IPO Allotment Status: Check & Understand IPO Allotment Process | Guide

IPO Allotment Status: Check & Understand IPO Allotment Process | Guide

IPO Allotment Status

IPO Allotment Status is the process of assigning the shares to the investor who applies for the IPO shares(Initial Offering Shares). As per the SEBI rules, the IPO allotment process takes 1 week. Let’s first understand the IPO allotment-

When a company goes private to public, it is an IPO. When they release funds that are brought the investors for the first time, it is IPO allotment. With the IPO allotment status, investors can check the status of how many shares they have allotted by the company. As soon as the subscription period ends, the allotment process begins at the close door. It will take a week to process.

Process of IPO Allotment

As said, the IPO allotment process takes around 1 week to assign the fund to the investor. It is decided by the lottery system when the demand is higher than the supply. The IPO registrar the IPO allotment status after 1 week to complete the subscription date.

If you applied for the XYZ company, then check its subscription period while funding the company. The subscription period is an important date to note. In addition, note the IPO allotment date one week after the subscription period, you can mark it on the calendar or set reminders on the phone.

How to check IPO allotment Status?

It is a crucial step for the investor. Let me know about how to check it-

  • Visit Website: The IPO register is responsible for processing applications and allocating shares. So, visit the registrar’s website like Link Intime, Karvy, KFinTech, etc which handles the IPO.

  • Navigate Notification: Navigate to the IPO allotment or check the notification stating “IPO Allotment Status ” or something similar.

  • Select IPO Name:  Now select the IPO Name, for which you want to check the allotment status.

  • Enter Application Name: Now, enter the required details like PAN(Permanent Account Number), Application Name or another relevant number like bid quantity, demat number, etc.

  • Verify and Submit: Ensure the entered details are correct or not. If it is accurate then click on submit.

  • Allotment Status Live: Now, the website will display the IPO allotment status. Check whether the shares have been allocated or not. If you have been allotted the shares then you can see the quantity allocated or application is still pending or rejected.

Other methods-

  • If you cannot check the IPO allotment status on the registrar’s website, then check on alternative websites like stock exchange websites, financial news portals or IPO mobile apps. Sometimes investors also receive SMS or email notifications from the registered company. Continue to check your SMS or email for the IPO allotment updates. Hence, check to provide a direct number or email address while registering for it.

  • You can also check your IPO allotment status on your Demat Account within a few days after the IPO listing date. You can also check your account, if your application gets rejected, then you will get your blocked funds back.

Importance of IPO Allotment Status

Here, is why the IPO Allotment Status is important-

  • Confirmation of investment: IPO Allotment Status confirms whether shares have been allocated or not to the investor’s application. It gives clarity on the success of the investment, so they can plan what to do next.

  • Financial Planning: Getting confirmation of IPO Allotment Status helps investors in the financial planning. If they confirm the shares are allotted, investors can prepare to make payments for the allotted shares and can manage their complete investment portfolio according to it. If an application is rejected in the IPO Allotment Status, the investor can reallocate the funds to another Company’s IPO Share

  • Timely Action: The IPO Allotment Status enables investors to take action on time as per the result. Actions like arranging funds, exploring more investment options, etc. Likewise, investors can make informed decisions on time.

  • Avoid Uncertainty: Investors can avoid the uncertainty and anxiety of checking results for IPO applications by checking IPO Allotment Status. An outcome of IPO Allotment Status gives better vision and peace of mind to the investor.

Factors Affect IPO Allotment

There are many factors which influence the IPO Allotment Process, including-

  • Subscription Demand: The level of oversubscription and undersubscription in the IPO affects the IPO allotment process. High demand for IPO shows oversubscription and affects the allocation ratio and methodology.

  • Retail vs. Institutional Investors: IPO Allotment differs for both retail and institutional investors. The allocation ratio between both can affect the allotment criteria and complete methodology.

  • Price Band & Valuation: the pricing of IPO affects investor demand.

  • Market Condition: The overall market demand and economic condition affect the IPO demand and subscription period, affecting the allotment process.

  • Allotment Criteria:  Different allotment criteria, such as pro-rata allotment, lottery system, or basis of allotment, are used for IPo Allotment. Hence, the use of different allotments affects the IPO allotment date.

  • Regulatory Guidelines: Some Regulatory authorities such as SEBI prescribe IPO guidance for Allotment.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) On IPO Allotment

Q.1 How to check IPO allotment status?

To check IPO Allotment Status, go to the registrar’s website, choose the IPO in the menu, enter your Demat Account, Application No. and your PAN card no and check your allotment status.

Q.2 How to check allotment of ideaforge ipo?

To check the Ideaforge IPO Allotment, visit the BSE website, and select Equity option. Select Ideaforge Technology LTD in the dropdown, enter your application number, Enter your PAN number and submit the form. Now, you can check your Ideaforge IPO Allotment.

Q.3 How to check LIC IPO allotment?

To check the LIC IPO Allotment, visit the LIC IPO Allotment Page on the website, click on green LIC IPO Allotment Status, enter your application number, enter your PAN number and submit the form. Now, you can check your  LIC IPO Allotment.

Q.4 How to check Tata Technologies IPO allotment?

To check the Tata Technologies IPO Allotment, visit the BSE website, and select Equity option. Select Tata Technologies in the dropdown, enter your application number, Enter your PAN number and submit the form. Now, you can check your Tata Technologies IPO Allotment.

Q.5 How IPO allotment works?

IPO allotment works by allocating the share to the investor through a demat account after completing 1 week of the subscription period end. The IPO allotment works on a lottery system when the demand is high, which is most of the case in an IPO.

Q.6 How to Check IPO Allotment Status Offline?

To check your IPO Allotment Status Offline, visit the register’s office or to your brokers and ask them about your status. You can also check post/mail from the registrar company.

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