Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2024 Exit Polls: Will BJP Win All 29 Seats of Madhya Pradesh?

Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2024 Exit Polls: Will BJP Win All 29 Seats of Madhya Pradesh?

The Lok Sabha elections of 2024 have now completed, at last. These days, exit polls will be made available by all agencies. The Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha elections exit poll will be covered in today’s article. All 28  Lok Sabha seats in Madhya Pradesh are up for election, and the polls were completed on 13 May. The elections here were completed in 4 phases .  The Exit Polls have finally been issued, just in time by all the big news agencies. Look at the exit polls that the different agencies have issued.


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Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2024 Exit Polls:

Party/Alliance Seats Predicted
BJP 27-29
INC 0-2
Others 0

Methodology of Exit Polls

Prior to the actual outcomes Exit polls provide a very useful preview of the outcome. Exit polls are the estimated outcomes released by different organisations after conducting surveys. India’s populace is looking forward to the Lok Sabha elections of 2024 with great anticipation. Exit polls nearly always give us precise findings that indicate who will form the government. In contrast to pre-polls, exit polls are based on actual data rather than conjecture. Surveyors of different agencies go around different polling booths and ask a specific questionnaire to the people coming out of the polling booth about whom  they have voted. Based on this a data set prepared from 1000’s of constituencies from all over India  and then the results are determined Signalling which party has the highest chances to win. However there’s always a margin of error due to various reasons such as Wrong information reporting or small sample size. However ,the Exit polls give results as close as possible.



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Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2024 Dates: City-wise List:-

Below is the complete schedule of the Madhya Pradesh  Lok Sabha elections.

Phase Date Lok Sabha Constituencies to Vote
1 April 19 Sidhi, Shahdol, Jabalpur, Mandla, Balaghat, Chhindwara
2 April 26 Tikamgarh, Damoh, Khajuraho, Satna, Rewa, Hoshangabad, Betul
3 May 7 Morena, Bhind, Gwalior, Guna, Sagar, Vidisha, Bhopal, Rajgarh
4 May 13 Dewas, Ujjain,  Indore,  Mandsaur, Ratlam, Dhar, Khargone, Khandwa



Complete list of candidates in Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha elections 2024:-

Madhya Pradesh  has 29  Lok Sabha Seats and we have prepared a list of all the constituencies and the candidates that are contesting elections in them. Some of the important constituencies in Madhya Pradesh  are Vidisha, Bhopal, Gwalior and Indore.

serial number Name of Lok Sabha constituency B J P Congress Other
1 Morena Shiv Mangal Singh Tomar Satyapal Singh Sikarwar
2 Bhind (SC) Smt. Sandhya Rai Phool Singh Baraiya
3 Gwalior Bharat Singh Kushwaha Praveen Pathak
4 fold Jyotiraditya Scindia Rao Yadavendra Singh Yadav
5 Sea Mrs. Lata Wankhede Guddu Raja Bundela
6 Tikamgarh(SC) Virender Khatik Pankaj Ahirwar
7 Damoh Rahul Lodhi Tarbar Singh Lodhi
8 Khajuraho VD Sharma meera yadav
9 Satna Ganesh Singh Siddharth Kushwaha
10 Reva janardan mishra Neelam Mishra
11 Straight Dr. Rajesh Mishra Kamleshwar Patel
12 Shahdol (ST) Smt. Himadri Singh Marco Fundelal
13 Jabalpur Ashish Dubey dinesh yadav
14 Mandla (ST) Faggan Singh Kulaste Omkar Singh Markam
15 Hoshangabad Darshan Singh Chowdhary Sanjay sharma
16 Vidisha Shivraj Singh Chauhan Bhanu Pratap Sharma
17 Bhopal Alok Sharma arun shrivastava
18 Rajgarh Rodmal Nagar Digvijay Singh
19 Dewas (ST) Mahendra Singh Solanki Rajendra Malaviya
20 Mandsaur Sudhir Gupta Dilip Singh Gurjar
21 Ratlam (ST) Anita Nagar Singh Chauhan Kantilal Bhuria
22 Khargone(ST) Gajendra Patel Porlal is real
23 Khandva Dnyaneshwar Patil narendra patel
24 Betul (ST) Durgadas Uikey Ramu Tekam
25 Indore Shankar Lalwani Akshay Kanti Bomb
26 Chhindwara Bunty Kumar Sahu Nakulnath
27 Dhar Savitri Thakur Radheshyam Muwel
28 Balaghat Bharti Pardhi Samrat Saraswat
29 Ujjain Anil Ferozia Mahesh Parmar


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Major Battles: Neck to Neck Fights

There will hardly be any neck to neck battle when it comes to the Lok Sabha elections in Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh is the stronghold for  the Bharatiya Janata party and they’ll surely dominate any other party which is there.

  1. Morena: A stronghold for BJP’s Shiv Mangal Singh Tomar, challenged by Congress’s Satyapal Singh Sikarwar in a crucial battle for dominance in this constituency.
  2. Gwalior: A high-stakes contest between BJP’s Bharat Singh Kushwaha and Congress’s Praveen Pathak, determining the political landscape in this historic city.
  3. Indore: Shankar Lalwani of BJP faces tough competition from Congress’s Akshay Kanti Bomb in a closely watched battle for supremacy in this urban constituency.
  4. Bhopal: A significant faceoff between BJP’s Alok Sharma and Congress’s Arun Shrivastava, shaping the narrative of politics in the capital city.
  5. Ratlam (ST): Anita Nagar Singh Chauhan of BJP competes against Congress’s Kantilal Bhuria, highlighting tribal representation and political dynamics in this constituency.


Analysis and Interpretation

Bharatiya Janata party will surely be looking for to a easy win the Madhya Pradesh Lok Sabha elections 2024.





So this was an exit poll released by the various agencies for the Madhya Pradesh  Lok Sabha elections 2024. We have seen which parties are winning, however there’s still a margin of error. We’ll get the final result on 4 June 2024.

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