inspires his son that admitting our flaws always leads to greater pleasure and inspires everyone to avoid the rat race by sharing stories of his college days, friendships, relationships, and life’s hardships.


As your guide on Father’s Day movie marathon approaches an end, it becomes clear that these movies are about more than just having fun; they’re about building relationships. From the thrilling turns of “Drishyam” to the touching dynamics of “Piku,” every film provides an insight into the unique connection that exists between dads and children.

These stories, whether they make you laugh like in “102 Not Out” or cry like in “Paa,” offer a wonderful reminder of the love, sacrifices, and happiness we experience with our fathers.  Take a moment to reflect on the real-life heroes who inspire us every day.

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