100+ Heartfelt Mother’s Day Poems to Melt Mom’s Heart

100+ Heartfelt Mother’s Day Poems to Melt Mom’s Heart

Mother’s Day is a special occasion that is celebrated worldwide on the second Sunday of May. It is a day to express love, affection and gratitude towards the mother and grandmothers. People show their love through gifts. It is a good idea to give a thoughtful gift to your mom, but nothing beats the power of words. What about a Mother’s Day Poem? Sounds, interesting right? Women or Mothers are extra sensitive, so it is good to say good words that show love, value and appreciation to her is far better than an expensive gift.

This Mother’s Day try something new to surprise your mom with a well-suited poem to her. After all, the art of poetry is not new. People use poems to express their love and affection for loved ones. You should not think twice about going with a Mother’s Day poem. Today, we bring you various Mother’s Day Poems that you can choose according to your preference. Through poetry, we can immortalise the bond between mother and child. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let us turn to poetry to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation. Let’s honour the women who have shaped our lives with their boundless love and unwavering support. Give a tribute to the mothers, grandmothers, and maternal figures who have touched our hearts and enriched our souls with the right poem to her.


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20 Short Mother’s Day Poems to Make Mom Feel Special


  1. Sunshine Mom

My mother, dear and ever true,
A ray of sunshine, morning dew.
Your smile, a warmth that melts the snow,
Your love, a constant, helps me grow.

  1. Guiding Star

Through storms and skies of endless blue,
Your love’s a light that sees me through.
A guiding star, forever bright,
You lead me on, with gentle might.

  1. Strong Embrace

A mother’s hug, a sheltering place,
A fortress built with love’s embrace.
Safe haven from the world’s harsh call,
Your strength protects, through rise and fall.

  1. Blooming Love

Like roses reaching for the light,
My love for you burns ever bright.
A grateful bloom, for all you’ve done,
My sunshine, mother, you’re the one.

  1. Forever Friend

More than a mother, confidante true,
A friend who listens, sees me through.
With laughter, tears, and all between,
Our bond, a treasure, evergreen.

  1. Thank You

For sleepless nights and countless days,
For gentle words and loving ways.
A heart that overflows with pride,
Thank you, Mom, for all you provide.

  1. Laughter’s Song

Your smile, a melody so sweet,
Laughter’s song, where hearts can meet.
Filling my world with pure delight,
Happy Mother’s Day, my guiding light.

  1. Memories Made

From building forts to heartfelt talks,
We’ve woven threads of precious walks.
Memories made, a cherished chain,
Forever grateful, for your name.

  1. Gentle Hands

Your hands, so gentle, soft, and warm,
Have held me safe from every storm.
A guiding touch, a calming grace,
Your love leaves an everlasting trace.

  1. Always There

Through thick and thin, you’ve always been,
A constant presence, a watchful queen.
Your love, a fortress, strong and true,
Forever grateful, Mom, for you.

  1. Whispers of Wisdom

Words of wisdom, whispered low,
Guiding light, helping me to grow.
A patient heart, a listening ear,
Your lessons learned, forever clear.

  1. Queen of My Heart

You reign supreme within my heart,
A love so strong, it tears apart.
The doubts and fears that cloud my way,
My Queen, my Mom, you light my day.

  1. Angel’s Wings

With angel’s wings, you watch above,
Protecting me with endless love.
A guardian spirit, ever near,
Wiping away each anxious tear.

  1. My Superwoman

Stronger than mountains, braver than bold,
My superwoman, with a heart of gold.
You face each challenge, head held high,
My inspiration, reaching for the sky.

  1. Forever Young

Though time may pass, your spirit’s bright,
A youthful spark, a joyful light.
Forever young, within my eyes,
My guiding star, that never dies.

  1. Nature’s Beauty

Like wildflowers blooming in the sun,
Your beauty shines, the race is won.
A gentle soul, with grace untold,
My mother dear, more precious than gold.

  1. Unconditional Love

A love that knows no bounds, no end,
Unconditional, a loyal friend.
Through flaws and faults, you see it through,
My mother’s love, forever true.

  1. Forever Grateful

For every sacrifice you’ve made,
For every tear you’ve gently stayed.
A heart that overflows with thanks,
My deepest gratitude, in endless ranks.

  1. Comforting Arms

When shadows fall and skies grow dim,
Your comforting arms, enfold me in.
A haven safe, from all that harms,
Your love a shelter, keeping me warm.

