Father’s Day Outfit Ideas: What to Wear to Father’s Day Brunch, Lunch or Dinner

Father’s Day Outfit Ideas


Every Father plays a vital role in their loved one’s life and to appreciate his contribution you must do something out of the box to make that day a core reminiscence for him. Fathers are hard-working, dedicated, caring, loving, and a family protector. So every Father should deserve a day dedicated to him only. Thus, if you are planning to host a delightful lunch for your Father or a dinner for him and you are searching for stylish looks for celebrating dad then this article is for you. Father’s are a foundation of every home and deserves a special a day to appreciate his presence. Therefore, we are here to answer your question, and in this article we will share some fashionable and trendy Father’s Day outfit ideas. From classic clothing to streetwear, you will get multiple ideas in this guide. Let’s help you to find a great way to appreciate your dad on father’s day. 


  1. Floral Shirts 

Floral Shirts 

Floral shirts, classy yet elegant. Floral shirts can never go outdated. They are fresh and a sign of good fashion sense. For a dinner party, lunch, family outings, and holidays, floral shirts are always counted as fancy attire. Floral-printed shirts with casual trousers and a pair of sneakers are enough to give your dad a trendy look.


  1. Hoodie Shirts 

Hoodie Shirts


If you were under the impression that hoodies can be worn by teenagers only then you are slightly mistaken. A Hoodie shirts are a great and comfortable option for cooler days. A Hoodie shirt paired with jeans can work as an icing on the cake for your dad’s look. Try this outfit on Father’s Day and remind your dad of his youthful days. 


  1. Summer shorts 


If you are planning an outing in this sweltering heat, then Summer Shorts is the best option for you. Under the scorching sun, comfortable and cool cotton fabric summer shorts with vibrant colours of summer give your dad a debonair look. 



  1. Decent Suits 


When it comes to dads, they always prefer decent clothing. So decent suits are always handy. Whether it’s a family dinner or a formal meeting, a decent pair of suits can never go outdated. A pastel colour suit paired with formal shoes and a tee will make your dad fall in love with it. 


  1. Polo T-Shirts 


Dad’s love for polo t-shirts is no longer a secret. Polo t-shirts with soft cotton fabric will always enhance the look. They come with quirky prints as well. So, the dilemma of what to wear today can easily go away with polo t-shirts. Couple a polo t-shirt with a pair of jeans and jacket and see how your dad will receive flattery compliments the entire day. 


  1. Blazers 



Blazers, a trendy and classy outfit for any event. Whether it’s a lunch or a dinner party, a blazer will always give your dad a chic and sophisticated look. Simply pairing a blazer with jeans can give your dad a smart and casual vibe. Blazer can enhance one’s look and can add a touch of superiority and elegance to one’s personality. 


  1. T-Shirts with Retro and Vintage Design 


If your father is a big fan of retro music and vintage designs then this could be the best surprise for him. Personalized a Father’s day outfit featuring vintage and retro design and coupled it with a pair of funky jeans and see how your dad stands out of the crowd. 



  1. Gorpcore Ensemble


In Gorpcore, Gorp stands for ‘good old raisins and peanuts’ and it is an aesthetic fashion that has been a pervasive trend for the past few years. Thus if you are planning a family picnic or day outing then Gorpcore dress-up will give your dad a dashing look. Couple with classic black and white t-shirt with cargos, it can impress you dad.  


  1. Bespoke Shirts 


Bespoke shirts with a touch of sophisticated style and personality are always a keystone of men’s outfits. This outfit idea will surely like by your dad. Pair it with classic chino trousers and shorts and let your dad flaunt with this trendy voguish look. From chequered flannels to casual solids, you will find endless options in this trend. 


  1. Crew Neck T-shirts 



For providing timeless and classic appeals, crew neck t-shirts can never go out of style. It will be a perfect pick for giving your dad a relaxed yet stylish look. Coupled crew neck t-shirt with indigo jeans and trainers, and add sunglasses to accessorize the look which will work as a cherry on the top. Now, this look will make your father the epitome of vogue and style. 


  1. Graphic Tees


Apart from formal, casual, and classic clothing, streetwear clothing is also a great choice you can consider for your father. Graphic tees are an essential form of clothing for creating a streetwear look. Graphic tees featuring brand logos, quotes,and  ideological assertion also conveys the wearer’s personality and character. Therefore, to achieve the perfect streetwear look, pair it with a jacket and bottom, and boom your father is all ready to slay on his special day. 



  1. Classic Denim 


Denim, the most stylish and cool fashion from the past few years. This timeless choice is a wardrobe essential and can make even a simple outfit for men stand out. Although denim is considered a winter outfit, people qualify it as a weekend casual as well. For a trendy look, wear a denim jacket over a crisp tee and pair it with chinos or jeans. This look is a perfect blend of style and class with a touch of modern twist and will surely make others compliment your dad. 



However, when it comes to unique and classy outfit ideas, options are endless. With these mentioned outfit ideas, let your father live his youth once again. Do not hesitate to mix different fashions, styles, and colours together as fashion is a blend of lots of experiments. Let your father wear what resonates with his personality and character as fashion comes with no age boundations.

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