5 Stories About Moms That Touch Your Heart | Mother’s Day 2024 l The Roles Mothers Play in Our Lives l Mother’s Day 2024

5 Stories About Moms That Touch Your Heart | Many Roles Mothers Play in Our Lives


There is a saying that God is a verb, and I’ll say that verb must be the love and care of our mothers. There is nothing in this world a mother won’t do for her children. She is a sculpture of love and care, full of chit-chat with the spirit of a fighter and a protector. As Abraham Lincoln said, “I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.” A mother is everything for her children, the best in everything. In this article to give tribute to all mothers out there we present a collection of beautiful stories of Motherhood. 


The first teacher who builds characters: The tape story 

First Teacher- My Mother

Me, my elder sister and brother were younger. It was a Summer holiday. A new session was starting and I was so happy to see new books and things for school. The smell of new books, well I love it! We went to purchase a few things to wrap our books like plastic covers and tape. The shopkeeper gave us two types and cut rupees for only one tape. We didn’t notice it came home. 

Well as it’s her habit to ask things everything clearly, our mother asked about how much and for what? We told her everything and she understood that the shopkeeper had given us extra tape for free by mistake. It was only a tape, not a big thing. But she asked her to return there and gave the shopkeeper his extra tape back. Well, we returned and gave him the tape. He smiled and thanked us for our honesty even for a small thing. That day our mother not only taught us a lesson on honesty but also built our strong characters for a lifetime. 


The Cheerleader instead of any difficulty: The funny dancer 

The Cheerleader instead of any difficulty: The funny dancer 

My mother is not a fan of dancing; she never dances! She’s a wooden log. But she loves movies and old songs. When we were younger we used to watch movies together. Mother was always curious about what would happen next. If you want to watch a movie with full focus, with her it is nearly impossible. She is full of energy and drive. She loves old songs. We listen to old songs together. It’s like our thing. One day we were listening to Helan’s songs and I started dancing in front of her. I tried to dance and for the first time all of a sudden she started dancing and I was laughing my guts out. I understood why she doesn’t dance. Jokes apart, her enthusiasm for entertainment instead of facing any kind of difficulties and staying positive in life is a teaching that I always wanna keep in mind. 


Always a giver: The last Momo

When we were younger, sometimes we used to fight for more special food or some treat. It is not a very good time for our family financially. One day we were eating momos and there was only one left. My sister and brother had eaten more than me and my mother noticed it, she didn’t eat too much and gave her momos to my brother and sister. She gave me the last Momo instead of eating herself and loving it. We were too young to understand it at that time but she used to do it every time. She would give me extra pieces of tasty Kathal vegetables, while there was too little left for her. She would eat old rotis and give us fresh instead of liking ‘garam fuli chapati’. She does it all the time even now. Truly a mother is a statue of sacrifice and love. 


Believer and supporter: Low marks in Hindi 

I was in sixth or seventh standard and my term exam results had come. I was good at academics. My Hindi teacher was very good and she was really particular about everything related to studies. I was weak in writing in Hindi. I used to memorize everything but made mistakes in ‘matras’. Matras are very important in Hindi. Maybe my Hindi teacher wanted to see improvement in me so she cut extra Marks for Matra’s mistakes. I thought I wrote everything so why not full marks? My mother trusted me and believed in me. She went to school with me and told my teacher to show her copies, after that my Hindi teacher increased some marks. But my mother scolded me in front of her saying you should do practice for it. My mother has always been my backbone my whole life. She believes in me, trusts me and always supports me but whenever I make mistakes she scolds me. 


Always an Inspiration: Importance of People and Work

My mother is the greatest inspiration for me. She is not a graduate. And she doesn’t know about careers and modern things. But she says you should do your work, whatever responsibility you have you do it perfectly and rest leave on god. She works like a machine. She started stitching when we were in school. I remember she used to do all the chores including making our breakfast and lunch, cleaning the house and after everything she used to go to learn stitching. She used public transport to save money. She was not a very outgoing person but for her family she did everything. One day she came very tired. I made her tea and asked her why she was looking tired. She said she was on foot. I understood why she came on foot while she was saying that it’s good for health to walk. She used to cook and do the dishes after work. She says this body is like a machine, you should take care of it and use it otherwise it will rust. I remember every teaching, and I know I will get many more to live my life better like my mother. 


On Mother’s Day 2024 let us revalue and appreciate our mothers

As Oscar Wilde said “All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That’s his.” I get goosebumps when I read it somewhere on Google. And I’m getting goosebumps right now writing it too. Yes, it will be my luck if I become like my mother. She is the best inspiration for me. Her love for her children is unbreakable. She is a fighter and the most responsible and sensitive to other people’s problems. She is the best cook! She is always ready to help others in their needs whether they were mean to her in the past. She is the full package! So yes God is a verb and that verb is our mother’s love for us. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!


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