Top 10 Longest Highways in the USA in 2024

Top 10 Longest Highways in the USA in 2024

The national system of interstate and defence Highway was established in 1956 to revolutionise road transport in the United States by allowing 1,000 bikes to seamlessly cross the country. Nearly 45,000 miles of road have been constructed since 1992, which shows the importance of American transportation structures.

The network of these roads connects many cities and big towns in the United States. Part of the interstate connection system, the network of roads connects many important cities that are vital for the country’s transportation environment. This all started in 1926 with the United States Highway System.

Intersect is part of these routes. It is distinguished by its improved infrastructure, which allows for the highest speed and a better travel experience, along with entry and exit ramps.


There is no pedestrian crossing, traffic signal, or shop that can create a public gathering, and it also gives the passengers the freedom to exceed their speed limit with few interruptions.


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Overview Table:

Highway Name Length (miles) Starting Point Ending Point Key Highlights
US Route 20 3,365 Boston, Massachusetts Newport, Oregon Multiple landscapes, transcontinental
US Route 6 3,207 Provincetown, Massachusetts Bishop, California Scenic towns, diverse landscapes
Interstate 90 3,102 Boston, Massachusetts Seattle, Washington Three major mountain passes
US Route 30 3,073 Atlantic City, New Jersey Astoria, Oregon Diverse geographical and historical views
US Route 50 3,011 Ocean City, Maryland Sacramento, California “Loneliest Road in America”
Interstate 80 2,899 Teaneck, New Jersey San Francisco, California Major metropolitan areas
US Route 60 2,670 Virginia Beach, Virginia Quartzsite, Arizona Important for goods transportation
US Route 2 2,580 Everett, Washington St. Ignace, Michigan Pacific Northwest landscapes
Interstate 40 2,555 Wilmington, North Carolina Barstow, California Links urban and rural populations
US Route 12 2,483 Detroit, Michigan Aberdeen, Washington Diverse landscapes and cultures



Top 10 Longest Highways in the US are:

  1. US Route 20 (3,365 miles)
  2. US Route 6 (3,207 miles)
  3. Interstate 90 (3,102 miles)
  4. US Route 30 (3,073 miles)
  5. US Route 50 (3,011 miles)
  6. Interstate 80 (2,899 miles)
  7. US Route 60 (2,670 miles)
  8. US Route 2 (2,580 miles)
  9. Interstate 40 (2,555 miles)
  10. US Route 12 (2,483)


1. US Route 20

US Route 20 Longest Highways in the US


The longest highway in the United States is known as US Route 20, which spans over 3365 miles and connects multiple metropolitan cities from Boston to Newport, Oregon. It is a transcontinental road that passes through multiple landscapes and settlements in 12 of our states and runs east to west in the country.

As we have earlier mentioned, this road runs east to west in the country, where it starts in Boston and is spread over the famous Street of Mesa 28 before New York. And it is spread from the rural landscape of the peninsular to Cleveland and Toledo in the west.


2. US Route 6

US Route 6


The second-longest route in the United States is known as US Route 6 which is spread over 3207 miles. Its voyage starts in the province of Mascheuts, which is famous for its beautiful seaside town of Hamlet. Also, the route begins its journey across the country at Keep Cold Bay.

Us Route 6 is in Bishop California; before that, it passes through various landscapes, cultures, and villages of West Country, including the nation’s heartland. This road will provide you with a glimpse of the rich geographical and cultural legacy of America. This route was established in 1926, and since then it has gone through various changes. And the most notable were the extensions that happened between 1936 and 1964.


3. Interstate 90

Interstate 90


The third longest roadway is known as Interstate 90, or i90. It is a 3102-mile roadway that makes it the longest interstate highway in the United States. This road starts its voyage from Boston and into the metropolitan city of Seattle, Washington.


There are 90 curves of interstate transportation spread over the variety of landscapes that connect the United States from coast to coast. The road goes through beautiful Washington, known for its beautiful landscape, and Montana’s Rocky Mountains, which are popularly known for their majestic beaks and are also spread over an expensive part of the Midwest. This highway is popular because of its three major mountain passes, which makes it one of the most remarkable high waves. These three mountain passes have their obstacles and spectacular views.



4. US Route 30


The fourth longest route in the United States is known as US Route 30, which covers a length of 3073 miles. This highway connects the seaside of Atlantic City, New Jersey, to the hamlet of Astoria, Oregon, which is popular for its scenic coastal area.

This road waves various landscapes and cultures across the country and provides a view of the diverse geographical and historical past of America through its travels to several US states. This road provides an easy travel experience for travellers, as the interstate connection provides easier travel. It is an important road in the National Highway System of the United States.



