9 Best April Fool Prank Ideas to Fool Family & Friends in 2024

9 Best April Fool Prank Ideas to Fool Family & Friends in 2024

April Fool Prank Ideas

Laughter is great medicine. April 1, April Fool’s Day, is a good time to cheer up a little and play some pranks. This day you have to keep your eyes wide open since we are all exposed to the occasional joke being played on us, whether on the street, via WhatsApp chat, with your friends or even in your own home. If you are considering signing up for this tradition and playing the best pranks for April Fool’s Day, we are giving you some ideas for pranks. Be a prankster and prank your family and friends this April Fools Day with our creative ideas.


1. Head Full Of Dandruff:

Apply a thick layer of salt to your head; the more, the better. To evenly spread the salt throughout your scalp, scratch your head. Go to your victim(friend or family member), tell him you thought you had dandruff on your head, and ask him to look at it. He will surely make a face that will make you laugh for a long time. We advise acting like a real actor if you want to make this April Fool’s Day joke a little more serious. Start by giving your victim a head scratch and complain with concern. Then, walk past him a couple of times. You can sneeze near that person to prolong April Fool’s day by pouring some of the salt on them.

2. Change Clock Time:

 A great April Fool’s Day joke is to change the time of all the clocks in the house. You can get them ahead of time so they get up early. Another option would be to delay them, but it would be a terrible joke since you would make them late for work. You’ll need to adjust the times on your computer, phone, alarm clock, and other household clocks for this practical joke to work. It would be really funny if, when your victims wake up, you were already having breakfast and, upon seeing them, you added the occasional phrase like: “How did you sleep, sleepyhead!” When your victim realises how late she’s up, you’ll see her eyes widen. For the person you are pulling a practical joke on to see it and figure out what you are pulling before it happens, you can finish the prank by leaving a ‘Happy April Fool’s Day’ note in the kitchen or bathroom. a heart attack.


3. The Stuck Coin:

 This is one of the April Fools’ Day pranks on the street. The idea is to use a reasonably strong glue to attach a coin to the ground, then stand nearby and observe how others attempt to take it up. You can also stick a ticket, but we warn you that you may be left without it. An alternative way to play this kind of joke would be to attach the coin or bill to a thread and yank it when the victim bends over to get the cash. To make it look more theatrical and keep your victim from seeing the thread, you may add some dried leaves. Alternatively, take the target of your prank somewhere they can find a letter saying, “Happy April Fools’ Day! You have been the victim of a prank.”

4. Toothpaste To Face:

This joke is really bad. It is applying toothpaste to your victim’s face while he is sleeping. He’ll struggle to get it off his face when he wakes up in the morning. Be careful because this person will surely want to return the prank, so don’t hesitate. We recommend that you be vigilant over the next few days. Because revenge will come, even if it’s not April Fool’s Day, that’s what this type of joke has.

5. The door doesn’t open:

Take a rope and tie it to a doorknob. Next, tie the other end to another door handle directly in front of you. Hide and you will see how none of the people trying to leave the house can do so. Have fun with the prank, but don’t forget to untie the rope knots at the end.


6. Replace salt with sugar:

Whether it’s April 1st or any other day, switching the contents of the sugar jar with salt is the ultimate traditional practical joke. Our suggestion: this innocence is highly recommended at breakfast time or if you are going to cook a sweet dish. The expression on realising the secret component is priceless.

7. The Broken Glass:

 You’ll need white or grey chalk and a bar of soap for this prank. If your friend or family member has a store with a glass window, take advantage of them leaving the store to simulate an assault.  You can do this by drawing several sinuous lines on the glass that converge at the same point, so it will look like some unscrupulous person has stoned the glass of the business. Note: Calm your innocent person before he can call Emergency Services about the incident.

8. Rickrolling:

It is a fun April Fool’s Prank. It is a trick to someone by hyperlink which seems important and interesting but ended in the music video of Rick Astley’s song “Never Gonna Give You Up. You can trick your family and friends into hearing the catchy ’80s tune unexpectedly. There are many tools online which can help you to create a hyperlink with interesting messages or important messages.


9. Blue Screen:

 It is a classic prank to perfect to play with colleagues or friends who use the computer. Prank them by changing the screen to the fake blue screen, a common error screen displayed by Windows operating systems when a critical system error occurs. Your family and friends panic when they see this blue screen on the operating system get crushed. Remember, to make a blue screen which looks convincing, often includes error messages and technical codes. You can check Google or download one. He/she should believe their computer has crashed for an ultimate prank.

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