Top 10 Cities with Worst Traffic Condition in the World | Explore Most Congested Cities

Top 10 Cities with Worst Traffic Condition in the World

Today in this article we will get to know about the top 10 cities with Worst traffic in the world. According to a study by TomTom in 2023,  London has the worst traffic and congestion in the world with an average travel time of 37 minutes and 20 seconds to cover almost 10 kilometers. And After London Dublin, Toronto, Milan, and Lima. 

As we all know The time production of vehicles and the population Of humans increasing day By day, nowadays in some cities it is very difficult to travel from one place to another place.

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Top 10 Cities with Worst Traffic Condition in the World

World rank City Average Travel Time/10 km Change From 2022 Congestion Level % Time Lost Per Year Average Speed
1 London, UK 37 min 20 s +1 min 45 148 hrs 14 km/h
2 Dublin, Ireland 29 min 30 s +1 min 66 158 hrs 16 km/h
3 Toronto, Canada 29 min +50 s 42 98 hrs 18 km/h
4 Milan, Italy 28 min 50 s +20 s 45 137 hrs 17 km/h
5 Lima, Peru 28 min 30 s +1 min 20 s 61 157 hrs 17 km/h
6 Bengaluru, India 28 min 10 s – 1 min 63 132 hrs 18 km/h
7 Pune, India 27 min 50 s +30 s 57 128 hrs 19 km/h
8 Bucharest, Romania 27 min 40 s +20 s 55 150 hrs 17 km/h
9 Manila, Philippines 27 min 20 s +20 s 46 105 hrs 19 km/h
10 Brussels, Belgium 27 min +20 s 37


1. London


Average Travel time per 10 km is 37 minutes.

London has The worst Traffic conditions in the world with an average time of fifty-six hours in traffic. In London, it takes 25 minutes to travel just 10 km. The main problem Is the increasing population, from 8.4 million in 2013 to approximately 10 million in 2030. Also, a major problem in London Is it is old and the majority of its traffic was before car ownership started.


2. Dublin Ireland 

Dublin Ireland 

Average Travel time per 10km is 29 minutes.

According to a study by TomTom, this city center is the 2nd slowest city in the world for traffic with an average travel time of 29 minutes drive 10 kilometers in 2023. Also,  it is an increase from 1 minute in 2022’s average.


3. Toronto Canada

Toronto Canada: cities with Worst traffic in the world

The average Travel time Per 10 km is 29 minutes.

This city is ranked 3rd on slowest traffic in the world, according to a 2023 study report by TomTom. In 2023, the average travller spent about 97 hours in traffic and with the speed of 10km per 29 minutes it makes it a city with the worst traffic conditions.


4. Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy

Average speed 10km per 28 minutes.

Milan is one of the cities with worse traffic conditions and it ranked 4th on the list.In Milan heavy traffic is from around 8 Am to 7 Pm.It’s often said that drivers try to reach Their Destination quickly and it can occur the breaking of traffic rules, as a result, It becomes harder for other people to get out of traffic.

5. Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru: cities with Worst traffic in the world

Average Travel time 28 min 30 seconds per 

10 kilometers.

With a ranking of 5th on the list this city is Often known for having the worst traffic conditions in the world. The population density is the major cause of traffic Also this City has a well-developed highway system but the majority population lies on the old street Network.


6. Bengaluru, India

Average Travel time 10km Per 28 minutes 10 seconds.

When it Comes to traffic we can’t forget India, this country has the world’s largest population after China which Means the population Density here is very high making it the 6th most congested And the worst traffic conditions city in the world. Bengaluru has An 18 km per hour average speed on the roads And sometimes it is worse than the Delhi and Mumbai traffic conditions.


7. Pune, India

Average Travel time is 27 minutes 50 seconds per 10 km

According to the TomTom Report Pune is the 7th most congested city In the world and the 2nd most congested after Bengaluru in India. In Pune average commuter travels 255 hours per year and the average speed is 19km/hr.


8. Bucharest, Romania

Average Traveller Time is 10km per 27min.

According to TomTom’s Report, it is the 8th most congested and worst traffic Conditions City in the world.The average Speed of a commuter here is 17km/hr and during the rush hour on weekdays, the conditions are even more bad on roads.

9. Manila,Philippines 

The average traveling time is 10km per 27 minutes 20 seconds.

An average driver spends Around 28 minutes per 10 km on the roads and it makes the city with 9th worst Traffic conditions and congestion. The main problem here is population growth from last years is increasing and also this city lacks railway transportation.



10. Brussels, Belgium

The average travel time is 27 minutes per 10 km.

This city ranks 10th in worst Congestion in the world and the average speed of travelers is 17km/hr. The peak time of traffic in this city Is 5 to 7 pm. The main problem of The traffic includes the speed limits which are usually 50 to 30km/hr in urban areas. And it is said that the other major Problem is not following traffic rules properly.



As we know from the past few years we have seen A major growth in population density and an increase In the number of vehicles.But still, the land we have in the city is the same as before it was made. When travelers is more and the space is less it is obvious That congestion is going to happen so, if we don’t need to take out our vehicles, we Should always travel by public transportation.


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