Top 10 Trekking Places in Kashmir | Most Popular Hiking Treks in Kashmir

Top 10 Trekking Places in Kashmir | Most Popular Hiking Treks in Kashmir

We are all aware of how famous Kashmir is for its gorgeous views, filled with ice capped mountains everywhere you look. But for the adventurous folks of the country, Kashmir has proven to be the perfect spot for those who wish to do something thrilling every now and then. In this article, we will talk about the top 10 trekking places in Kashmir, ranging from beginner level treks to the most difficult ones. 


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Rank Trek Name Description Difficulty Best Time
1 Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Majestic views, serene environment, clear blue lakes Moderate Pleasant weather
2 Tarsar Marsar Trek Twin lakes, colorful meadows, clean atmosphere Moderate June to September
3 Naranag Mahlish Trek Vibrant hills, beautiful flowers, stunning views Moderate June to September
4 Kolahoi Glacier Trek Challenging trek, breathtaking views, sense of accomplishment Difficult Experienced hikers only
5 Marchoi Valley Trek Stunning mountain views, calm and serene environment Moderate June to September
6 Sonmarg Vishansar Trek Clear mountain views, Vishansar Lake, peaceful atmosphere Easy to Moderate Anytime
7 Khilanmarg Valley Trek Short and easy trek, ideal for beginners Easy Anytime
8 Barafsar Lake Trek Tranquil alpine lake, escape from city life Moderate June to September
9 Harmukh Valley Trek Lush green views, diverse wildlife Moderate June to September
10 Kashmir Alpine Lakes Trek Unique and rarely visited lakes, crystal clear water Moderate Anytime


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1. Kashmir Great Lakes Trek:

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The Kashmir Great Lakes are well known for their majestic views. Treks along these pure, brightly blue lakes create a sense of hopefulness in the trekkers. People who wish to go must also pay attention to the weather and only visit when the weather is pleasant and the trails are easily accessible. The serene environment and natural beauty is enough to convince you to go here for your next trekking trip. 

2. Tarsar Marsar Trek:

Tarsar Marsar Trek

What makes this trek famous is the twin lakes, namely Tarsar and Marsar. This trek is nestled among multicoloured meadows and ice capped mountains. But it doesn’t end there! While you are trekking, you will come across a variety of adorable animals that will tug at your hearts. The atmosphere is neat and clean and the views are to die for? What more could a trekker ask for! Plan your next adventure here ASAP! 


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3. Naranag Mahlish Trek:

Naranag Mahlish Trek

The Naranag Mahlish Trek cuts through some vibrant hills studded with the most colourful and beautiful plants and flowers one has ever seen. You can also experience some vegetation growth as you climb your way through the gorgeous scenes all around you. The best time to go here is between June to September when the flowers are blooming in all their glory and the path is clear. For adventurers who wish to experience the ins and outs of Kashmir trekking, this is just the trail for you! 


4. Kolahoi Glacier Trek:

Kolahoi Glacier Trek

For hikers who have already had some experience in trekking, the Kolahoi Glacier trek will surely challenge you. Although it is one of the most difficult treks in Kashmir, the views are worth all the hard work. The thrill of being able to do one of the hardest treks in the country will drive your willpower to new heights, and once you finally reach the peak you will feel like you’re on top of the world. So for anyone who is looking to take up an adventurous journey instead of a relaxing trip, you know where to go! 

5. Marchoi Valley Trek:

If you are someone who loves spending time soaking in nature and its wonders, this is the right trek for you. The Marchoi Valley Trek will provide you with some of the finest views of the Kashmir hills, views that you only see in the movies. The environment is extremely calm and serene so trekkers can stop, take a deep breath and think of the beauty nature has provided them with. Between the months of June to September, you will be able to get the most stunning views that will stay in your mind forever. 

6. Sonmarg Vishansar Trek:

Want to get a view of the clearest mountains, where you can see every miniscule detail? The Sonmarg Vishansar Trek has got you covered. One of the most notable features is the Vishansar Lake. This trek will provide you with the perfect blend of nature’s magic and peaceful atmosphere. If you wish to go on a trek but also not tire yourself out too much, this will tick all the boxes for you. 


7. Khilanmarg Valley Trek:

The Khilanmarg Valley Trek is the perfect short trek to fulfil your adrenaline needs. Keeping in mind that this hike just lasts for a day, it is simple and beginners will be able to have a good first experience. Thanks to the magnificent valleys of Kashmir, your mind will convince you to stop everywhere and take a picture of the view you’re witnessing. Enjoy this simple trek with your friends and family, or just by yourself. 

8. Barafsar Lake Trek:

The Barafsar Lake trek directs to a serene alpine lake, situated within breathtaking nature beauty. This tranquil spot provides the trekkers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city by leading them to a peaceful time with nature. The Barafsar Lake trek is best done during the summery months of June and September, when the paths are clear and the weather is pleasant. Enjoy the isolation and calm of this remote setting, ideal for those seeking solace in nature.

9. Harmukh Valley Trek:

The Harmukh Valley trek gives its hikers some of the most green views of the city. Along your path you will come across many animals that you would’ve seen in your books as a young kid, and what better feeling than reaching a small part of your inner child. Just like some of the other treks, the best time to go for a hike is between June and September, when the weather is clear and the animals are out and about. 

10. Kashmir Alpines Lake Trek:

Want to get a glimpse of some unique and rarely visted lakes? Look no further, since the Kashmir Alpines Lake Trek will provide you with the same if not more. There is no better view of small crystal clear lakes against the backdrop of huge, snow covered mountains. The particular lakes that one absolutely cannot miss are the Vishansar Lake and the Krishandar Lake. 



I am sure that by now even the lazy and non adventurous folks reading this article are also convinced to visit the hills of Kashmir and experience a trek for themselves.

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