Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Hyderabad to visit in 2024

Top 10 Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Hyderabad

The word Hyderabad means Haydar city or city of lion , the city originally named as baghnagar and according to 2011 census 4th most populated city in India and 6th most popular metropolitan area in India. Hyderabad is the most beautiful city situated on the bank of river Muski with 10 most wonderful waterfalls in hyderabad like:

  1. Ethipothala falls
  2. Mallela Theertham
  3. Pochera falls
  4. Kunta falls
  5. Talakona
  6. Kapila theertham
  7. Tadimada waterfall
  8. Kaitika waterfall
  9. Kanaka waterfall
  10. Sahastrakund waterfall

In this travel content, we discuss destinations Where you can journey with your family in the upcoming year to get closer to the beauty of nature up close.




Ethipothala Waterfalls is 200 km away from Hyderabad and is situated on the bank of river Chandra Vanka with greenery on all sides

Location Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh
Height of waterfalls 70 Feet
Uniqueness about waterfall Combination of three streams ChandravankaVagu,NakkalaVagu, Tummala Vagu, crocodile breeding centre which attract tourist
Time to Go there Immediately after Monsoon
Nearby places to visit Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, Ragantham Temple ,Darts tests temple




Mallela Theertham waterfall is itself an aesthetic place that comes with the romanticism of Mother Earth,which  is accessible via a short trek through the wilderness, which is 185 km away from Hyderabad give you Wonderful experience.

Location Nallamala Forest, Amrabad, Nagarjuna, Andhra Pradesh
Height of waterfall 150 feet
Uniqueness about waterfall Directed on small Shiva linga
Time to go there October to March

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Nearby places to visit Mallikarjun Temple, Sakshi Ganpathi Temple




Pochera Waterfalls Being away from the hustle and bustle of city life which is 256 km away from Hyderabad

Location Adilabad, Telangana
Height of Waterfall 65 feet
Uniqueness about waterfall Deepest waterfall, place is good choice for hiker, good place for wildlife enthusiastic
The Time to visit there Monsoon and post-monsoons
Nearby places to Visit Basara Saraswa thi Temple, Nirmal, Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary Suvarnapuri etc




Kuntala Waterfall in Telangana is the highest waterfall situated  260 Km from Hyderabad

There is a story behind the name of the waterfall. It is said dushyant wife shakuntala was romanticised with nature and she used to bathe here and word kunt means pond and tala means several pond comes.

Height of Waterfall 147 to 200 feet
Entry Fees Free of cost
Timing for visit 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
The best time to reach there September to October
Nearby places to visit Sahyadri Mountain Range
Things to do Walking and Sightseeing




Talakona waterfalls are situated in the forest surrounded by natural beauty. It is a distance of 562 km from Hyderabad where local claim waterfall has some specific medicine

Location Chittoor District, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
Height of Waterfall 270 feet
The best time to visit September to January
Nearby places to visit


Special Qualities

Sri Siddeshwara Temple celebrate maha shivratri , Tirumala Temple, Sri Kalahasti Temple, Deer Park etc


Find rare species of flora and fauna here, waterfall is rich in therapeutic power





Kapila Theertham Waterfall is a pilgrim site to worship lord Shiva, where one of his devotee break to worship lord shiva thereafter named as Kapila theertham which is located 561 km from Hyderabad



Kt road, NGO colony, Tirupathi, An dhra Pradesh

Height of the Waterfall 100 feet
Time to go there Winter season
Nearby places to visit Parshuram temple, Vishwanath temple, Padmavati temple, dakshineshwar temple
Things to Explore Cave exploration, sightseeing, temple visit





Tadimada waterfall is Situated in the  Hills of Ananthagiri Hills which is 646 km away from Hyderabad bringing you the beauty of nature earth.

Location Ananthagiri, Andhra Pradesh
Height of waterfall 100 feet
Things to Explore Coffee plantation which is the best destination for visitors to explore, trek and photography
Time to visit there Rainy season




Katika waterfall is named after a village, the waterfall is located near caves and is a famous attraction for tourists in an element of adventure, trekking.

Location Andhra Pradesh
Height of waterfall 50 feet
Best eatable Bamboo chicken, an exclusive dish prepared near the waterfall
Distance from Hyderabad 673 km
Nearby place to visit Borra Caves, Araku Tribal, Tyda Park, Padmapuram Botanical Garden and Matsyagundam.





Kankai waterfall is located on the laden river in the Adilabad district of Telangana which is collocated with Bandrev and Cheekati Gundam waterfall

A destinationation which often makes you feel like heaven where you view panoramic of whole waterfall and landscape from top to cliff.


Height of waterfall

Nearby temples

The best time to visit



Balanpur, Telangana
30 feet
Kanaka Durga Temple located near the waterfall
Throughout a day





Sahastrakund waterfall located in Murli village flows on river Godavari. Its height of 50 feet, highlighting of waterfall block rock formation which looks like metal when the river flows.

Location- Islapur, Maharashtra

Height-50 feet

Special qualities- watch tower, view the shimmering crystal – clearwater poolool

Best Time to Visit- August to October


Hence if you visiting Hyderabad, you will never miss  an opportunity to see dozens of waterfalls, the aesthetic view along with trekking experience hence, picnic, campaigning area will never . Now planning a trip with necessary information is all that is needed and creates some unforgettable memories.

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