  1. My Sunshine

You are my sunshine, warm and bright,
Chasing away the darkest night.
My guiding star, my mother dear,
I love you always, year after year.



20 Beautiful Mother’s Day Poems That Will Make Mom Feel Loved


1. Selfless Love
Your love knows no bounds,
In your embrace, peace abounds,
A guiding light, forever true,
Mother, my world begins with you.

2. Angel on Earth
An angel on earth, that’s what you are,
Shining brighter than the brightest star,
Your love and care, a constant embrace,
Filling our lives with warmth and grace.

3. Unconditional
Through thick and thin, you’ve always been there,
Your unconditional love beyond compare,
A shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold,
Mother, your love is pure as gold.

4. Eternal Gratitude
For all the sacrifices you’ve made,
For the love and care you’ve portrayed,
No words can truly convey,
My eternal gratitude, on this special day.

5. Tireless Devotion
From dawn to dusk, you never rest,
Caring for us, giving your best,
Your tireless devotion, a constant flame,
Mother, you’re the reason for our name.

6. Tender Touch
Your tender touch, a soothing balm,
Healing wounds, bringing calm,
A gentle soul, a heart so pure,
Mother, your love will forever endure.

7. Unbreakable Bond
Our bond is unbreakable, forever strong,
Through laughter and tears, we still belong,
Your guidance and wisdom, a shining light,
Mother, you make everything alright.

8. Eternal Blessings
Your blessings are eternal, like a river that flows,
Nourishing our souls, as we grow,
A constant reminder of your love so true,
Mother, we’re forever grateful to you.

9. Selfless Giver
A selfless giver, never asking for more,
Your love and care, a boundless shore,
Showering us with affection’s gentle rain,
Mother, your presence eases every pain.

10. Guiding Star
You’re our guiding star, shining bright,
Showing us the path, towards the light,
Your wisdom and strength, a constant guide,
Mother, with you by our side, we stride.

11. Eternal Embrace
In your eternal embrace, we find solace,
A safe haven, where worries can’t trace,
Your arms, a sanctuary of love and care,
Mother, you make our burdens easier to bear.

12. Life’s Greatest Gift
You are life’s greatest gift, a treasure so rare,
Your love and sacrifice beyond compare,
A constant source of joy and pride,
Mother, with you by our side, we can’t hide.

13. Gentle Warmth
Your gentle warmth, like the morning sun,
Brightens our days, one by one,
A radiant smile, a heart so kind,
Mother, in you, true beauty we find.

14. Unwavering Support
Through ups and downs, your support never waned,
Your faith in us, forever remained,
A pillar of strength, a beacon of hope,
Mother, with you, we can always cope.

15. Eternal Gratitude
For the lessons you’ve taught, the values you’ve instilled,
For the dreams you’ve nurtured, the hopes you’ve fulfilled,
Our eternal gratitude, we’ll always owe,
Mother, your love is the seed from which we grow.

16. Unconditional Acceptance
In your eyes, we find unconditional acceptance,
No judgment, no criticism, just pure reverence,
A safe haven, where we can truly be,
Mother, your love sets our spirits free.

17. Gentle Guidance
Your gentle guidance, a compass in life’s storm,
Steering us towards the path, safe and warm,
A constant source of wisdom and care,
Mother, your love is a treasure so rare.

18. Eternal Inspiration
You inspire us to be better, to reach for the sky,
Your unwavering belief, a reason to try,
A constant source of motivation and drive,
Mother, your love helps us truly thrive.

19. Unbreakable Trust
Our trust in you is unbreakable, forever strong,
No matter what life brings, we’ll still belong,
A bond that transcends time and space,
Mother, your love is a precious embrace.

20. Everlasting Love
Your love is everlasting, a constant flame,
Burning bright, through joy and pain,
A beacon of hope, a source of light,
Mother, you make our world so bright.



20 Mother’s Day Poems That Will Make Mom Laugh and Cry


1. Laughter and Tears
Your hugs bring laughter, your kisses heal tears,
Through the ups and downs, across the years,
A constant companion, a friend so true,
Mother, every moment is precious with you.

2. Crazy Antics
Remember that time, you danced in the rain?
Or when you tried cooking, and set off the flame?
Your crazy antics still make me smile,
Mother, you have a heart truly worthwhile.

