Top 10 Fastest Deliveries in IPL History: Thunderous Pace Unleashed!

IPL Fastest Deliveries
The Indian Premier League (IPL) has long been celebrated as a festival of cricket, where raw talent and sheer brilliance collide on the field. While batsmen often steal the spotlight with their towering sixes and elegant strokes, it’s the fast bowlers who add a thrilling edge to the game with their lightning-fast deliveries. Over the years, the IPL has witnessed some incredible displays of speed, with bowlers consistently pushing the limits of how fast they can bowl. In this article, we’ll delve into the history books and explore the top 10 fastest deliveries ever bowled in the IPL.

1. Shaun Tait:

The list of the fastest deliveries in IPL history begins with Australian speedster Shaun Tait. Tait’s thunderous delivery, clocked at an astonishing 157.71 kilometers per hour (Kph), remains unmatched to this day. It was during the 2011 IPL season when Tait, representing the Rajasthan Royals, unleashed this blistering delivery, leaving batsmen in awe of his sheer pace and ferocity.

2. Lockie Ferguson:

In the IPL 2022 season, Lockie Ferguson made headlines with his searing pace, bowling at an incredible speed of 157.3 Kph. Playing for the Gujarat Titans, Ferguson’s thunderbolts sent shivers down the spines of opposition batsmen, earning him a reputation as one of the fastest bowlers in the tournament’s history.

3. Umran Malik:

A rising star in Indian cricket, Umran Malik, showcased his raw pace during the IPL 2022 season. Bowling consistently at speeds exceeding 150 Kph, Malik’s fiery deliveries left batsmen struggling to keep up. His fastest delivery of 157 Kph announced his arrival on the IPL stage, cementing his status as one of India’s fastest bowlers.

4. Anrich Nortje:

South African pacer Anrich Nortje made waves in the IPL 2020 season with his express velocity. Clocking in at 156.22 Kph, Nortje’s thunderous deliveries proved to be a nightmare for opposition batsmen. His ability to consistently bowl over 150 Kph showcased his raw talent and potential as a top-class fast bowler.

5. Umran Malik:

Once again, Umran Malik makes an appearance on the list with his relentless pace and aggression. In IPL 2022, Malik’s deliveries consistently hovered around the 156 Kph mark, putting immense pressure on the batsmen. His ability to maintain such high speeds throughout the tournament highlighted his immense talent and dedication to the game.

6. Anrich Nortje:

Continuing his dominance, Anrich Nortje’s rapid deliveries at 155.1 Kph in IPL 2020 further solidified his reputation as one of the fastest bowlers in IPL history. Representing the Delhi Capitals, Nortje’s sheer pace often proved to be the difference-maker in crucial matches, earning him praise from fans and experts alike.

7. Umran Malik:

Umran Malik’s exceptional performances in IPL 2022 earned him another spot on the list, with his delivery clocked at 154.8 Kph. Bowling for the Sunrisers Hyderabad, Malik’s ability to consistently bowl over 150 Kph showcased his potential as a future star of Indian cricket.

8. Anrich Nortje:

For the third time, Anrich Nortje features on the list with his delivery clocked at 154.7 Kph during the IPL 2020 season. Nortje’s ability to generate extreme pace with accuracy and control made him a formidable force on the field, contributing to the success of the Delhi Capitals in the tournament.

9. Dale Steyn:

A legendary figure in the world of fast bowling, Dale Steyn’s delivery at 154.40 Kph during the 2012 IPL season remains etched in cricketing history. Despite facing injuries towards the latter stages of his career, Steyn’s ability to consistently bowl at such high speeds earned him accolades from fans and fellow cricketers alike.

10. Kagiso Rabada:

Rounding off the list is another South African speedster, Kagiso Rabada, whose delivery at 154.23 Kph in the IPL 2019 season left batsmen reeling. Representing the Delhi Capitals, Rabada’s ability to consistently bowl over 150 Kph made him a potent weapon in the team’s arsenal, contributing to their success in the tournament.


The IPL has witnessed some of the fastest deliveries in cricket history, with bowlers consistently pushing the boundaries of speed and skill. From Shaun Tait’s thunderbolts to Umran Malik’s raw pace, each delivery on this list represents a moment of sheer brilliance and athleticism on the cricket field. As the IPL continues to evolve, fans can expect to witness even more breathtaking displays of speed and skill from the league’s fastest bowlers, adding to the excitement and intensity of the world’s premier T20 cricket tournament.

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