Top 5 Most Popular Sports in India 2024 – A Comprehensive List


India is a vast country with a large number of population in the world. It has several sports and games and more than half of the population is addicted to sports. Many games and sports are enjoyed, watched, and played by Indian players and citizens. Below is the list of the most popular sports in India.

Most Popular Sports in India



The most played and loved sports in India:

  • Cricket
  • Field Hockey
  • Football
  • Cycling
  • Badminton



1. Cricket

As the second favorite sport in the world, behind soccer, cricket is particularly popular in nations including India, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and the West Indies. It is quite well-liked, particularly in South Asian nations like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, wherein the top players earn more than 3 billion a year.

The Globe Cup, which takes place every 4 years, is the greatest cricket competition in the globe. Superstars that command an annual salary of hundreds of millions perform on a lavish stage in a stadium with 100,000 seats. With 1.56 billion TV viewers, it is the second-biggest single sport in history, just beaten by soccer.

The amount of competitive athletes has skyrocketed, particularly among the younger generation, and there are nearly weekly events organized throughout the nation.

Cricket is an English-originated ball game in which two teams of eleven players battle for runs on an oval-shaped field. Players alternate between playing defense and offense, scoring points to win the match.



2. Field Hockey

Simply said, hockey is a sport that is comparable to “soccer played with a stick.” While players in soccer utilize their feet to direct the ball, hockey players use a stick, which resembles a cane, to handle a baseball-sized ball as they fight for points.

Hockey players need to have a cool head, good judgment, and a “heart” that constantly looks out for their opponent because the sport entails physical competition and the usage of a stick. That could be hockey’s biggest appeal.

The most notable aspect of hockey’s guidelines is that, despite being an outdoor activity, there is zero offside line, and the regulations are designed with safety and compliance in mind.



3. Football

Soccer is a ball game where players manage the ball with their feet and heads to try and put it into the opponent’s goal to score points. It is currently one of the most well-liked sports worldwide and in India and is taken part in every nation and location. With more than 200 member nations and territories, the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) is a sizable organization. Although it is often referred to as “football” worldwide, it is also known as “soccer” in nations like the United States, etc.

Soccer’s history is lengthy. Its origins are the subject of numerous theories, and it was invented and became popular in different areas under different laws.

The majority of people believe that modern soccer began in England and that one of the game’s main rules not using your hands was adopted at a conference in London, England.

Two teams of a maximum of eleven players, one of whom is the goalie, compete in a match. Under some circumstances, players may be replaced during the game; however, once a player is replaced and removed from the game, they have no right to return.



4. Cycling

As long as people have the necessities, such as clothes and a bicycle, anybody of any age can take up cycling, which can be a lot of fun and a popular sport in India.

In addition to being a practical mode of traveling in daily life, cycling is becoming more popular as a sport worldwide.

Anybody, no matter their age or gender, can appreciate the activity of cycling.

A growing number of individuals have taken up cycling as a casual type of exercise to maintain health and build physical strength, as it is not an athletic event unless you are racing.

Cycling sports, or contests on bicycles, provide a range of cycling sports and methods to appreciate them. Road races comprise marathon races, fast races, and hill climbs that are limited to a climb within each of the following categories: road races, mountain biking, cyclocross, tracks races, and BMX. One of the main characteristics of mountain biking is that every category has several distinct events, such as downhill and cross-country. It is not a famous sport but it has gained recognition abroad, particularly in Europe, where it is currently on a level with soccer in terms of popularity.



5. Badminton

Regarding the origins of badminton, there are 2 theories. When the Indian sport of “Bhuna,” in which participants use a racket to strike a leather ball against a net, was brought to England, “Badminton.”

The second theory states that it originates from the game “Shuttlecock and Buddle Door.” The theory goes that before the above-mentioned Indian game was brought to England, a ball resembling a badminton shuttlecock was struck in a game called “buddle door and shuttlecock,” which is why the name “badminton” evolved from “buddle door and shuttlecock.”


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