Ranking the Top 10 YouTubers in India with Most Subscribers 2024 & their Earning

Top 10 YouTubers in India with Most Subscribers 2024

Nowadays, YouTube is not just a source of boredom, but it is a source of income. There are millions of YouTubers available on YouTube around the world who create content in various genres, from comedy and gaming to technology and lifestyle. These creators have captivated audiences with their unique personalities, entertaining content, and relatable storytelling, making them influential figures in the Indian digital landscape.

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Today we bring you a list of the Top 10 YouTubers in India with Most subscribers.

  1. Bhuvan Bam
  2. Ajey Nagar
  3. Dilraj Singh
  4. Ashish Chanchlani
  5. Sandeep Maheshwari
  6. Amit Bhadana
  7. Wasim Ahmad
  8. Ujjwal
  9. Ajay (Total Gaming) 
  10. Amit Sharma

Top 10 YouTubers in India with Most Subscribers 2024:-

1. Bhuvan Bam

BB ki Vines- Bhuvan Bam: YouTubers in India with Most Subscribers

  • Channel Name – BB Ki Vines
  • Subscribers – 26.4 million
  • Founded on: 20-06-2015

Bhuvan Bam is the first Indian YouTuber who got maximum subscribers. He was born in Gujarat in 1994. Bam developed an interest in music and comedy at an early age and created a YouTube channel. He played several characters in his video. His characters, such as Bancho, Sameer Fuddi, and Titu Mama, have become iconic in the Indian YouTube community. Besides YouTube, Bhuvan is also a talented singer and musician, releasing original songs and music videos on his channel.

2. Ajey Nagar 

Ajey Nagar - CarryMinati

  • Channel Name – CarryMinati
  • Subscribers – 41.8 million
  • Founded on: 30-10-2014

Ajey Nagar is a popular YouTuber who is best at roasting. His videos are based on roasting and comedy. He was born in Faridabad, India, CarryMinati gained immense popularity through his humorous roasts, gaming videos, and entertaining skits. It is also in the music and posted several music videos on the Channel. Right now, he is also seen in the MTV show- Playground as a mentor.


3. Dilraj Singh 

mr indian hacker- Dilraj Singh : YouTubers in India with Most Subscribers

  • Channel Name – Mr. Indian Hacker
  • Subscribers – 38.6 million
  • Founded on: 21-06-2012

Dilraj Singh is a popular content creator recognized for his intriguing experiments, life hacks, and scientific demonstrations. He is also known as Mr. A hacker. Mr. Indian Hacker has a trusted team. He and his team work together, also known as Titanium Army. Dilraj gains millions of views within some hours of posting a video. He lived in Ajmer and education from the Graduate from Samrat Prithviraj Chouhan Govt. College, Ajmer.

4. Ashish Chanchlani 

Ashish Chanchlani : YouTubers in India with Most Subscribers

  • Channel Name – Ashish Chanchlani Vines
  • Subscribers – 30.3 million
  • Founded at: 07-07-2009

Ashish Chanchlani is a well-known and popular YouTuber for his comedy and funny videos. With a keen sense of humour and impeccable timing, Ashish’s channel offers a comedic take on everyday situations which makes him a popular YouTuber. He is a huge Marvel fan and always talks about it on their social media channel. He works hard for their channel and gives engaging content to their fans.


5. Sandeep Maheshwari 

  • Channel Name – Sandeep Maheshwari
  • Subscribers – 28.6 million
  • Founded on: 13-02-2012

Sandeep Maheshwari is an inspirational figure and entrepreneur. He made a motivational video and inspired millions of people around the world. Sandeep made a profound impact through his motivational talks, seminars, and online presence. He was born in Delhi in 1980. On his channel, Maheshwari aims to democratise success and personal development, making his teachings accessible to all.


6. Amit Bhadana 

  • Channel Name – Amit Bhadana 
  • Subscribers – 24.4 million
  • Founded on: 24-10-2012

Amit Bhadana also holds a position in the top YouTubers. He started his career in 2012 and now has a billion fan following on YouTube as well as Instagram. Amit is famous for his unique brand of comedy and storytelling. He was born in Faridabad, India. His content and characters are inspired by everyday life in North India, which attracts more people towards him. He makes videos on the comedy genres, offering viewers a blend of laughter, entertainment, and social commentary.


7. Wasim Ahmad 

  • Channel Name – Round2hell
  • Subscribers – 33.1 million
  • Founded on: 20-10-2016

Wasim Ahmad is one of the members of the famous Round2hell YouTube channel. This channel is run by three friends, named Wasim Ahmed, Najim Ahmed, and Zayn Saifi. Their channel, Round2hell, has become immensely popular in India due to their comedic sketches and entertaining videos. They use humorous portrayals of everyday situations with witty dialogues. Through their creativity, camaraderie, and comedic talent, Wasim Ahmad and the Round2hell team have established themselves as key players on Youtube.


8. Ujjwal 

  • Channel Name – Techno Gamerz
  • Subscribers – 39.6 million
  • Founded on: 13-08-2017

Ujjwal is one of the top YouTubers in India. He plays games and shares gameplay videos, tips, and reviews across a variety of popular gaming titles. Moreover, Ujjwal is a rapper and releases many songs on his channel. In the gaming world, he has a large and dedicated fan following on YouTube as well as other social media accounts. He is the first leading figure in the Indian gaming community in the world.


9. Ajay

  • Channel Name – Total Gaming
  • Subscribers – 41.2 million
  • Founded on: 09-10-2018

Ajay is also a prominent figure in the Indian gaming community. He runs a gaming channel with the name of Total Gaming. Ajay is famous for his exceptional gameplay, commentary, and engaging content. Ajay is also known as “Ajju Bhai”. Last year, he gained a lot of popularity in the gaming industry around the world. With his skilfull gameplay, entertaining commentary, and dedication to his audience, Ajay is beloved by his fans.



10. Amit Sharma 

  • Channel Name – Crazy XYZ
  • Subscribers – 30.2 million
  • Founded on: 10-9-2017

Amit Sharma also holds a position in the Top 10 Youtubers in India. His channel named Crazy XYZ is based on science experience, life hacks and entertaining videos. Amit Sharma has established himself as a prominent figure on youtube with his engaging content. He tries something new in every video.

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