Lok Sabha Election 2024 Phase 4: Highlights, Updates, Voter Turnout and More!

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Phase 4: Highlights, Updates, Voter Turnout and More!

The voting for the fourth phase of the General Lok Sabha Elections 2024 is underway in 96 parliamentary constituencies. These seats are spread in the nine states and Union Territory. The voting for the 4 phases started from 7 AM to 6 PM.

According to the Election Commission, About 62.31% of voter turnout from the 10 states till 5 PM. The recorded Voter turnout in West Bengal is 75.66 per cent, Madhya Pradesh is 68.01 per cent, Jharkhand is 63.14 per cent, Uttar Pradesh is 56.35 per cent and Bihar is 54.14 per cent, respectively.


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After abrogation of Article 370 in the year 2019, this is the first Jammu and Kashmir vote in the General Election 2024. The voting is held in Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir. The recorded Voter turnout is Srinagar is 35.75 % till afternoon. This percentage of voters is increasing this year. In 2019, Srinagar recorded 14.43 per cent voter turnout only, which increased to 35 per cent which is a huge increment.

For phase 4 of General Election 2024, Prime Minister Narender Modi himself appealed to the young generation and women to cast their vote. They inspire a large number of voters to strengthen our democracy for 96 seats spread across 9 states and a Union Territory. His speech increased the total percentage of voters this year.

Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Phase 4 is scheduled for the several seats throughout the country, which include

  • Andhra Pradesh – 25 seats
  • Telangana – 17 seats
  • Uttar Pradesh – 13 seats
  • Maharashtra – 11 seats
  • West Bengal – 8 seats
  • Madhya Pradesh – 8 seats
  • Bihar – 5 seats
  • Jharkhand – 4 seats
  • Odisha – 1 seats
  • Jammu and Kashmir – 1 seats




Lok Sabha Election 2024:

The result of Lok Sabha Election 2024 and the fate of 379 constituencies will be decided after the counting of the fourth phase. The third phase of the general Election was held on 7 Amy which recorded 65.68 percent voter turnout. Well, this voter turnout percentage is a bit lesser than the last 2019 Lok Sabha elections. There are three more phases of the General Election remaining, which will be scheduled on May 20, May 25 and June 1. After counting all the seven phases of Lok Sabha Elections will take place on June 4 and results will be announced accordingly. It is expected that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will win 400 seats in this election and become the prime minister of India again. 



Lok Sabha Elections Overview & How It Works?

Lok Sabha Elections are known as General Election. It is the largest democratic exercise in India to elect members of the Lok Sabha, the lower house of Parliament. Let’s understand how the Lok Sabha Election works-

  • Constitutional Mandate: Lok Sabha Election is conducted according to the provisions of the Constitution of India. It is a regular election to guarantee the representation of the people in Parliament.
  • Election Commission of India (ECI): The Election Commission of India (ECI) is the constitutional body that manages the election process in the country. They look out the voter registration, candidate nominations, polling, and counting of votes.
  • Electoral Rolls and Voter Registration: Before the election started, the ECI prepared and updated all the electoral rolls with names and details of eligible voters. Citizens aged 18 and above are eligible to cast their vote and make it count in the democracy of India.
  • Delimitation of Constituencies: The states of the country are divided into electoral constituencies based on population distribution. Each constituency is represented by one member of the Lok Sabha.
  • Nomination of Candidates: The nomination of Candidates for the election is announced by the Political parties and independent candidates. They must meet the eligibility criteria and submit their nomination papers, documents and dorm to the government within a specific timeframe.
  • Campaigning: Once the candidate is finalised by the parties, they start their campaigning in their areas to seek support as a vote. For campaigning, they organise rallies, roadshows, public meetings, door-to-door canvassing, and media advertisements.
  • Polling and Voting: Polling and voting start on the decided date in phase. Valid voters can cast their vote at the polling stations set up in their respective constituencies. The whole voting process is conducted using Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) or Ballot Papers. voters can cast their vote for their favourite candidate or party.
  • Counting of Votes: After completing all the phases of voting, the votes cast in each constituency are counted under the supervision of professional officers. The result will be declared based on the total number of votes polled for each candidate. One with the highest number of votes will be the winner and elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) from that constituency.
  • Formation of Government: The political party that gets the majority of the seats in the  Lok Sabha forms the government at the central level. The leader of the majority party is appointed as the Prime Minister of India.



Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Schedule

Lok Sabha Elections are divided into 7 phases. Here are the details of all phases-

  • Phase 1: Phase 1 of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 is conducted on 19 April 2024. It contains 102 Constituencies and 21 States.
  • Phase 2: Phase 2 of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 is conducted on 26 April 2024. It contains 89 Constituencies and 13 States.
  • Phase 3: Phase 3 of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 is conducted on 7 May 2024. It contains 94 Constituencies and 12 States.
  • Phase 4: Phase 4 of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 is conducted on 13 May 2024. It contains 96 Constituencies and 10 States.
  • Phase 5: Phase 5 of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 will be conducted on 20 May 2024. It contains 49 Constituencies and 8 States.
  • Phase 6: Phase 6 of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 will be conducted on 25 April 2024. It contains 57 Constituencies and 7 States.
  • Phase 7: Phase 7 of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 will be conducted on the 1 Jun April 2024. It contains 57 Constituencies and 8 States.



Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Result

The date of counting for all the phases of the Lok Sabha Election is 04 Jun 2024 and this result is also the same.

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