Top 10 Smallest Cities in the World in 2024: Charming Gems with Peaceful Lifestyles

Top 10 Smallest Cities in the World in 2024: Charming Gems with Peaceful Lifestyles

Today in this article we will get to know about the top 10 smallest cities in the world. When it comes to the cities, we all have seen the Big buildings, highways, and many more things. When we think about cities, the first thing that comes to our mind is a greater population and a more secure or important place than any town. But some cities Have a very small population some have under 1000 and some have under 200 but still, They are Considered cities.

Smallest Cities in the World 2024
Rank City Country Population
1. Hum Croatia 30
2. Adamstown Pitcarin Islands 50
3. Ngerulmud Palau 203
4. Vatican City Vatican City 523
5. Greenwood Canada 705
6. St. Davids Wales 1,348
7. Hamilton Bermuda 1,800
8. Opatowiec Poland 3,090
9. St. Asaph Wales 3,485
10. Norton City Virgina, USA 3,627



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 1. Hum


Country: Croatia

Population: 30 inhabitants

 This city is situated in western Croatia And has taken the title of the world’s smallest city with a population of only 30 inhabitants and a density of 0.36 people per km. It has very Charming and good-looking white-washed buildings and streets which are made of cobblestones and also Visitors can try traditional  cuisine here.



2. Adamstown


Country: Pitcairn Islands

Population: 50 inhabitants

This city is located on pitcairn island and with only 50 migrants it is called  the second-smallest city in the world. It is the capital of Pitcairn Islands having a population Of approximately 50 people. This city has only a general store which opens Thrice a week. visitors can visit during the pleasant months of May and June.



3. Ngerulmud


Country: Palau

Population: 203 inhabitants

This city has a population of only 203 residents and it is called the 3rd smallest City in the world which is situated in the Western Pacific Ocean. This city has limited tourist attractions and mainly visitors can see  Palau national capital building and Belau Museum. From December to February, there are Favourable weather conditions here.



4. Vatican City 

Vatican City

Country: Italy 

Population: 523 Inhabitants

This Country is A UNESCO World Heritage and is considered the 4 smallest City in the world. It is situated in Rome. This city is famous for its center for Christianity and it is also known for its Baroque art and Vatican Museums.



5. Greenwood 


Country: Canada

Population: 705 inhabitants 

It is located in south-central British Columbia in Canada. And was incorporated In 1897 also it is the 5th smallest city in the world. The main attractions of this city are the Greenwood Museum, phoenix Mountain Ski Resort, and many lakes and rivers.



6. St.Davids

Country: Wales 

Population: 1348 inhabitants 

With a population of only 1348 residents, this City is considered as the 6th smallest city in the world. It is located in Wales and it is the Smallest city in the UK too. It is mainly located In a sheltered valley and is said to be the resting place of Saint David. This City was granted city status in the 12th century in 1995. Also, the tourist attractions here are St. David’s Cathedral and St. Davids Bishops Palace.



7. Hamilton

Country: Bermuda

Population: 1800 Inhabitants 

This is located on Bermuda island in the western Atlantic ocean and with a population of 1800 inhabitants this city is titled as the 7th smallest city in the world. It was founded in 1790 and became the capital in 1815. This city has historic buildings, shops, galleries, churches, museums and all. The main Attractions in Hamilton City are the Bermuda National Gallery, Ocean Discovery Centre, Underwater Exploration Institute, Horseshoe Bay, Front Street, Stone Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, Bermuda Aquarium, Museum ,zoo and Crystal caves. 


8. Opatowiec 

Country: Poland

Population: 3090 inhabitants 

It is a small city in Kazimierza County, south-central Poland, and is located on the left bank of the Vistula River. With a population Of only 3090 individuals, this city is titled As 8th smallest city in the world.



9. St.Asaph

Country: Wales

Population: 3485 inhabitants 

This city is in Denbighshire, Wales, located on the banks of the River Elwy and the second smallest city In the United Kingdom in terms of population. This city has many attractions like St Asaph Cathedral, St Beuno’s Ignatian Spirituality Centre, and Rhyl Beach. Over the years this city attracted many writers and musicians. This city is also known For its low crime rate, violence, And theft.



10. Norton city 

Country: Virginia, USA

Population: 3627 inhabitants

This city is located In Virginia in the United States Of America. It is titled the 10th smallest city in the World with a population Of 3627 residents and an area of 7.5 Square miles. The main Attractions in this city are High knob, High Knob Lookout Tower, Powell Valley Overlook, Central Drive-In, Flag Rock, Recreational Area, and Cinema City. Many people suggest that it’s a great place To live and also there are many new opportunities for people like great schools and beautiful scenery.



Small Cities have many advantages over larger cities such as affordability, low-cost management, And fewer pollution Levels. Here you can Live While maintaining a peaceful lifestyle and also you can enjoy Beautiful nature scenes. small cities improve their economy By Welcoming new businesses and migrants.

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