Andhra Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2024 Exit Polls: Predictions and Analysis l Which Party in winning Majority of Seats?

Andhra Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2024 Exit Polls

Today is the final day for the polling of the Lok Sabha elections 2024. Therefore today various news agencies will be declaring the exit polls for the General election 2024. Today in this article we will discuss the Exit Polls for the Andhra Pradesh Lok Sabha elections. Andhra Pradesh has 25 Lok Sabha Seats and the polling was done on 13th May 2024. As per the voter turnout data declared by the Election Commission of India there was 2% increase in the voters as compared to last election. Total voter turnout was 81.86%.  As the polling will be concluded in all over India today the Exit Polls have been finally released. Let’s have a look at the exit polls released by the various agencies.


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Andhra Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2024 Exit Polls

Parties Exit Polls
BJP 21-25



Methodology of Exit Polls

Exit Poll findings provide an excellent preview of the final results before they are announced. Exit polls are the approximate findings reported by different organizations from their own surveys. The 2024 Lok Sabha elections are highly anticipated by people throughout India, according to exit surveys. The majority of the time, exit polls provide us precise findings that indicate which candidates will form the government. Exit polls, in contrast to pre-polls, rely on actual data rather than conjecture. Agencies send out surveyors to various polling places, asking those who exit the booths about their voting choices on a predetermined questionnaire.  This is the basis for a data set that is generated from thousands of Indian constituencies, and the findings indicate which party has the best chance of winning. But there’s always a margin of error because of a number of factors, such incomplete data reporting or a small sample size. The results of the exit polls, however, are as accurate as feasible.


Andhra Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2024 Schedule

Below is the complete schedule of the Andhra Pradesh Lok Sabha elections.

Constituencies Phase Polling Date
Aruku IV May 13
Srikakulam IV May 13
Vizianagaram IV May 13
Visakhapatnam IV May 13
Anakapalli IV May 13
Kakinada IV May 13
Amalapuram IV May 13
Rajahmundry IV May 13
Narsapuram IV May 13
Eluru IV May 13
Machilipatnam IV May 13
Vijayawada IV May 13
Guntur IV May 13
Narasaraopet IV May 13
Bapatla IV May 13
Ongole IV May 13
Nandyal IV May 13
Kurnool IV May 13
Anantapur IV May 13
Hindupur IV May 13
Kadapa IV May 13
Nellore IV May 13
Tirupati IV May 13
Rajampet IV May 13
Chittoor IV May 13



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List of all Constituencies and Candidates


Andhra Pradesh has 25 Lok Sabha Seats and we have prepared a list of all the constituencies and the candidates that are contesting elections in them. Some of the important constituencies in Andhra Pradesh are Vishakha Patnam , Machilipatnam, Vijayawada and Guntur.

