Mumbai and Delhi Hit by Dust Storms: Flight Operations Halted, IMD Issues Yellow Alert Amidst Dust Storms and Rainfall

Mumbai and Delhi Hit by Dust Storms: Flight Operations Halted, IMD Issues Yellow Alert Amidst Dust Storms and Rainfall

The weather problems for Mumbaikars doesn’t seem to end. The Indian meteorological department has issued a yellow alert for Mumbai for 13th and 14 th may and it seems it can continue till tomorrow also.  The complications arose when a major dust storm blew off the different parts of the Mumbai city leaving citizens in wonder. After the dust storm there was heavy rainfall and thunder changing the overall temperature of the City. This extreme change in the weather was all of a sudden and due to this the entire Mumbai city is currently at halt. Today in this article will discuss what were the represhers of these streamed by the condition that have fallen on Mumbai and what is the future prospect.


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Mumbai airport operations suspended

Following the extreme dust storm and rainfall and thunderstorm after it the Mumbai airport has suspended all its services. It was difficult and challenging to continue the flight operations amidst this weather in Mumbai. As per the officials of Mumbai Airport Authority. The visibility during this weather in Mumbai has gone down to a stopping 300 metres. The Airport Authority hasn’t mentioned when the flight services will resume, however seeing the conditions of Mumbai and the advisory by IMD the services will not start until 15th May 2024. Further Air Vistara has notified all its passengers  through X that amidst the operation suspension at Mumbai Airport Air Vistara will divert all its flights that are bound to Mumbai to Goa or Ahmedabad. So all the passengers who are currently travelling through Air Vistara should remain cautious about this.

What is IMD saying?

 The Indian Meteorological Department has said that teg dust storm and the Rainfall is a seasonal phenomenon and people need not to worry about it until they follow precautionary measures. As per the officials ast IMD the weather conditions in Mumbai will calm down in a day to two and life would come back to normal. While talking to a news channel the officials from IMD Mumbai today said that the heavy rain and the dust storm is a seasonal feature and it’s the result of a line formed in Madhya Maharashtra and Konkan belt. Further they also said that it would settle down in 2-3 hours however precautionary alerts have been issued in order to handle any surprises. However the story doesn’t ends here as the Regional Meteorological Centre has issued a yellow alert for various regions throughout Mumbai and which are Thane, Palghar, Raigad, Solapur, Latur, Beed, Nagpur, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts. These areas would remain under observations and the people residing in these areas should maintain necessary precautions. The RMC on their X handle has announced that in these areas there’s Possibility of light rain/thunder in the evening/night over the next 24 hours. Maximum and minimum temperatures will be around 35 degrees Celsius and 28 degrees Celsius respectively. So citizens residing in these areas of Mumbai should maintain necessary precautions.

What does yellow alert mean?

 A yellow alert for weather is a signal towards the near future. It signals  that the current weather conditions are about to get much worse and will continue in the near future which can continue till the coming few days. So all the citizens must follow precautionary advice and plan your activities accordingly.

The Situation in Delhi

 The NCR region of New Delhi also faced a similar situation 3 days back. The national capital region was hit by Massive dust storm on the evening for May 10. This dust storm was similar to Mumbai, however the intensity was way worse. Further the  Dust storm also caught the citizens of Delhi office Guard which further resulted into catastrophic activities.  The strong dust clouds and winds reduce the visibility in Delhi to a great extent.  However one thing to be noted is that this dust storm wasn’t followed by rain and thunder. Moreover as per the official reports and the sightings by the people the dust storm appeared during the night time in the region when the whole sky was covered in thick haze and it covered the whole sky in the dust. Moreover, during this time lots of images surfaced in social media platforms showing the dust covered skies of Delhi. The citizens were caught off guard and were surprised by this sudden and violent dust storm. There were lots of videos on the internet that showed the intensity of the storm that was up ahead. Unfortunately due to this violent storm in Delhi 2 people were killed. Moreover 23 people were injured due to the incidents caused by the storm. The Dust storm was so powerful that it uprooted trees , electricity poles, and even broke walls damaging property and endangering human life. The thing that made this dust storm much moreover dangerous was the sudden surprise it was. Moreover the power was disrupted in the various regions of NCR 10 th may due to the damages caused by the dust storm. As per the officials of electricity board it might take up to a day or two to  restore the electricity supply in the city and will take a week to repair the infrastructure back to its fullest.

Precautions to take during these types of situations

  • Always keep some battery operated torches. As during storms power supply is cut and couldn’t be restored until it’s calm.
  • Don’t go out unless it’s absolutely necessary. As during these dusty storms the visibility gets zero.
  • Don’t stand near objects that can fall in storms such as trees, electricity poles etc.
  • Stay inside as much as possible.


So this was all the information that you might need on the dust storms in Mumbai currently. Hopefully the weather conditions in Mumbai will get better soon.

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