Indian Parliament Session 2024- Modi 3.0: Dates, Budget & What to Expect

Indian Parliament Session 2024- Modi 3.0: Dates, Budget & What to Expect

As the Lok sabha election is finally completed and the BJP led  NDA Alliance has won the election now the nation is waiting for the new session of the Parliament. Today In this article we’ll discuss the Upcoming Parliament session 2024. This will be the 18th parliamentary session and this year it will be different from the last 2 parliamentary sessions. The Modi government 3.0 wasn’t able to gain a huge majority like last time which is why there will be a strong opposition this year in the parliament. Furthermore, on 9th June 2024 the Prime minister Narendra Modi along with 78 ministers took oath of office. Let’s have a look at the information about the upcoming parliament session 2024.

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When will the Parliament session begin in 2024?

Before starting the full fledged session there will be a special 8 day Parliamentary session which will be conducted to elect the speaker and to administer the oath to the new MP’s. As per the reports the new parliament session of eight days is expected to start from 24 June 2024. The speaker for the lok sabha will be elected on 26 June followed by the oath ceremony of the elected MP’s. This will not be a full fledged session as after the completion of this special parliament session 2024 there will be a budget session for which date will be announced soon.

What will happen in the Upcoming Parliament session 2024?

The upcoming parliament session will begin with an address from the President of India. In this address she will welcome all the elected representatives of the people and will tell them the importance of their seats and the power. After that the senior most MP in lok sabha will become the interim speaker and he or she will conduct the elections for the new Lok Sabha speaker. Once the Lok sabha speaker is selected by the votes of the present Member of the parliament he or she will then swear in the new MP’s.

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When will the budget session take place in 2024? 

The Modi government on account of the elections didn’t introduce the full budget but the interim budget only. Now as they have won the election soon they’ll bring the new budget for the year 2024 in lok sabha after the completion of the special session of the parliament. This budget will extensively cover the schemes receipts and expenditures of the central government.

So as you might have understood, the new parliament session is going to start from 24 June 2024. It would interesting to see a powerful opposition in the house after so many years and how parliament will perform in these conditions

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