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Eid Decorations

Eid al-Fitr or Eid is one of the prominent Islamic Festivals which is celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm every year among all the Muslims of the world. It is one of the two official Holidays of Islam (second being Eid-al-Adha). Eid marks the end of the Holy month Ramadan in which people fast Dawn to Sunset daily. According to the Islamic calendar Eid comes on the first day of Shawwal, the tenth month of Islamic (Hijri) Calendar which is a lunar calendar. On the night of the first sighting of the crescent shaped Eid moon, the festival begins. Eid is a festival of brotherhood, sanity and happiness. Everyone celebrates this auspicious festival with family and friends. People gather with their friends and family and show gratitude and devotion towards the almighty and each other. This year Eid al-fitr is falling on Wednesday Eve, 10th April 2024 till the next day 11th April 2024. On this day people make special cuisine at home and purchase sweets and tasty dishes, they wear new clothes and accessories. What is the celebration without the extra flaunt of decoration? We are presenting Eil al-fitr decoration ideas along with DIY and craft projects to decorate your schools, homes and offices on this Eid. 

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Eid Decoration Ideas for Schools:

Eid Decoration Ideas for Schools

  • Playful Photo Booths for Eid selfies: The one thing that people love the most is to capture the memories of the day of remembrance. Selfie is one of the ways to capture your moments lively and Photobooths can do no wrong. You can set up an Eid special selfie-booth in the front lawn or in the waiting area of your school. You can place a big Eid Mubarak banner on the front side and decorate it with stars and moon, Islamic geometric Designs and lantern hangings along with Eid special paintings made by students. It will increase the engagement of parents and students more. 

  • DIY Giant Eid Props for Main Hall and Entrance: You can make some elegant DIY props on Eid theme for the main hall in the entrance of the school. You can give this work to students as their activity project and get it done with the guidance of some art and craft teacher. Giant crops can be made with cardboard or with mdf board. There are many art and craft shopkeepers who can make cutouts for you and later you can fill colours in them or you can purchase giant props as well. Props and the Eid theme can be people laughing in beautiful Eid special clothes lantern Islamic geometric pattern starts moon etc. 
  • Creative wall Hangings and wall papers for corridor: Wall hanging and wallpapers look so great on the corridors, you can make with the help of a student some Eid special wall hangings. It will give students activity and activity and they will feel more engaged in the festival and also they will get a chance to increase their creativity with the festive vibes. Wall hanging can be origami stars and Islamic geometric patterns, henna hand print, lolly sticks stars, Chinese lantern chain, potato print Eid bunting, potato print Eid card, lady finger print Eid bunting, star and crescent moon hangings etc. 

  • String Light, Lanterns and Balloons for Gallery and Activity Room: String lights look so elegant and when it comes to the festival Vibes they are the show’s topper of the room. You can take a combination of different coloured balloons like golden and white, green and white, black and golden, red and silver etc. with the string lights you can hang their small wall hanging made by students mentioned before in the article. Gallery and the activity rooms are the main places where students gather the most so they should look very attractive during the festivals. If you want some extra shimmer you can add a gold foil curtain or gold foil strips along with the string lights. 
  • Eid Corner for the main celebration: For the main celebration in Eid-corner will look so great and sophisticated. You can add various decorative elements in this corner like golden crescent and star balloon with craft and DIY Eid decorations like origami Eid props. You can place some ornamental wreaths or Eid Mubarak banners there. You can place some floral arrangements there like a round floral frame. Along with this you can place some scented candles there and some Holi writing’s frames.


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Eid Decoration Ideas for Homes:

Eid Decoration Ideas for Homes

  • Luminate your home with Traditional Fanous and Eid Lights Decorations: you can illuminate your home with traditional lighting like lamp, lanterns, string lights, glow lamps etc. you can decorate your living area dining room and your balcony with the help of some glowing stars string light and crescent moon blow lamp or hanging lights for the festivals vibes and ambience. These days a fanous, Ramadan special lantern is getting famous for house decoration. In ancient times they used to decorate streets and homes during the month of Ramadan with these Fanous which means lie in the darkness. In the living area you can place some frames with the holy writing and question covers with Arabic geometric pattern.
  • Eid Special Memory wall: Memory wall is a great idea on this Eid al-fitr. To decorate a memory ball you can hang some Eid garlands and some festive colour combination balloons like golden and white, green and golden, black and golden etc. you can decorate the wall with different frames and EID mubarak banners. And here is the pro-tip; you can add all the photographs of your past Eid celebrations with all your family members and your friend on string light and decorated it on the memory wall. Or you can create some Eid special photographs collage of your friends and family. You can use Eid special curtains also. 

