Delhi Lok Sabha Election 2024 Exit Polls: AAP Dominance Amid BJP and INC Challenge

Delhi Lok Sabha Election 2024 Exit Polls: AAP Dominance Amid BJP and INC Challenge

The polling for the Lok Sabha elections of 2024 ends today. As a result, the exit polls for the general election of 2024 will be announced by several news organisations today. We’ll talk about the exit polls for the Delhi Lok Sabha elections today in this article. Elections for Delhi’s 7 Lok Sabha seats were held on May 25, 2024. There was a 2% decrease in voters over the last election, according to data on voter turnout released by the Election Commission of India. Voter participation was 58.69% overall. The exit polls have finally been made public as voting is set to end across India today. Let’s examine the exit surveys that the different organisations have made available.


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Delhi Lok Sabha Election 2024 Exit Polls

Party/Alliance Seats Predicted
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 5-7
Indian National Congress (INC) 0-2
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)




Methodology of Exit Polls

Prior to the final outcomes Exit polls provide an excellent representation of the final outcome. Exit polls are the approximate findings reported by different organizations from their own surveys. The 2024 Lok Sabha elections are highly anticipated by people throughout India, according to exit surveys. The majority of the time, exit polls provide us precise findings that indicate which candidates will form the government. Exit polls, in contrast to pre-polls, rely on actual data rather than conjecture. Agencies send out surveyors to various polling places, asking those who exit the booths about their voting choices on a predetermined questionnaire. A data collection comprising thousands of constituencies across India is compiled based on this, and the outcomes are then ascertained. indicating which side has the best probability of succeeding. But there’s always a margin of error because of a number of factors, such incomplete data reporting or a small sample size. The results of the exit polls, however, are as accurate as feasible.




Delhi Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Schedule: Date, Phase and Constituencies

Below is the complete schedule of the Delhi Lok Sabha elections.

Constituencies Phase Polling Date
Chandni Chowk, North East  Delhi, East Delhi,  New Delhi, North West Delhi, West Delhi, South Delhi VI May 25


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List of all Constituencies and Candidates

Delhi has 7 Lok Sabha Seats and we have prepared a list of all the constituencies and the candidates that are contesting elections in them. Some of the important constituencies in Delhi are Chandni chowk, South Delhi, West Delhi and New Delhi.

Constituency BJP INDIA
New Delhi Bansuri Swaraj Somnath Bharti (AAP)
North East Delhi Manoj Tiwari Kanhaiya Kumar (Congress)
Chandni Chowk Praveen Khandelwal J P Agarwal (Congress)
North West Delhi Yogender Chandolia Udit Raj (Congress)
West Delhi Kamaljeet Sehrawat Mahabal Mishra (AAP)
South Delhi Ramvir Singh Bidhuri Sahi Ram Pehelwan (AAP)
East Delhi Harsh Malhotra Kuldeep Kumar (AAP)



Major Battles: Neck to Neck Fights

If we talk about the prominent party when it comes to the Lok Sabha elections in Delhi BJP will be the sure shot answer. Both AAP and INC will be struggling to win a seat from BJP.

New Delhi

In New Delhi, Bansuri Swaraj from BJP faces a fierce challenge from Somnath Bharti of AAP in a closely contested battle. Both candidates are prominent figures in their parties, making this constituency a battleground of ideologies and visions for the future.

North East Delhi

Manoj Tiwari of BJP locks horns with Kanhaiya Kumar from Congress, creating an intense showdown of political heavyweights. The constituency witnesses a clash of personalities and agendas, reflecting diverse interests and aspirations of the electorate.

Chandni Chowk

Praveen Khandelwal of BJP confronts J P Agarwal of Congress in Chandni Chowk, marking a heated contest between two seasoned politicians. The battle underscores crucial issues and community dynamics, shaping the political landscape of the historic constituency.


North West Delhi

Yogender Chandolia of BJP competes against Udit Raj of Congress, amplifying the electoral fervor in North West Delhi. The constituency witnesses a tug-of-war between contrasting visions and promises, reflecting the diversity of opinions among voters.

West Delhi

Kamaljeet Sehrawat from BJP takes on Mahabal Mishra of AAP in West Delhi, fueling a spirited electoral faceoff. The constituency becomes a battleground for development agendas and governance models, attracting attention from all quarters.

South Delhi

Ramvir Singh Bidhuri of BJP clashes with Sahi Ram Pehelwan of AAP in South Delhi, setting the stage for a riveting electoral showdown. The constituency reflects the aspirations and concerns of a diverse population, making it a focal point of political discourse.

East Delhi

Harsh Malhotra of BJP squares off against Kuldeep Kumar of AAP in East Delhi, intensifying the electoral battle in this crucial constituency. The contest highlights contrasting visions for progress and governance, resonating with the aspirations of the electorate.





So this was an exit poll released by the various agencies for the Delhi Lok Sabha elections 2024. We have seen which parties are winning, however there’s still a margin of error. We’ll get the final result on 4 June 2024.

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