3. Childhood Memories
I remember when you’d tuck me in bed,
And read me stories, ’til sleep filled my head,
Those childhood memories, so warm and dear,
Thinking of them brings a smile, then a tear.

4. Unconditional Love
You loved me even when I was a mess,
With chocolate-stained clothes and uncombed tress,
Your unconditional love knew no bounds,
It’s in your embrace that true joy is found.

5. Silly Moments
Like that time you tried to be a chef,
And ended up burning the food on the shelf,
We laughed so hard, our bellies ached,
Silly moments like these, can never be faked.

6. Strength and Grace
You’ve faced life’s challenges with strength and grace,
And through it all, kept a smile on your face,
Your resilience inspires, your courage shines,
Mother, you’re a true warrior of our times.

7. Embarrassing Tales
Remember when you danced at my school play?
Or when you sang at the top of your lungs, one day?
Those embarrassing tales still make me grin,
Mother, you’ve always let your true self win.

8. Unwavering Support
Through failures and triumphs, you’ve been by my side,
Your unwavering support, a constant guide,
Your belief in me makes me want to soar,
Mother, you’re the one I forever adore.

9. Silly Jokes
Your silly jokes always make me laugh,
Even when they’re corny, and not quite daft,
Your humor brightens even the darkest day,
Mother, you chase the clouds away.

10. Heartfelt Advice
Your heartfelt advice, though sometimes tough,
Has guided me through when the road was rough,
Your wisdom and counsel, a priceless gem,
Mother, you’re my guiding light, a true phenom.

11. Laughter and Tears
We’ve shared countless moments of laughter and tears,
Through the joys and sorrows, across the years,
Your love has been my anchor, my faithful friend,
Mother, our bond is one that will never end.

12. Crazy Adventures
Remember that time we went on a hike,
And got lost in the woods, just like a dislike?
Your adventurous spirit still makes me smile,
Mother, you make life worth every mile.

13. Heartfelt Moments
Like when you’d comfort me after a bad dream,
Or when you’d listen, as I’d pour out and stream,
Those heartfelt moments, so tender and true,
Mother, I’ll cherish them, my whole life through.

14. Silly Dances
Remember when you’d dance around the house?
With your silly moves that would make me laugh out loud?
Those moments of joy, so pure and bright,
Mother, you filled our home with delight.

15. Wise Words
Your wise words have been my guiding light,
Showing me the way, through dark and bright,
Your wisdom and counsel, a priceless treasure,
Mother, your love knows no bound or measure.

16. Laughter Echoes
The echoes of our laughter still ring true,
Reminding me of the joy I’ve shared with you,
Your infectious smile, your sparkling eyes,
Mother, your happiness is my greatest prize.

17. Teary Moments
Like that time I left for college, and you cried,
Your teary eyes, your love you couldn’t hide,
Those moments of sadness, now fill me with pride,
Mother, your love is a bond that can’t be denied.

18. Silly Songs
Remember when you’d sing those silly songs?
With lyrics so funny, we’d laugh along,
Those moments of mirth, so carefree and true,
Mother, they’re memories I’ll forever cherish with you.

19. Heartfelt Hugs
Your heartfelt hugs have been my safe haven,
A place where my worries and fears are forgiven,
Your embrace is a sanctuary, a love so divine,
Mother, your love is a precious, priceless mine.

20. Laughter and Love
Through laughter and tears, joy and strife,
You’ve been my constant, the light of my life,
Your love and your laughter, a treasure so rare,
Mother, you’re the one I’ll forever care.


25 Heartfelt Mother’s Day Poems to Honor the World’s Best Mom – Yours!


1. My Guiding Light
Mom, you are my guiding light,
Shining bright through day and night,
Your love and care forever true,
All that I am, I owe to you.

2. A Mother’s Embrace
A mother’s embrace, warm and tight,
Shelters me from sorrow’s blight,
In your arms, I find solace and grace,
Love shines through on your radiant face.

3. Selfless Love
Selfless love is what you give,
Teaching me how to truly live,
Your sacrifices, more than I can count,
Mom, you’re a blessing of paramount.

4. My Superhero
You are my superhero, brave and strong,
Fighting battles, righting every wrong,
Your courage and strength inspire me,
Mom, you’re the wind beneath my wings, you see.

5. Eternal Bond
Our bond is eternal, forever true,
No matter what life puts us through,
Your love and guidance, a constant light,
Mom, you make every day so bright.