5. US Route 50


The first longest route in the United States is US Route 50, which spans over three zero-one miles. The road starts from Ocean City, Maryland, which is famous for its sunkissed coastline, to West Sacramento, California, which is famous for its bustling city escape.

This highway passes through a harsh deserted area that is spread over 100 miles where there are no humans. This highway is known as the loneliest road in America, and its title was coined by Life magazine in 1986 as The Loneliest Highway Connect Note, where downs in Nevada include e Eureka. Eli Baker Fallon Austin, Dieten, and Carson City Each of them is popular for unique attractions and places.



6. Interstate 80

It is the sixth-longest highway in the United States, interstate 80 (i80), spreading over 289 miles, and it starts from Teaneck, New Jersey, to the New York metropolitan area. New Jersey is famous for its bustling state, whereas Teaneck Is a part of the New York City area that is famous for its cityscape of San Francisco.

It is one of the main arteries of the country that connects major metropolitan areas. On its coastline, which starts from Suns Frisco It is one of the roads of the country that connects many popular regions on its opposite cost line. It starts from science, Frisco. Oakland Bay Bridge connects the east and west sides of itself. The road connects with prominent communities in the country that hold significant cultural and economic significance.


7. US Route 60

U.S. Route 60 is the seventh-longest roadway in the United States and spreads over 2670 miles. This road starts from Virgina Beach in Vegina to the Quartzsite in Arizona.


This road is an important part of the U.S. highway system that was constructed in 1926 and has been serving a significant role till now. It starts by covering various metropolises and thriving communities like Temple. Gilbert Mesa By Superstition Motorway

This root has been playing an important role in goods transportation throughout the country, contributing to the economy of the United States.


8. US Route 2

U.S. Route 2 is the eighth longest roadway in the United States and spans over 2580 miles. It is famous for its adventurous journey. This highway is divided into portions. Goes out of the United States and enters into Canada before coming to its motherland. It was first established in 1926, and then their separation was anticipated.


The best portion of this roadway starts in Everett, Washington. Add the interchange From Without Two Interstate 5 This dude travels through East That passes with a beautiful landscape of the Pacific Northwest area.


9. Interstate 40

Interstate 40 is the ninth-longest load in the United States, covering 255 miles. Covering the seaside city of Wilmington, North California At its starting point The beauty of Barstow, California.

Interstate 40 is an important road in the country that provides a link between the urban and rural populations of the United States. This root passes through America’s heartland. Like little rocks of Arkansas, etc. This road passes through 40 major cities in the United States; hence, creating something between them.



10. US Route 12

The last longest roadway in the United States on our list is U.S. Route 12, which spreads over 2483 miles. Voyage of this road starts from Detroit Michigan To the Hamlet of Aberdeen Washington It was created in 1926. This road is popular for its increased connection and efficiency.

This road passes through the diverse landscape and culture of the United States, giving passengers an insight into America’s differentiated geographical area and its past. This road passes nine states, starting from Michigan to Washington, and between states is Indiana. Illinois Wisconsin Minnesota Montano South Dakota, etc. Playing an important role in connecting local and regional transportation networks, hence playing a major role in the economic development of the country.





  1. What is the longest highway in the United States?
    • The longest highway in the United States is US Route 20, spanning 3,365 miles from Boston, Massachusetts to Newport, Oregon.
  2. Which highway is known as the “Loneliest Road in America”?
    • US Route 50 is known as the “Loneliest Road in America,” especially the stretch through Nevada.
  3. What is the length of Interstate 90?
    • Interstate 90 (I-90) is 3,102 miles long, making it the longest interstate highway in the US.
  4. Which highway connects the east coast to the west coast?
    • Both US Route 20 and Interstate 90 connect the east coast to the west coast of the United States.
  5. When was the US Highway System established?
    • The US Highway System was established in 1926.
  6. What are the key features of Interstate highways like I-90?
    • Interstate highways like I-90 feature improved infrastructure, high speeds, entry and exit ramps, and no pedestrian crossings or traffic signals.
  7. Which highway passes through the Rocky Mountains?
    • Interstate 90 passes through the Rocky Mountains, known for its majestic peaks and scenic views.
  8. How many miles does US Route 6 cover?
    • US Route 6 covers 3,207 miles across various landscapes from Provincetown, Massachusetts to Bishop, California.
  9. Which highway is vital for connecting major metropolitan areas in the US?
    • Interstate 80 is vital for connecting major metropolitan areas, stretching from Teaneck, New Jersey to San Francisco, California.
  10. What makes US Route 12 unique?
    • US Route 12 is unique for its extensive connection across nine states and its historical and geographical diversity, covering 2,483 miles from Detroit, Michigan to Aberdeen, Washington.

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