DIY 4 Mother’s Day Cards Ideas | Mother’s Day Greeting Cards & Craft Ideas for Kids

DIY 4 Mother's Day Cards Ideas | Mother’s Day Greeting Cards & Craft Ideas for Kids

A Mother’s Day Greeting Card is a great way to express your gratitude for Mother’s Day, which happens once a year. A self-made greeting card will bring a smile to your mother’s face. Moreover, it is best for people who are not good at writing long texts or expressing their feelings by talking, to easily convey their feelings of gratitude to their mother through greeting cards. On the Greeting Card, just adding a single word will look great, so even if you are not used to writing letters, you can still express your gratitude like this. Whether you’re someone who wants to express their gratitude or are hesitant because you don’t have the confidence to write one, start by focusing on the design of your message card which can express your love to her. Whether you are celebrating Mother’s Day or not, you should send a greeting card to your mother. Today we bring you 4 easy DIY ideas to make a Mother’s Day Greeting Card by themselves. This Mother’s, surprise your mother with your handmade Mother’s Day Greeting Card.


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Homemade Greeting Card For Mother’s Day 2024


1. Floral Card:

To make a floral Card for the mother, you require a Coloured card or paper, Scissors, a Glue stick, a Marker or pen, and Floral stickers.

Floral Card


First, fold the piece of card in half so that your base of card can form. Now, some flowers from colourful papers and pasted on the card in the desired format or designs. arranging them to create a vibrant bouquet. You can also attach floral stickers or embellishments to the centre of each flower to give a realistic view. Now, write a heartfelt message on the inside of the card. So, your love and affection for your mom and write “Happy Mother’s Day” in big letters.



2. Photo Collage:

It is also an interesting way to surprise your mother. You required Printed photos of you and your mom, some coloured card or paper, Scissors, a Glue stick, a Marker or pen.

Photo Collage


To make a card, fold the coloured paper into half to create the base of the card. Now, arrange all the printed photos of you and your mom on the top of the card in a collage style. Once you are satisfied with the college, paste them with the glue. Now, come inside. First  “Happy Mother’s Day,” with a marker. Now, write the heartfelt message that you want to express to your mother. You can also add additional decorations, stickers, and ribbons to decorate it more.



3. Write on a Treat:

If you want to try something new to wish your mom, then this is also a simple and DIY way. You required – Cake, Cookies, brownies, and icing in cones.

Write on a Treat


You can bake her favourite cake or cookies if you can. Otherwise, get it from the market. With icing, decorate the cake or cookies with Happy Mother’s Day, like each alphabet on one cookie or cake or Just write Mom on the cookies. This is up to you, how you want to represent it. This is going to be super special for her. Presenting her with a beautifully arranged fruit basket or a box of gourmet chocolates can also make for a delightful surprise. Make sure to have her favourite flavour and cookies only. It is also good if you add a handwritten note to it.



4. Handprint Heart:

Adding personal touch to the wish or card, is a great idea. You need the following things a Colored Card, Scissors, Pencil, Marker or pen.


Create the base of the greeting card by folding the coloured paper in half. Now, trace your handprint on the front of the card. use a contrasting colour to trace the handpaper. If your card is red, choose a black or yellow colour for tracing. You can simply trace the handprint or create the heart with it. Now, give a nice design or simple to your card. You can also cut the card in a heart shape if you want. Write a message on the inside of the card with Happy Mother’s Day. Make your to write heartfelt messages which express love and affection for your mom. If you want, you can also decorate it more with a heart sticker, ribbon, etc.


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