6. My Inspiration
You are my inspiration, my guiding star,
Showing me how to dream and reach far,
Your belief in me knows no bound,
Mom, in your love, I’m forever found.

7. Guardian Angel
You are my guardian angel, always near,
Protecting me, calming every fear,
Your love and care, a constant embrace,
Mom, you are heaven’s gift to my days.

8. Unconditional Love
Your love for me is unconditional,
A bond that’s truly exceptional,
Through thick and thin, you’ve been by my side,
Mom, in your love, I take immense pride.

9. My Best Friend
Not only a mother, but my best friend,
Our bond is one that will never end,
You share my joys and ease my woes,
Mom, in your heart, my trust forever grows.

10. Endless Gratitude
For all your sacrifices, big and small,
For being my anchor, my guiding call,
No words can express my gratitude,
Mom, your love is a priceless attitude.

11. Eternal Sunshine
You are my eternal sunshine, bright and warm,
Filling my world with love’s gentle charm,
Your smile chases away every dark cloud,
Mom, you make me feel so proud.

12. My Strength
When I’m weak, you are my strength,
Helping me go the extra length,
Your encouragement lifts me up high,
Mom, with you by my side, I can touch the sky.

13. Endless Patience
Your patience with me is truly endless,
Through my mistakes and flaws, you never dismiss,
You guide me gently, with love so pure,
Mom, your lessons forever endure.

14. My Safe Haven
You are my safe haven, my shelter from pain,
In your arms, I find peace again,
Your love and care, a soothing balm,
Mom, you keep me safe from harm.

15. Unwavering Support
Your support for me is unwavering,
Through every challenge, you are ever-caring,
Your belief in me never fades,
Mom, you inspire me in countless ways.

16. Priceless Gem
A priceless gem, that’s what you are,
Your love for me shines brighter than every star,
Your nurturing touch, a gentle embrace,
Mom, in my heart, you have a special place.

17. Eternal Blessings
Your blessings are eternal, like a river that flows,
Nourishing my soul, helping me grow,
Your love and care, a constant guide,
Mom, with you by my side, I stride with pride.

18. My Pillar of Strength
You are my pillar of strength, my solid rock,
No matter what life brings, you take the shock,
Your courage and resilience inspire me,
Mom, you are the reason I’m so strong, you see.

19. Unconditional Acceptance
In your eyes, I find unconditional acceptance,
No judgment or criticism, just pure reverence,
You love me for who I am, flaws and all,
Mom, your love is the greatest gift to befall.

20. Eternal Gratitude
For all the times you’ve dried my tears,
For being my support through the years,
My gratitude for you knows no bounds,
Mom, in your love, true joy abounds.

21. My Cheerleader
You are my cheerleader, my constant fan,
Believing in me, no matter what I plan,
Your encouragement keeps me going strong,
Mom, with you by my side, I can’t go wrong.

22. Endless Patience
Your patience with me is truly endless,
Through my mistakes and flaws, you never dismiss,
You guide me gently, with love so pure,
Mom, your lessons forever endure.

23. Heartfelt Hugs
Your heartfelt hugs are a precious thing,
Wrapping me in love’s gentle wing,
In your embrace, I find solace and peace,
Mom, your love forever helps me to reach.

24. Wise Counsel
Your wise counsel has guided me through,
Helping me see the right path to pursue,
Your wisdom and advice, a priceless gem,
Mom, you make my life’s journey worthwhile, mayhem or gem.

25. My Forever Love
You are my forever love, my heart’s true beat,
Our bond is unbreakable, forever complete,
Through laughter and tears, you’ve been by my side,
Mom, in your love, I’ll forever reside.


Why is Mother’s Day celebrated?

Before coming to the poem, let’s first know about the reason behind Mother’s Day. Why it is celebrated? Mother’s Day is celebrated to honour and appreciate the mothers. It is lives. It serves as a day to express gratitude for the love, sacrifices, and support that mothers provide. Mother’s Day originates from the early 20th century in the United States. Anna Jarvis started a campaign for her mother who wants peace and social justice in the world. After four years of campaign by the Jarvis, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially declared the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. He also declared this day as a national holiday. It was a day for peace and social justice, but over time, Mother’s Day has evolved into a global celebration to express love and gratitude towards the mother. In ancient times, the reasons are different.


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