NEET 2024 Results Controversy: Allegations, Scams, Student Protests and Calls for Re-examination

NEET 2024 Results Controversy: Allegations, Scams, Student Protests and Calls for Re-examination

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2024 results have created massive havoc among medical aspirants, parents, and educators. Despite the National Testing Agency (NTA) issuing two clarifications, many are still demanding a re-examination and a thorough investigation into the alleged “NEET Scam 2024”. Let’s break down what has happened.

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NEET 2024 Result Controversy: Exam Irregularities, Paper Leak Allegations & Calls for Re-exam


Early Results and Alleged Scams

The NTA announced the NEET UG 2024 results on June 4, ten days ahead of the scheduled date. This surprise timing, coinciding with the Lok Sabha election results, raised suspicions. Students and educators are questioning why the NTA reopened the application portal after the deadline and why grace marks were awarded to candidates.


What happened and When?

  • February 9: Registration for NEET 2024 began.
  • March 9: Deadline extended to March 16.
  • April 8: Registrations reopened for two days.
  • May 5: NEET UG exam held.
  • June 4: Results announced, much earlier than planned.


NEET 2024 Controversy Controversy Surrounds NEET 2024 Results

The NEET 2024 results have caused a lot of debates and discussions. Here’s why:


Firstly, 67 candidates scored a perfect 720, which raised suspicions. Usually, such high scores are rare. Furthermore, some students got scores like 718 or 719, which should not be possible according to NEET’s marking rules. This made many people suspicious.

Moreover, the results were released 10 days earlier than expected. This unusual timing, especially on the same day as the Lok Sabha election results, added fuel to the controversy. Additionally, there were earlier complaints about the NEET 2024 question paper, which have now come to the surface.

Another concern is that multiple top scorers came from the same exam centre. This unusual pattern has raised questions about fairness and transparency.



NEET 2024 Controversy Understanding the NEET Merit List

The National Testing Agency (NTA) releases a merit list based on the NEET results. These lists are categorised by the categories of the candidates. An overall merit list is also published, showing all candidates who passed the exam. The NTA shares these lists with the bodies responsible for NEET counselling. These bodies use the lists to prepare their merit or seat allotment lists.


NEET 2024 Controversy States Demand Action

The state governments of Maharashtra and Kerala have demanded the cancellation of the NEET 2024 exam. They are calling for the test to be conducted again.



NEET 2024 Controversy Committee Recommendations

The NEET 2024 committee is reviewing the result issues. The NTA’s recommendations will be released next week.


NEET 2024 Controversy Grace Marks Issue

When asked about the grace marks scheme not being mentioned in the NEET 2024 information bulletin, the NTA did not provide a clear answer. However, the NTA DG said that next year’s information bulletin will include this information. They also promised better training for invigilators and other staff.



NEET 2024 Controversy Tamil Nadu CM’s Opposition

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin has reiterated his opposition to NEET. He pointed out the irregularities in the recent results. Stalin tweeted, “Trends emerging from the latest NEET results have once again vindicated our principled opposition to the exam.”


NEET 2024 Controversy AIMSA Demands CBI Probe

Dr. Syed Faizan Ahmad, National Vice President of the All India Medical Students’ Association (AIMSA), has demanded a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) inquiry. “We want a proper CBI inquiry for the NEET exam paper leak,” said Dr. Ahmad.



NEET 2024 Controversy Alakh Pandey’s Supreme Court Appeal

Alakh Pandey, CEO of Physics Wallah, has decided to approach the Supreme Court regarding the NEET UG 2024 result controversy. In a video posted on X (formerly Twitter), Pandey expressed his concerns about the irregularities. He said, “After the result of NEET, lakhs of children are worried about why such strange things are happening in the result this time. We have asked NTA for a lot of answers, but we are not getting a lot of answers.”


Malpractices and Paper Leak Rumors

Before the exam, a video claiming a paper leak went viral, causing panic. In Gujarat, a teacher and two others were arrested for helping candidates cheat. In Bihar, 13 people were arrested for allegedly leaking question papers. Despite these incidents, the NTA stated that all allegations of paper leaks were baseless.



High Cut-Offs and Toppers

This year, the cut-offs for NEET UG saw a steep increase. The general category cut-off rose from 137 to 164. Surprisingly, 67 students scored a perfect 720/720, with eight students from the same centre in Haryana. This unusual number of perfect scores has led to further suspicions.


Grace Marks Controversy

The NTA awarded grace marks to some students due to the loss of time during the exam. This decision has been heavily criticized as NEET is an offline exam, making it hard to measure the exact time lost by each student.



Protests and Demands for a Re-examination

Students and educators have taken to social media, demanding clarity on the normalization method used in scoring. There have been protests, and even some opposition leaders are asking for the cancellation of the NEET UG 2024 exam.


Social Media Outcry Over NEET 2024 Scam

Twitter is filled with news about the NEET 2024 scam. People are demanding an investigation into the NEET 2024 exam. Hashtags like “#NEET”, “#NEETfraud”, “#NEET_paper_leak”, “#neetscam2024”, and “#NEET_reconduct” are trending. Many people are asking, “Will there be a re-NEET 2024?” and filing complaints against the NTA. They cite irregularities and the unusual timing of the result announcement. There is also a belief that the NTA released the NEET results on June 4, during the Lok Sabha elections, to distract from its failure to ensure a fair exam.



Legal Actions and Petitions

Many people seeking justice turned to the courts. A petition on demanding a re-examination to ensure fairness. Activists and students have filed RTI applications and public interest litigations (PILs) to seek clarity on the grace marks issue and the alleged paper leak.


Student Tragedies

The controversy has had tragic consequences. An 18-year-old medical aspirant from Kota committed suicide following the announcement of the NEET-UG results. This incident has highlighted the immense pressure on students and the need for a transparent examination process.



NEET 2024 Controversy: Will There Be a Re-Exam?

Amidst this controversy surrounding the NEET UG 2024 result, there is a question about a possible re-exam rising throughout the country. The National Testing Agency (NTA) has not officially announced a re-conduct of the exam. However, several petitions have been filed in the Supreme Court, asking for a re-examination due to alleged paper leaks. Although till now the Supreme Court has not barred the result declaration, it has agreed to review the case. The Court issued a notice on the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) seeking a re-conduct of the NEET UG exam.



The NEET 2024 results have sparked a big controversy, with many demanding a thorough investigation and re-examination. The NTA needs to address these concerns transparently to restore faith in the examination process and ensure that all students are treated fairly.



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