Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Phase 5: Key Constituencies and Candidates

Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Phase 5: Key Constituencies and Candidates

The Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Phase 5 mark a crucial juncture in India’s democratic process, as key constituencies witness high-stakes battles and notable contests unfold. With each phase, the electoral landscape evolves, reflecting the aspirations and choices of millions of voters across the state. Phase 5, in particular, showcases the diverse political narratives and electoral dynamics that define Uttar Pradesh’s rich democratic tradition.

In this phase, constituencies like Amethi, Rae Bareli, Lucknow, and others become the focal points of intense political activity, with prominent candidates from various parties vying for electoral success. From traditional Congress strongholds to BJP bastions, the electoral map of Uttar Pradesh undergoes significant transformations, shaping the trajectory of state politics for years to come.

Amidst the electoral fervor, voters navigate through a myriad of issues, ranging from development to governance, from local concerns to national agendas. Their choices resonate with the broader democratic ethos, reflecting the power of the electorate to shape the destiny of the nation.




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Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Phase 5: Key Constituencies and Candidates

The fifth phase of the Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections 2024 witnesses high-stakes battles in key constituencies. Let’s delve into the notable contests:

Amethi: In the historic battleground of Amethi, BJP’s Smriti Irani seeks a second term, challenging the traditional Congress dominance. Her opponent, Kishori Lal Sharma from Congress, aims to reclaim the seat lost to Irani in the previous election, marking a fierce electoral rivalry.

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Rae Bareli: Rahul Gandhi’s debut in Rae Bareli, a bastion of the Gandhi family, sparks considerable interest. Opposing him, Dinesh Pratap Singh of BJP seeks to disrupt the Congress stronghold, making this contest a pivotal one in the state’s political landscape.

Lucknow: Union Minister Rajnath Singh’s bid for re-election in Lucknow garners attention. Facing contenders from SP and BSP, Singh’s strong party base and administrative experience are tested against the backdrop of shifting electoral dynamics.

Kaiserganj: The candidacy of Karan Bhushan Singh in Kaiserganj adds a familial dimension to the electoral narrative. As the son of a prominent political figure, Singh’s campaign resonates with local sentiments, setting the stage for a closely watched electoral battle.

Jhansi: In the historic city of Jhansi, Congress’ Pradeep Jain Aditya confronts BJP’s Anurag Sharma, while BSP’s Ravi Prakash Maurya offers an alternative choice to voters. The contest reflects the broader political realignment in the region.


Mohanlalganj: Union Minister Kaushal Kishore’s incumbency is tested in Mohanlalganj as he faces formidable opponents from SP and BSP. The constituency witnesses a clash of ideologies and strategies, shaping the electoral discourse.

Banda: R K Singh Patel’s bid to retain his seat in Banda faces challenges from seasoned opponents representing SP and BSP. The constituency becomes a battleground for competing visions of development and governance.

Kaushambhi: Vinod Sonkar’s quest for a third term in Kaushambhi symbolizes the BJP’s enduring presence in the region. His opponent, Pushpendra Saroj from SP, represents a new generation of leaders vying for political prominence.

Hamirpur: In Hamirpur, Pushpendra Singh Chandel’s bid for re-election is met with resistance from SP’s Ajendra Singh Rajput. The electoral contest underscores the complex interplay of local dynamics and national narratives.


Fatehpur: Union Minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti’s pursuit of a third term in Fatehpur reflects the BJP’s commitment to retaining key constituencies. Against the backdrop of a challenging electoral landscape, her candidacy symbolizes the party’s resilience and determination.