  • Special Eidi Corner and Prayer Area: Special Eidi corner is a very creative idea for this Eid 2024. When you gather with your friends and families to get gifts from your elders, relatives and friends and when kids get their Eidi from the elder members of the family there should be a corner for everyone to make the fun more enjoyable. An Eidi corner is fun and creative and very engaging for children as well. You can add the same hanging and balloons and string lights there to decorate the place. In this way you will get a chance to in this way you will get a chance to spend precious time with kids and you can also teach them some traditional values in fun way. For the prayer room you can add some frames with some surah or quotes from the Quran Sharif on the wall. That’s how you can get some tranquil and serene vibes to your prayer room. It will also protect from negative vibes and spread positivity.
  • Give some festival touch to your Cushions, curtains, Ornate carpet and wall decor: On this Eid you can dazzle up your room with the special Eid themed printed curtains and Cushions. You can give orders for customised Islamic geometrical patterns printed, crescent and star shapes printed or lantern printed curtains and Cushion covers. Special floral bedsheets and curtains can hype the vibes of the room. To raise the shine in the room you can add some metal wall art that is on the geometrical pattern or some golden frames with Holy writings on them. Along with this you can add extra shimmer and brightness with certain hanging lamps and glowing crescent and stars. An ornate carpet will enhance the beauty of the living area for the first season. 
  • Decorate your dining table and lighten up the greenery in the balcony: The feast of the Eid is very important and an integral part of the celebration so decorating the dinner table is very crucial. You can use your best crockery like metal or old fashioned tableware on this special occasion to serve the delicious food to your guests. Place a traditional Dalla jug and metal cups for an aesthetic look. You can give a test of floral elements and candles to your table as well. Balcony can be turned into a beautiful hangout corner for the festival’s chit-chats. In the balcony you can add some fairy lights and some hanging pots with the Eid Mubarak theme decorations. You can add a water filled metal bowl with rose petals with floating candles and some drops of rose water into it to enhance the fragrance. 

Eid Decoration Ideas for Offices: 

  • Fancy Entrance Area and Reception: To give your entrance area and reception a festival look you can add some Eid special elements on the reception and EID Mubarak banner on the main door. You can add geometric patterns or holy writing curtains for the door and with the touch of floral elements on the corners. On the front table you can add a decorative piece of cloth with the bowl of dates. Select different colour combination balloons like golden and white, golden and green and black and golden etc. to increase festive vibes. 
  • Creative Conference Room: For the main table and different tables you can add tablecloths or runners with the Eid theme. Place some flower vases, metal showpiece and artificial arrangement like a crescent or star showpiece. Put some scented candles on the shelves and bowl filled with scented water with floating candles and rose petals. Don’t forget to use some Eid special hangings in the windowsills and corners of the room. Put the same balloons everywhere. 
  • Wholesome Workstations, Desks and Prayer Room: For desk of every employee you can place the phone kind of Eid themed items and showpieces. You can distribute some Eid themed usable things like mouse pad pencil holders to your employees on Eid as Eidi. A Memory wall can be created in the office main area with the pictures of every celebration that occurred in the office. The prayer room various decorative rugs and prayer mats can be placed with the intricate Eid themed patterns. Calligraphy artwork describing blessings and Verses from the Quran can be hung on the walls or placed on the booths. 
  • Cafeteria or Break Room: In the cafeteria or break room Eid theme tablecloths or runners with Eid themed napkins can be arranged. Traditional sweets and cream be the special cruising can be served for everyone. For extra shine and glow string light, shimmer curtains and glowing paper lanterns should be used. 


Eid Decorations in today’s world are not like old times when people had more than enough time for doing everything from making delicious food to decorating houses but hey giving festivals a modern touch enhances its beauty. With the blooming economy we have number of things to have fun on festivals and number of things to decorate are places with on each festival. Markets are filled with Eid themed things, decorative items and arrangements. Modern time is the real time to celebrate any kind of festival in its true sense. From your workplace to your home, from markets to tourist places everywhere you can feel the enthusiasm and pomp of Eid al-fitr. In the end Happy Eid to you all, Enjoy!. 



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