Barsapara Cricket Stadium, Guwahati: Overview, Records, Stats, Matches, Pitch, Modern Facilities & Stunning Architecture

Barsapara Cricket Stadium, Guwahati: Overview, Records, Stats, Matches, Pitch, Modern Facilities & Stunning Architecture

Barsapara Cricket Stadium, Guwahati

Extremely admired worldwide! Welcome to the “World of Cricket”. With a global fan base that includes India, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the West Indies, cricket is reportedly the second biggest popular sport in the world, behind soccer. Particularly in South Asian nations like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, where the yearly earnings of the top players reach 3 billion, it is incredibly popular.

The World Cup is the highest cricket event in the world. It takes place every 4 years and players who make hundreds of millions of funds a year perform on a magnificent platform in a stadium that can hold 100,000 individuals.

With 1.56 billion TV viewers, it is the 2nd-largest major sporting event in history, only beaten by soccer.

The number of talented sportsmen has skyrocketed, particularly among the younger generation, and there are nearly weekly events organized throughout the nation.

Guwahati Barsapara Cricket Stadium

As we all are aware cricket is the most exciting and popular sport in India and as well as across the world. Once again, this truth is proved by the Assam Cricket Association based on the needs and requirements of a modern, fresh, and chic cricket stadium to be established in Guwahati. Guwahati, this city is known and famous for its football addiction, there are a lot of football lovers.

Including four different stands, experts, and Shahshi Prabhu associated with the look, design, and establishment of the cricket stadium in Guwahati including a 50,000 capacity.

This is going to be the first Indian cricket stadium that is manufactured with structural steel framing and a combined steel decking system. To provide the safety, security, and toughness for the stadium. The reason for using structural steel and constructing a strong stadium is to save it from earthquakes, as it is an earthquake-prone region. And now that organized many cricket matches as well as international matches and competitions for Indian cricket, that is incredible progress and achievement.

The other side (north side) of the stadium consists of a clubhouse which includes a bar, pool, badminton courts, restaurants, squash courts, and tennis courts.

Shashi Prabhu stated that “this stadium is coolest and most stunning across the country with including all the latest facilities and a capacity of 50,000. Other than cricket facilities and areas with covered and well-maintained seating all around, this cricket stadium also consists of essential needs and amenities including, a gym, indoor practice wicket, swimming pool, etc.”

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A rectangular field is used for hitting and pitching. With wickets at either end of the pitch, it is positioned in the middle of the field.

Cricket Ground

Grass fields are used for official matches. It is a circle with a diameter of roughly 68 to 70 metres, that is bigger than a baseball stadium, based on the worldwide requirements for men’s sports. However, the size can be based on the tournament’s level, and its structure.


Ropes, markers, and other barriers are positioned on this boundary line, which divides the competition field. You will score four points if the ball reaches the line with a ground ball and six points if it does so without bouncing.


To make it hard for a player to hit the ball, the ball is thrown to take down the wicket. One over, or six pitches, are needed while pitching from a single wicket to the next. If a bowler is unable to bowl in 2 straight overs, they take over and bowl from the opposing wicket in the following over.


The terms “striker” and “non-striker” refer to batsmen who are on the bowler’s side on the wicket and positioned opposite the bowler. A pitcher is not out regardless of the number of times he whiffs until he loses his wicket.

You are under no need to run if you think that you will not be able to hit in time.

Two 11-a-side teams compete in the game of cricket, which has its origins in England, on an oval-shaped pitch to score points. Players alternate between playing defense and offense.


India’s Remarkable Host Role in the 2011 Cricket World Cup

India, who co-hosted the 2011 Cricket World Cup alongside Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, was the tournament’s sole host for the first time in twelve years. Apart from England, the host nation, India is the first nation to host the Cricket World Cup all by itself. The World Cup was “marketed as an opportunity to show Indians’ national pride in their country’s development as the world’s 5th-largest economy, post-China status, and the world’s most populated nation.


Record-breaking Viewership and Attendance

Indians smashed every record throughout this World Cup, including attendance and ratings. The International Cricket Council (ICC) reports that 1,250,307 people watched the World Cup in stadiums, while 518 million people watched it on Disney Plus Hotstar in India alone.

Thirty-five million viewers watched India vs. Pakistan, the most popular match, worldwide.  The cost of tickets increased to 5.7 million rupees from 499 rupees to 24,000 rupees.

Having 59 million global viewers, the India vs. Australia match on the 19th of the previous month achieved the highest in-progress viewership rating in the entire history of international sports broadcasting. Australia emerged victorious. CNN stated, “There is no game worth watching as a competitor,” and that “the national cricket match has 5 times the audience of the U.S. Super Bowl.”


Cricket’s Dominance in India and Global Viewership

In India, cricket is more popular than baseball and American football in the US, soccer in Europe and South America, and soccer in South America. According to the Economic Journal, “Indian society has been split into sections by multi-religion, ethnic diversity, class system (caste), and the disparity among wealthy and poor. For Indians, cricket represents more than just a sport; it’s an emotion for the whole country. It is one of the major reasons that unites and connects Indians and Indian society.”


Guwahati Barsapara Cricket Stadium: Modern Marvel and IPL Venue

Guwahati Barsapara Cricket Stadium is constructed with modern facilities, requirements, and great architecture that makes it a stunning and popular stadium for concerts, cricket lovers, events, and cricket matches. At Barsapara the first IPL home game is introduced by Rajasthan Royals.



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