Twitter Blue Tick: Price, Eligibility, How to get Twitter Blue Tick | X Blue Subscription

Twitter Blue Tick: Price, Eligibility, How to get Twitter Blue Tick | X Blue Subscription

Twitter Blue subscription service has been launched in India. After a long wait, this service has been launched in the country. There were many speculations regarding the Twitter Blue Tick Price. Now its prices have been revealed. The company has launched it at a price of Rs 900 per month. Although this is a limited time offer. Here Twitter has removed the blue tick from everyone’s account. Microblogging site Twitter did this late on Thursday night. Twitter owner Elon Musk had already announced that the blue tick of Twitter account users who have not taken a paid subscription will be removed after April 20. Musk had said that those who want a blue tick will have to pay a monthly charge.


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These users will have to pay Rs 650

Twitter users will now have to shell out money every month for the blue tick. There are speculations that the prices of Blue Tick may be increased further in the coming time. Currently the subscription fee of Blue Tick for Android and iOS users is Rs 900. Whereas for web users its price has been kept at Rs 650 per month. On taking Blue Tick, the company gives you many features. If users take a subscription for one year then they get a 12 percent discount. That means for a one year subscription you will have to spend Rs 9,400. This amount may look like it is a happy one when looked at once. However when we see the features that it provides us the amount is totally worthy.


Benefits of Twitter Blue Tick Account 

Users get many benefits by subscribing to Twitter Blue. Its first advantage is that you get the option to edit the tweet. However, there will be a time limit of 30 minutes for this. You can edit it for 30 minutes after tweeting. However, after this the tweet will be labelled as edited. You will get the option of bookmark folders. Unlimited bookmarks or bookmark folders can be created in it. You can save the tweet. There will also be an option to undo tweets. With this you can undo the tweet before it becomes visible. Users will also get the facility to upload full HD quality videos.



Twitter name changes to X

The decision to remove the blue tick of all the people came after the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk. Back in October 2022 the tech billionaire Elon Musk acquired the microblogging website Twitter. After that he changed the name of Twitter to X. Elon Musk bought Twitter to fortify and strengthen the freedom of speech at the platform. Also to increase the revenue and bring all the users on the same platform Elon Musk decided to remove all the blue Ticks form the Platform and make it a subscription service. Further, Elon Musk has also laid guidelines for joke accounts. From now on any account that is intimidating any public figure must put parody in its name. This step was taken to ensure the credibility of the famous celebrities and influencers in Twitter.


So this was the complete information about the Twitter Blue or X Blue subscription. We hope that you like all the information here. The step to make Twitter Blue tick a paid service is a revolutionary one. This signals all the forthcoming changes on the platform in near future.



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