Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2024 Phase 2: Date, Candidates, and Constituencies List l Voting on 8 Seats

Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha Election 2024 Phase 2

In the second phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, voters in Uttar Pradesh will go to the polls on April 26 to choose representatives for eight constituencies. These include Amroha, Meerut, Mathura, Baghpat, Aligarh, Ghaziabad, Gautam Buddh Nagar, and Bulandshahr. This phase is particularly significant as it includes important contests across the state and could impact the overall political balance in Uttar Pradesh and the country.


Key Constituencies and Candidates:

Here’s a closer look at the eight constituencies and the key candidates involved in the second phase:

1. Amroha: In Amroha, Kunwar Danish Ali from the Congress is aiming for a second victory in this constituency, where no particular party has a stronghold. Ali is up against BJP’s Kanwar Singh Tanwar and BSP’s Mujahid Hussain.

2. Meerut: Meerut will see Arun Govil from the BJP running against Sunita Verma from the Samajwadi Party (SP) and Devvrat Kumar Tyagi from the BSP. Govil is known for his role as Lord Ram in the 1987 television series “Ramayan.”

3. Mathura: The high-profile Mathura constituency features actress and sitting MP Hema Malini from the BJP, who is contesting against Mukesh Dhangar from the Congress.

4. Baghpat: Baghpat is a key battleground where Rajkumar Sangwan from the Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) is up against Amarpal Sharma from the SP and Praveen Bansal.

5. Aligarh: In Aligarh, Satish Kumar Gautam from the BJP is running against Bijendra Singh from the SP.

6. Ghaziabad: Ghaziabad’s contest is between Atul Garg from the BJP and Dolly Sharma from the Congress.

7. Gautam Buddh Nagar: Gautam Buddh Nagar is witnessing a face-off between Dr. Mahesh Sharma from the BJP and Mahendra Nagar from the SP, with Rajendra Singh Solanki from the BSP also in the race.

8. Bulandshahr: Bulandshahr is a contest between Bhola Singh from the BJP and Shivram Valmiki from the SP.



Candidates to Watch:

– Hema Malini in Mathura: As a Bollywood star turned politician, Hema Malini is looking to secure a third term from Mathura. She will face Mukesh Dhangar from the Congress.

– Arun Govil in Meerut: Govil, known for his iconic portrayal of Lord Ram, is the BJP candidate in Meerut. His presence adds star power to the contest.

– Kunwar Danish Ali in Amroha: Ali is a strong contender in Amroha and is seeking re-election, this time as a Congress candidate.



Winners of Previous Elections:

In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP candidates won most of the eight seats in Uttar Pradesh. Winners included Hema Malini in Mathura, General (Retd.) V.K. Singh in Ghaziabad, and Dr. Mahesh Sharma in Gautam Buddh Nagar. Kunwar Danish Ali from the BSP won the Amroha seat.


Winners of 2019, 2014 Lok Sabha Elections on these seats

Constituency 2019 2014
Amroha Kunwar Danish Ali (BSP) Kanwar Singh Tanwar (BJP)
Meerut Rajendra Agarwal (BJP) Rajendra Agarwal (BJP)
Mathura Hema Malini (BJP) Hema Malini (BJP)
Baghpat Dr Satypal Singh (BJP) Dr Satypal Singh (BJP)
Aligarh Satish Kumar Gautam (BJP) Satish Kumar (BJP)
Ghaziabad General (Retd.) V K Singh (BJP) General (Retd.) V K Singh (BJP)
Gautam Buddha Nagar Dr Mahesh Sharma (BJP) Dr Mahesh Sharma (BJP)
Bulandshahar Bhola Singh (BJP) Bhola Singh (BJP)




Context of Phase 1 Elections:

In the first phase of the elections, held on April 19, voters in eight other constituencies in Uttar Pradesh cast their ballots. These included Pilibhit, Saharanpur, Kairana, Muzaffarnagar, Bijnor, Nagina, Moradabad, and Rampur. The voter turnout was around 58.49% as of 7 pm on the day of the election.



Importance of the 2024 Elections:

The 2024 Lok Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh play a crucial role in shaping the state’s and the nation’s political future. The outcomes from key constituencies like Amroha, Meerut, and Mathura could influence the overall balance of power in the Lok Sabha. With a diverse array of candidates from major parties such as the BJP, Congress, SP, and BSP, the elections will be closely watched.




The second phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in Uttar Pradesh is set to be highly competitive and will provide insight into the state’s political direction. The outcomes from the eight constituencies could impact the broader political landscape of India. Voters in these areas are encouraged to participate in the democratic process by exercising their right to vote. This phase presents an opportunity for voters to have their voices heard and help shape the future of Indian politics.


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