Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World in 2024: Check Now!

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World in 2024: Check Now!

Every person at least once in their life has enjoyed playing a sport. And if not playing, it is safe to say that they enjoyed watching one. Undoubtedly, sports has been a huge part of people’s lives everywhere around the globe directly or indirectly and with the help of this article, we will be breaking down the top ten most popular sports in the world. 


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1. Football:



With a whopping 3.5 billion fans all around the world, the sport of football has been tugging onto people’s hearts for years. The fast paced nature of the game creates a sense of thrill and excitement among the watchers, which is probably the reason why it is one of the most popular sports in the world. Also known as soccer in various places, this sport originated almost 3000 years ago. The unpredictability of the game keeps fans on their toes and unites people from different countries and even continents.


2. Cricket:


This sport dates back to the 19th century and was first played in a village in England. Famous in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, and India, people of all ages can participate in this sport either by playing or simply watching it either on their screens or sitting in the stadium. Since it is played in teams, it creates a sense of community and belongingness within the players as well as the supporting audience. The bond it creates between people is so wholesome, giving it a deserved spot on this list of the most popular sports in the world. 


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3. Hockey:


This action packed sport originating in England was first played in the 18th century. Now, various different types of this sport have emerged around the world such as field hockey, roller hockey and ice hockey which was started in Canada. This game is the most popular in South America, South Asia and some central parts of Europe, comprising 2 billion fans. There are still some people who don’t know a lot about this sport despite it being one of the most famous sports in the world, but it’s never too late to learn! 



4. Tennis:


Tennis has approximately 1 billion fans around the world, enjoyed by people from all walks of life. It does not need a lot of pricey equipment to play; all you need is a tennis racket, a ball and some practice. The easy accessibility of the sport; from school level tournaments to international competitions like the iconic Grand Slams. This sport truly has the ability to bring people together, cheering for their favourite players. Whether singles or doubles, this sport creates an exciting aura in the court with ease. 



5. Volleyball:

This enchanting sport has been engaging 900 million people for years and rightfully so. For people who have little to no idea about it, this sport is played between two teams who are facing each other divided by a net. Players need to make use of their arms to throw the ball to the opponent’s side of the court and the first team to score 25 points wins. One needs to be sharp and have good eye hand coordination to excel at this sport. 


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6. Table Tennis:

This game with easy to learn strategies is the reason why it has gathered over 850 million people. All you need is a paddle and a small tennis ball and you will be able to learn the sport in no time. For teens and adults alike, this sport has proved to be a very fun and engaging activity which is most probably why it is one of the most popular sports in the world. Play with your loved ones or just play against the wall, this sport will surely entertain you. 


7. Basketball:

This popular sport, played by tall and muscular men has got a global fan following of more than 800 million followers. Basketball also has simple requirements, namely a basketball and a hoop or some other target to count points. It requires some amount of practice and a whole lot of energy to excel, but it is fun and thrilling regardless. So if you wish to stay active and socialise with friends and family just a little bit more, Basketball is the sport for you. 



8. Baseball:

This sport has become a symbol of athletic excellence during recent times among people from all around the globe. The basic rules of the game are somewhat similar to cricket; two teams are pitted against each other and are supposed to hit balls with a bat and score runs. And as it goes without saying, the team with more runs wins the match. This famous sport is not just about physical ability and strength, players need to stay focused at all times and collaborate with the whole team in order to emerge victorious. 


9. Rugby:

Even though this sport is not talked about as much as the others, it has nearly 500 million fans in the world. A necessity to be good at this world famous sport is the requirement of strength, teamwork, speed and stamina. One can easily learn this sport by enrolling into a training club near your area. But for someone who is not interested in playing, I can assure you that watching the sport will be just as entertaining if not more. 



10. Golf:

This sport famously known for its graceful playing style has approximately 450 million fans. We have usually seen middle aged men play this sport in the movies, hitting balls into small targets on a huge grassy field. The popular opinion surrounding this sport is that only people earning a high-income can play it, but that is not true at all. You can also find cheaper equipment and try your hand at this light, fun sport. 


I am sure that by now you have found a favourite sport that you would want to indulge in. What are you waiting for? Take out your gear and experience the world of sports.

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