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TS E Challan

TS E Challan stands for Telangana State E-challan. The rules and regulations of the TS Challan will apply to the consequences if you cause an accident or violate the law. It will also apply if you commit a significant offense.

What are the consequences of breaking the Road Traffic Act, then? We’ll go over the fines and other consequences for breaking the regulations and more things about TS E Challan that you must be aware of.

In an effort to prevent problems associated with road traffic and rules, the regulations set down a number of regulations about violations and accidents.

You will be compelled to pay a fine or fines if you commit a traffic offense. Generally speaking, you are accountable for any violations that result from driving a corporate vehicle to cause an accident.

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What happens if you get a TS E Challan?

The violation of traffic rules is identified by a TS Challan. It is an aspect of regulation designed to keep people safe and to maintain efficient traffic flow. Preventing traffic pollution which negatively affects both the living environment and public health includes noise pollution and lack of helmets. If you break the initiative rules you could face a range of penalties and fines which is called “challan” in Hindi.

Temporary suspension violation

Failure to stop at a stop sign or stop line is penalized as a stop violation, often known as failure to stop at a specified spot.

Maximum speed violation (extreme speed)

A maximum speed violation is a fine for exceeding the posted speed limit on a road. According to the Road Traffic Act, rush driving is one form of speeding; when the speed falls below the minimum speed, then there is also an additional minimum speed violation.

There are speed indicators by the side of the road that display the maximum and lowest speeds. Even if you have no past driving history, you will receive a penalty and fine and also have your license banned for a few days or months if you exceed the posted speed limit by 50 km/h. The business would suffer a significant loss if a sales representative drives faster than the posted speed limit because it will be impossible to conduct sales for a time.

Traffic ban violation

You will be charged for breaking the rules if you drive into a region where there are signs banning you from passing. You will also be penalized for breaking the police traffic restriction if you push your car to pass through a zone where a police officer is directing traffic. Police traffic prohibition limits are illegal, and breaking them can result in up to three or months in detention or a fine of up to 50,000.

Ignoring traffic lights

Driving on a road in disregard of traffic signals is punishable by disregarding the light. There are two categories of traffic signal disregarding: disobeying flashing lights (such as yellow lights) and disobeying red lights (such as red lights, etc.). Whether a traffic signal is flashing or red, the same amount of penalties are granted for ignoring it. The extent of the fines varies, however.

Mobile phone use, etc.

The use of a smartphone or cell phone while operating a vehicle is punishable by law. The usage of a mobile phone, etc. (traffic danger) will be controlled if holding one while driving puts pedestrians or other cars at risk. In other situations, the use of a mobile phone, etc. would be restricted. It is distinguished from other traffic infractions by a greater amount of penalty charges due to its potential to cause major accidents. Avoid using your smartphone or cell phone when driving if you get a call from your employer or a business associate.

You could face severe consequences if you get detained for a moving offense. It’s simple to miss stop and speed signs when operating a work vehicle on unfamiliar roads. Apart from consistently offering accurate traffic safety advice, it’s also important to think about implementing a system that can offer driving assistance, like voice guiding.


  1. What happens if I got 12 traffic citations in Telangana within around two consecutive years?
    Any driver whose licence has accrued more than 12 points for moving violations in two years will have it suspended for at least one year.
  2. Is it possible to pay Telangana eChallan online?
    Yes. You can go to the Telangana traffic police’s official website. Additionally, Paytm may be used to pay for Telangana’s e-challan.
  3. Is there a deadline for TS eChallan payments?
    Your Telangana traffic e challans must be paid in full within 60 days after issuing.
  4. Does Telangana’s penalty point system apply to people with learner’s permits?
    Yes. In fact, those who obtain more than five penalty points in two years on their learner’s licence will not be eligible to seek a permanent driving licence.
  5. If I don’t wear a helmet when riding in Telangana, will I receive an eChallan?Yes. The driver will receive an eChallan for violating the traffic law by riding without a helmet in Telengana.

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