Ramadan 2024: Stunning Chand Mehendi Designs to add more glory to your Festival

Ramadan Chand Mehendi Designs

The Sacred Month Ramadan has started from 11th March 2024. Ramadan is the  important month for the Islam followers all around the world. Ramadan is celebrated among all the muslims with great enthusiasm. In this Holy month, muslims keep fast for the entire month. The month ends with the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr or Eid al-Fitr. In Islam henna or mehndi is considered pious and it’s a part of tradition to apply henna. Henna is considered as a ‘ ‘sunnah’ (part of prophet Muhammad traditions)in Islam. To look beautiful on Eid Muslim women get dressed with new beautiful clothes and apply henna on their hands and feet. Here in this article we’re providing you with some aesthetic mehndi designs for this Eid 2024. 

1.Artistic Chand Mehndi Design: 


Girls who like some artistic elements on their hands along with a big Ramadan Moon at the centre then we will recommend this Henna design to them. In this design you can see a big moon surrounded by small stars. To make it more artistic a girl can sit on the moon praying to Allah or Reading the Holy book Quran. Fingers can be beatified with the check or leaf elements. A lamp can be added to the moon. If someone has big hands they can definitely try this one.

2. Floral Chand Mehndi Design:


This mehndi design attributes a Chand (crescent shaped moon) in the centre and floral elements surrounding it. In this design flowers can be made on the moon covering it like clouds. Someone who loves flowers can totally get this design. The back of the wrist can be covered with this design. Some complex patterns or motifs can be added to this like Minar, block pattern, keri pattern, boota etc.

3. Paisley Chand Mehndi Design:

Paisley Chand Mehndi Design

Paisley design is another famous choice to adorn hands with henna on this Eid. In this design teardrop shaped motifs are created, which are filled with some intricate patterns and details. These motifs surround a Crescent shaped moon. It can be done in different styles and designs whatever the Person likes. 

4. Floral/ Botanical Designs:

Floral/ Botanical Designs

Flower design is one of the most popular designs of henna in the Eid season. This design is inspired from the forests, trees and nature. These designs basically include flowers of different varieties, shapes and sizes with leaves and vines (boota) filled with some special platters and details. Floral patterns can be taken from the different styles like Indian, Arabic, Pakistani, Afghani etc. 

5. Chand Mandala Design:

Chand Mandala Design

Mandala is an art form of Buddhism which looks so elegant in henna designs. Mandala is a circle which is filled with intricate patterns and details. In Mandala Chand Design a big moon is created in the centre and a mandala starts behind the moon of mandala intricate patterns can fill the moon too. Other motifs can be added in this design easily. 

6. Letters Chand Mehndi Design:

Letters Chand Mehndi Design

The hands are adorned with this design by adding a Chand element in the centre and various other intricate details and patterns are added surrounding the moon. Now some lines like ‘Eid Mubarak’ can be written on the hand around the moon or on the moon. Letters can be written in Arabic, English as you like. This can be done on both sides of your hands. This design will look graceful on hands with long fingers. 

7. Minimal Chand Mehndi Design:

Minimal Chand Mehndi Design

Minimalism lovers can understand these designs nicely. Minimalism supports Less artwork saying too many things. These designs look so elegant. A central Crescent shaped moon with minimalist chains and lamps make this design unique. This design is the easiest to make, making it perfect for this Ramadan. 

8.Dot Chand Mehndi Design:

Dot Chand Mehndi Design

This design includes tiny little dots elements with the crescent moon at the centre. All mehndi is applied making dots and small designs. 

9. Heavy Chand Mehndi Design:

Heavy Chand Mehndi Design

Someone who loves all her hands and feet are covered with henna designs then this design serves them better. This can be applied on the back side of the hands too. The moon is filled with intricate patterns and details and the hand also looks so filled and adorable. 

10. Moroccan Chand Mehndi Design: 

Moroccan Chand Mehndi Design

Moroccan henna designs are renowned for its unique intricate patterns and captivating details. They adorn wrists and hands with Graceful beauty. Characterised by various geometric shapes, motifs and fine details these designs are the perfect for this Eid. 

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