Omfurn India FPO 2024: Dates, Details, Lot Size, How to Buy, Benefits

Omfurn India FPO

Omfurn India, a leading furniture manufacturing company announced their FPO (Follow-ON Public Offering). They are open from 20 March 2024 to 22 March. FPO refers to the additional stock offering in the market when the company is already public. Investors already hold the Omfurn India shares and under these chances, they can invest more on Omfurn India FPO. Omfurn India, planning to release the fresh 36 lakh shares on the subscription period.

Omfurn India Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of furniture, especially Finished wooden doors and modular furniture. It is a popular brand in India for modern and trendy furniture. Omfurn India was established on 13 November 1997. They have served for years and still hold their position because of their quality product, innovative designs and customer-centric approach. They manufacture a wide range of furniture solutions for residential, commercial and institutional purposes. Recently, they announced the FPO of their company. After the Omfurn India IPO, the aim of releasing the Omfurn India FPO is to raise funds for the company’s expansion plan, invest in new technology or equipment, launch new product lines and enhance market presence.

Understand the FPO Process:

The FPO process has several stages of preparation, regulatory approvals, pricing, marketing, and allotment. If we talk about the FPO process of Omfurn India, they will appoint the investment bank or financial advisor first. They will manage the company’s complete FLPo process, conduct due diligence and prepare the offer document for the investors. Once the regulatory approval is done, the company announces its FPO releasing news in the market. They also release the FPO Date, price band and subscription period. Check out all the Omfurn India FPO details-

  • FPO Date: March 20, 2024 to March 22, 2024
  • Face Value: ₹10 per share
  • Price Band: ₹71 to ₹75 per share
  • Lot Size: 2400 Shares
  • Total Issue Size: 3,600,000 shares (aggregating up to ₹27.00 Cr)
  • Fresh Issue: 3,600,000 shares (aggregating up to ₹27.00 Cr)
  • Issue Type: Book Built Issue FPO
  • Listing At: NSE SME
  • Shareholding pre-issue: 8,174,400
  • Shareholding post issue: 11,774,400
  • Market Maker portion: 180,000 shares

What is the Omfurn India FPO Lot Size?

The investor who is thinking of investing in Omfurn India Ltd. The bid is for a minimum of 2400 shares. Understand its lot size-

For Retail (Min)

  • Lots – 1
  • Shares – 2400
  • Amount – 180000

For Retail (Max)

  • Lots – 1
  • Shares – 2400
  • Amount – 180000

For HNI (Min)

  • Lots – 2
  • Shares – 4800
  • Amount – 360000

How To Buy Omfurn India FPO?

The process to invest in the Omfurn India FPO is the same as the IPO. Buying or investing in the FPO can be a strategic decision for you. Before buying, you should begin with a detailed study of the company where you are planning to invest, here Omfurn India LTD. Check their financial performance, growth aspects, industry dynamic as well as competitive position. Second, understand the Omfurn India FPO details like what they are offering including an offer price, subscription period, minimum and maximum bid quantities and terms & conditions. If you make your own decisions, then follow the below step-by-step guide.

  • Login to your Demat Account or open your Demat account with a registered stockbroker or Depository Participant (DP).
  • Wait for the FPO Subscription period. When it begins, place your bid for Omfurn India’s FPO shares. Enter the number of shares(you want to buy) and the price at which you want to buy. Recheck the details carefully.
  • After placing the bid for Omfurn India’s FPO shares, make the payment as per the bidding process. You can choose any payment method like net banking, UPIm NEFT, RTGS, cheque, etc.
  • Confirm the payment and bid and wait for the Allotment. It will take a week after the FPO subscription period ends.
  • Omfurn India Ltd will review the bid and allot the shares to the investor as per subscription levels. Keep an eye on your demat account. If you get the allotment, you will receive FPO shares in the account. Otherwise, you will receive your blocked amount back in your account.
  • Upon successful allotment of Omfurn India FPO, review your investment and monitor the performance in the stock listing. As per their performance in the Stock Exchange, you can hold or sell them.

Benefits To Investing On Omfurn India Ltd

Investing in the Omfurn India FPO shares can be beneficial for you. Check out the potential benefits for investors.

  • Growth Potential: Omfurn India has the highest growth potential. They have been working for years and raising funds through FPO with the aim of an expansion plan. They might be thinking of increasing production capacity, expanding new markets, launching new product lines, etc. There is a higher chance of the company’s growth and potentially increasing its market share and profitability over time.
  • Portfolio Diversification: Buying Omfurn India FPO shares will improve your investment portfolio in different sectors and industries. By investing in Omfurn India, a furniture manufacturing company, investors can gain exposure to the consumer goods sector and can evolve themselves.
  • Potential Return: If Omfurn India can execute their growth strategy, then higher potential for strong financial performance. Investors can also enjoy value in their FPO shares.
  • Liquidity and Trading Opportunities: After listing on stock exchanges, Omfurn India’s FPO shares can be bought and sold on the secondary market. It provides investors with liquidity and the opportunity to trade shares based on market conditions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1 When will Omfurn India FPO open?

The Omfurn India FPO will open on 20 March 2024 till 22 March 2024.

Q.2 What is the Omfurn India Ltd share price?

Omfurn India Ltd share price is 81.90(Prev. CLose), 82.00(Open) and 85.95(High)

Q.3 What is the Omfurn India FPO Price?

The Omfurn India FPO Price price is set to Rs 71 to 75 per share.

Q.4 Who is the owner of Omfurn India Ltd?

Mr Rajendra Chitbahal Vishwakarma is the owner of Omfurn India Ltd. He is a 61-year-old man.

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