Candidate Name Constituency Party
Janga Gowtham Amalapuram INC
Rapaka Vara Prasad Rao Amalapuram YSRCP
Ganti Harish Madhur Amalapuram TDP
CM Ramesh Anakapalli BJP
Vegi Venkatesh Anakapalli INC
Budi Muthyala Naidu Anakapalli YSRCP
Mallikarjun Vajjala Anantapur INC
Malagundula Sankara Narayana Anantapur YSRCP
Ambica Lakshminarayana Anantapur TDP
Pachipenta Appalanarasa Aruku CPIM
Kothapalli Geetha Aruku BJP
Chetti Tanuja Rani Aruku YSRCP
J D Salim Bapatla INC
Nandigam Suresh Babu Bapatla YSRCP
T.Krishna Prasad Bapatla TDP
Daggumalla Prasad Rao Chittoor TDP
M. Jagapathi Chittoor INC
N Redappa Chittoor YSRCP
Karumuri Sunil Kumar Yadav Eluru YSRCP
Putta Mahesh Yadav Eluru TDP
Kavuri Lavanya Eluru INC
Pemmasani Chandrasekhar Guntur TDP
Jangala Ajay Kumar Guntur CPI
Kilari Venkata Rosaiah Guntur YSRCP
B.K. Parthasaradhi Hindupur TDP
Samad Shaheen Hindupur INC
Joladarasi Santha Hindupur YSRCP
Chidipiralla Bhupesh Reddy Kadapa TDP
Smt. YS Sharmila Reddy Kadapa INC
YS Avinash Reddy Kadapa YSRCP
Chalamalasetty Sunil Kakinada YSRCP
Tangella Uday Srinivas Kakinada JSP
MM Pallam Raju Kakinada INC
BY Ramaiah Kurnool YSRCP
Basthipati Nagaraju Kurnool TDP
PG Ram Pullaiah Yadav Kurnool INC
Gollu Krishna Machilipatnam INC
Dr. Simhadri Chandrasekhara Machilipatnam YSRCP
Vallabhaneni Balashowry Machilipatnam BJP
Byreddy Shabari Nandyal TDP
Lakshmi Narasimha Yadav Nandyal INC
Pocha Brahmananda Reddy Nandyal YSRCP
Dr Poluboina Anil Kumar Yadav Narasaraopet YSRCP
Lavu Krishnadevarayulu Narasaraopet YSRCP
Garnepudi Alexander Sudhakar Narasaraopet INC
Bupathiraju Srinivas Varma Narsapuram BJP
Korlapati Brahmananda Rao Naidu Narsapuram INC
Guduri Uma Bala Narsapuram YSRCP
Venumbaka Vijaya Sai Reddy Nellore YSRCP
Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy Nellore TDP
Koppula Raju Nellore INC
Magunta Srinivasulu Reddy Ongole TDP
Eda Sudhakar Reddy Ongole INC
Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy Ongole YSRCP
D Purandareshwari Rajahmundry BJP
Gidugu Rudra Raju Rajahmundry INC
Dr Guduri Srinivasulu Rajahmundry YSRCP
N Kiran Kumar Reddy Rajampet BJP
SK Basheed Rajampet INC
Peddireddy Venkata Midhun Reddy Rajampet YSRCP
Perada Tilak Srikakulam YSRCP
Kinjarapu Rammohan naidu Srikakulam TDP
Dr. Parameswara Rao Srikakulam INC
Dr. Chinta Mohan Tirupati INC
Maddila Gurumurthy Tirupati YSRCP
Varaprasad Rao Tirupati BJP
Kesineni Shivanath (Chinni) Vijayawada TDP
Valluru Bhargav Vijayawada INC
Kesineni Srinivas (Nani) Vijayawada YSRCP
Mathkumilli Bharath Visakhapatnam TDP
Pulusu Sathyanarayana Reddy Visakhapatnam INC
Dr Botsa Jhansi Laxmi Visakhapatnam YSRCP
Bobbili Srinu Vizianagaram INC
Bellana Chandra Sekhar Vizianagaram YSRCP
Kalisetti Appalanaidu Vizianagaram TDP


Major Battles: Neck to Neck Fights

In Andhra Pradesh the Regional party YSRCP has the upper hand when it comes to popularity. Last Lok Sabha election they were able to win 22 seats. NDA and India  alliance will face fierce competition from them

  1. Kadapa: The battle for Kadapa witnesses an intense showdown between TDP’s Chidipiralla Bhupesh Reddy, YSRCP’s Smt. YS Sharmila Reddy, and INC’s YS Avinash Reddy. It’s a clash of political legacies and regional dominance, with each candidate vying for supremacy in a constituency of strategic importance.
  2. Vijayawada: In Vijayawada, the contest is heated between TDP’s Kesineni Shivanath (Chinni), INC’s Valluru Bhargav, and YSRCP’s Kesineni Srinivas (Nani). The battleground echoes with promises of development and governance as these candidates vie for the electorate’s trust and support.
  3. Vizianagaram: Vizianagaram becomes a focal point of political discourse as TDP’s Kalisetti Appalanaidu, INC’s Bobbili Srinu, and YSRCP’s Bellana Chandra Sekhar engage in a fierce electoral battle. The constituency witnesses a clash of ideologies and visions for the future, reflecting diverse interests and aspirations.
  4. Guntur: The battle for Guntur intensifies as TDP’s Pemmasani Chandrasekhar, CPI’s Jangala Ajay Kumar, and YSRCP’s Kilari Venkata Rosaiah compete for supremacy. The electorate is presented with contrasting choices, each candidate advocating for their version of progress and development.
  5. Nellore: Nellore emerges as a battleground of political heavyweights with YSRCP’s Venumbaka Vijaya Sai Reddy, TDP’s Vemireddy Prabhakar Reddy, and INC’s Koppula Raju locking horns. It’s a closely contested fight reflecting the diverse opinions and aspirations of the electorate in this crucial constituency.



So this was an exit poll released by the various agencies for the Andhra Pradesh Lok Sabha elections 2024. We have seen which parties are winning, however there’s still a margin of error. We’ll get the final result on 4 June 2024.

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