NEET 2024 Result Controversy: Exam Irregularities, Paper Leak Allegations & Calls for Re-exam

NEET 2024 Result Controversy: Exam Irregularities, Paper Leak Allegations & Calls for Re-exam

Amid the controversy surrounding cheating, paper leak and irregularities in NEET UG 2024 results, the NTA has issued a clarification. The NTA notice on NEET UG 2024 results provides clarifications on cutoffs, compensatory marks for loss of time, toppers, transparency in the examination process and cases of unfair means. More than 24 lakh candidates appeared for the NEET exam and the National Testing Agency (NTA) released the NEET 2024 result on June 4, 10 days before the scheduled date. However, the NEET results have left many students and parents dissatisfied and people are demanding justice for NEET aspirants.

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NEET 2024 Results Controversy: Allegations, Scams, Student Protests and Calls for Re-examination


NEET 2024 Result Scam – Re-exam, Paper Leak, Unfair Grace Marks, Irregularities


Social media platform Twitter is flooded with news of NEET scam 2024. The public is demanding an investigation into the NEET 2024 exam . “#NEET”, “#NEETfraud”, “#NEET_paper_leak”, “#neetscam2024”, “#NEET_reconduct” and many other hashtags are trending on Twitter. People are also asking “Will NEET 2024 happen again”? Many people have filed complaints against NTA citing irregularities and unusual timing of declaration of results and are demanding re-conduct of NEET exam. Many are also alleging that NTA deliberately declared the NEET result on June 4, the day of the Lok Sabha election results, to hide its failure to ensure a fair exam.




NEET result 2024 scam controversy

As soon as NTA announced the NEET UG 2024 result, various images and posts started circulating on social media. Be it the number of toppers with AIR 1, scores of 718 and 719, 8 toppers from the same exam centre or the normalisation criteria that was applied for the first time, the NEET 2024 result surprised everyone and soon became the talk of the town across the country.


Will NEET 2024 be conducted again?

All these controversies revolving around the NEET UG result have started discussions on whether the NEET exam will be held again . Although the National Testing Agency (NTA) has not made any official announcement regarding the re-conduct of NEET UG 2024, several petitions have been filed in the Supreme Court requesting a re-exam due to paper leak allegations. The Supreme Court has refused to stay the declaration of results but has agreed to review the matter and has issued notice on the public interest litigation (PIL) seeking re-conduct of the NEET UG exam.



Why the rush in declaring the NEET result 10 days earlier?

The declaration of NEET 2024 result 10 days before the scheduled result date has raised questions on the credibility of NTA. As per the information bulletin of NEET, the result of NEET UG 2024 was to be declared on June 14. However, to everyone’s surprise, NTA declared the NEET result on June 4, the same day when the results of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 were declared.

Many experts are citing that NTA has deliberately declared the NEET result on the day of Lok Sabha election results. They believe that NTA did this to hide its failure in conducting the NEET exam fairly and the public gets busy with the election results. An expert said, “If the result had been declared as per the scheduled date, the NEET result 2024 scam would have received more media attention, but due to the Lok Sabha elections, most media houses did not care about the “NEET scam 2024”.


Is re-NEET 2024 possible?

A writ petition has been filed in the Supreme Court of India requesting to re-conduct the NEET UG 2024 exam due to allegations of question paper leak and irregularities in NEET results. Despite this, the Supreme Court has rejected the petition to stay the release of NEET UG exam results.


The National Examination Agency (NTA) has confirmed that the exam was conducted fairly and no concrete evidence of paper leak has been found. The possibility of re-conducting NEET 2024 is unclear as of now and will be determined by the verdict of the petition and the subsequent progress in the case. If the Supreme Court of India finds any conclusive evidence regarding the NEET paper leak and irregularities in the result, then there are high chances that the NEET exam may be conducted again.

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