Facebook Blue Tick Price and Benefits: How to Get Verified Blue Tick on Facebook in India 2024

Facebook Blue Tick Price


Today in this article will discuss the Facebook Blue tick price. It is a great service that is becoming very popular among the users of Facebook and Instagram.  Meta has started a Verification Service in India. Both iOS and Android users can take advantage of this service. Users can avail the benefit of this Blue Tick service by making monthly payment on Facebook. But do you know that you can easily get a blue tick on Facebook, which gets verified in a few hours. For this follow all the steps given below. Let us tell you, with Meta Verification, Facebook users can get verification with government ID on two platforms. Along with getting the blue tick on the platform, the company offers many powerful features to the users on this service. Know here about these special features related to meta verification. 

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What are the benefits of Facebook Blue Tick? 

The Facebook Blue tick offers a range of benefits to all its users. Below we have listed all the benefits that you will get after you purchase the meta verified tick for Facebook 

  • Users get access to proactive account monitoring, impersonation protection and two-factor authentication. 
  • Apart from this, users get exclusive stickers for Facebook’s stories and reels. Whereas on Facebook, users are given access to 100 stars every month to support creators. 
  • If there is any issue in the account then they get the support of a real personal.
  • At the same time, users get good reach and visibility for platforms like search, comment and recommendation. 
  • As Meta Verified service has become available in India, you can get it on Instagram and Facebook by following the simple steps given below.
  • Meta has said that if your verification process is completed, it will take up to 48 hours for your response. 

How to get Blue Tick on Facebook ?

Below we have  provided the complete steps for the process of how you can get a blue tick on Facebook. 

Step 1: Tap on the menu of Facebook’s main profile.


Step 2: Go to Settings and tap.

Step 3: Now tap on Account Center and then tap on Meta Verified available in Account Settings.

Step 4: If the option of Meta Verified Account is visible in the profile below the name and profile photo, then click on it. Now click on the subscription option. 

Step 5: Now view the benefits included in the list and click on Continue.


Step 6: Now confirm the payment and tap on Pay now.

Step 7: Now upload the ID to complete the verification process. 

Step 8: Now select the profile which you want to verify. 

Step 9: Update the name and save it.


Step 10: Now tap on the Next option. 

Step 11: Now click on the type of identification and click on Next. 

Step 12: Now after confirming the ID, click the photo. Step 13: Confirm the given information and click on the Tap Next option. If the information is not displayed correctly, try again. 

Step 14: Take a photo of the ID from the back and tap on Take photo. 


Step 15: Confirm the information and submit. If the information is not displayed correctly, try again. 

Step 16: It will take some time for your ID to be uploaded, after which tap on Finish. 


Facebook Blue Tick Price 

Users will have to pay Rs 699 monthly on the app for verified blue tick. This charge is the same for both Android/iOS. The company will reveal the subscription price for the web in the coming few months. 



So this was the complete information on how you can get the blue tick  on your Facebook account. The step to make the Facebook beauty paid service came after the change in policy in Twitter. The verified service is a good service that you should definitely avail as it provides lots of benefits. Aur work one thing that you need to know is that you don’t get an instant blue take as soon as you pay. There is usually a waiting period of a we got to and after that you will be getting your blue tick on your Facebook account. Moreover you can also buy a combined package of blue take for your Facebook ,Instagram and threads account. Because this will be displayed on your account. We hope that you have got the price of the Facebook Blue tick.

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