Constituency-wise Candidate List for Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Election Phase 5

Here’s a breakdown of candidates contesting in each constituency:

  1. Mohanlalganj:
    • BJP: Kaushal Kishore
    • SP: RK Chaudhary
  2. Lucknow:
    • BJP: Rajnath Singh
    • SP: Ravidas Mehrotra
  3. Rae Bareli:
    • BJP: Dinesh Pratap Singh
    • INC: Rahul Gandhi
  4. Amethi:
    • BJP: Smriti Irani
    • INC: Kishori Lal Sharma
  5. Jalaun:
    • BJP: Bhanu Pratap Singh Verma
    • SP: Narayan Das Ahirwar
  6. Jhansi:
    • BJP: Anurag Verma
    • INC: Pradeep Jain Aditya
  7. Hamirpur:
    • BJP: Kunwar Pushpendra Singh Chandel
    • SP: Ajendra Singh Rajput
  8. Banda:
    • BJP: RK Singh Patel
    • SP: Shivshankar Singh Patel
  9. Fatehpur:
    • BSP: Dr. Manish Singh Sachan
    • BJP: Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti
    • SP: Naresh Uttam Patel
  10. Kaushambi:
    • BJP: Vinod Kumar Sonkar
    • SP: Pushpendra Saroj
  11. Barabanki:
    • BJP: Rajrani Rawat
    • INC: Tanuj Punia
  12. Faizabad:
    • BSP: Sacchidanand Pandey
    • BJP: Lallu Singh
    • SP: Awadhesh Prasad
  13. Kaiserganj:
    • BJP: Karan Bhushan Singh
    • SP: Bharat Ram Mishra
  14. Gonda:
    • BJP: Kirti Vardhan Singh
    • SP: Shreya Verma




Notable Battles for Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Phase 5

The fifth phase of the Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections 2024 features several notable battles that could significantly influence the state’s political landscape:

  1. Amethi: BJP’s Smriti Irani vs. Congress’ Kishori Lal Sharma in a contest to maintain or overturn the traditional Congress stronghold.
  2. Rae Bareli: Rahul Gandhi (INC) vs. Dinesh Pratap Singh (BJP) as the Congress scion ventures into this historic Gandhi family bastion.
  3. Lucknow: Union Minister Rajnath Singh (BJP) faces challenges from Ravidas Mehrotra (SP) and Sarwar Malik (BSP) in his bid for re-election.
  4. Kaiserganj: Karan Bhushan Singh (BJP) vs. Bhagat Ram Mishra (SP) in a familial battle with implications beyond personal ambitions.
  5. Jhansi: Pradeep Jain Aditya (INC) vs. Anurag Sharma (BJP) with BSP’s Ravi Prakash Maurya adding complexity to the electoral equation.
  6. Mohanlalganj: Kaushal Kishore (BJP) contends with R K Chaudhary (SP) and Rajesh Kumar (BSP) in a test of incumbency and opposition strength.
  7. Banda: R K Singh Patel (BJP) faces Krishna Devi Patel (SP) and Mayank Dwivedi (BSP) in a battle for continued representation.
  8. Kaushambhi: Vinod Sonkar (BJP) vs. Pushpendra Saroj (SP) as the former seeks a third term amidst changing political dynamics.
  9. Hamirpur: Pushpendra Singh Chandel (BJP) confronts Ajendra Singh Rajput (SP) in a contest highlighting local aspirations and national affiliations.
  10. Fatehpur: Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti (BJP) takes on Naresh Uttam Patel (SP) in a crucial electoral duel shaping the party’s future prospects.

These battles encapsulate the diverse political narratives and electoral dynamics unfolding in Uttar Pradesh during Phase 5 of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024.


Key Candidates

Notable figures include Smriti Irani, Rajnath Singh, Rahul Gandhi, and Karan Bhushan Singh among others.

The Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections progress with each phase, promising a democratic spectacle.





As the curtains draw on Phase 5 of the Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Elections 2024, the political landscape of the state undergoes yet another transformation. The battles fought, the victories achieved, and the challenges overcome signify the resilience and dynamism of India’s democratic fabric.

In the coming phases, the electoral journey continues, with each vote cast and every voice heard contributing to the collective tapestry of Indian democracy. Regardless of the outcome, the spirit of democracy prevails, reaffirming the fundamental principles of equality, freedom, and justice.


As Uttar Pradesh marches forward on its democratic path, the echoes of Phase 5 resonate across the state, shaping the contours of its political future. With hope in their hearts and ballots in their hands, the people of Uttar Pradesh pave the way for a brighter tomorrow, guided by the beacon of democracy.

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