Top 10 Toughest Courses in India in 2024: Challenges, Subjects, and Career Prospects

Top 10 Toughest Courses in India: Challenges, Subjects, and Career Prospects

Toughest Courses in India: Nowadays, every job role requires a lot of hard work and dedication. However, the toughest course in India requires a high level of intelligence, dedication and hard work. There is plenty of competition in a wide variety of trending courses, for example from banking to engineering and public examinations. Students are making all the efforts they can to clear their respective exams. India’s most challenging courses include medicine, engineering, MBA, CA, CS, nursing and psychology


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Top 10 toughest courses in India 2024.

The question that arises is whether there is any most difficult course or what is making these courses hard for the students. The complexity of the subject determines its hardness. Field of interest If candidates are not interested in the subject, the course may appear difficult for them. The strength of the course is also determined by research, projects, practical tasks and assignments. The brain needs time to strengthen its mindset for research, practice tasks assignments and projects that are a lot different from what we learn before the 12th. Technical subjects always hold the top position in these lists because of their tools and practical knowledge requirements. Toughness can be determined by the student’s interests and capabilities. These challenging exams become more challenging in so many registrations for the exam.

1. Computer Engineering

Computer engineering

Computer science is a growing field, and the number of students from all parts of the country enrolling in college each year has been increasing steadily. The course introduces concepts related to technology, such as programming, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. These are trending topics, and the job roles in these fields pay you well. It’s the one everyone loves. While working on the programmes, a lot of people are having trouble. It’s got a huge curriculum that covers every subject in detail, and it’s important to be compatible with the technology. Candidates must be able to manage these technologies efficiently, sometimes bringing a lot with them. It’s harder to break into big company jobs with advances in technology. Due to the high level of competition in this sector, candidates are facing a shortage of jobs and opportunities. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and cyber security are some of the specialisations that computer science has.



2. Chartered accountants

Chartered accountants

It’s considered one of the most difficult exams in India to crack the CA exam. A good understanding of accounting principles, audits, taxes, and business law is required. The process of becoming a chartered accountant is lengthy, and candidates must pass three major examinations to become certified accountants. This exam has three levels.

Level 1: CA Foundation

Level 2: CA Intermediate Jobs

Level 3: CA Final

To pass these tests, candidates must have at least three or four years of experience. Preparation for the CA exam can be initiated by candidates who have successfully passed Class XII.



3. Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)

One of the most challenging courses in India is the Master of Philosophy. It is a two-year postgraduate course that requires researching the related topic of interest, studying, and contributing to PhD programs. Candidates must complete their thesis for research. Candidates shall have a good knowledge of relevant theories and methodologies and shall present them to the college. GATE, IIT JAM, and LPUNEST tests allow candidates to get into a good college.



4. Medicine


To qualify for the entrance exam, such as the National Eligibility Test, candidates need to clear their MBBS degree, which is much more difficult. Millions of students take this test each year to be admitted to a certain number of seats. To pass the test, candidates must have a good knowledge of medicine and practical experience.

The syllabus is very vast, and candidates will have to crack it to gain admission into medical college.



5. Engineering


In India, one of the most popular and hardest to get into is engineering. To get into top IITs and NIIT colleges, students prepare and advance from various prestigious coaching centres. However, the level of this exam is very high, and the seats are low, which also makes it difficult to crack. Candidates must have technical skills to get into the top NIIT’s and IIT’s of India. The course is very lengthy and difficult to complete.



6. MBA (Master of Business Administration)

After graduation, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most difficult courses to complete after opting for commerce. This course can make a lot of difference if you’re a determined student. In management profiles such as Human Resources Management, Business, Marketing, CEO, etc., it provides several job roles.



7. Architecture

The field of architecture requires that students have a good understanding of design, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. It is a very competitive admission test for the BArch programme, which requires candidates to pass the entrance test.


8. Law

The subject of law is very complex, requiring candidates with a high level of analytical and objective thinking skills. Good learning skills must be possessed by the candidates. Legal topics, constitutional law, criminal law, and contract law are also concepts. Good communication, logical thinking, and effective decision-making skills are required of candidates.


9. Civil Services

These workshops are conducted by the UPSC, and the Union Public Service Commission, for various government posts, including the Indian Police Service (IPS), the Indian Revenue Service (IRS), the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), and more. In India, civil service is a highly regarded profession, with candidates from all over the country taking part in tests. The syllabus for this exam is vast. Preliminary, final, and interview—these are the three stages of the exam. One of the hardest and most prestigious posts to have in India is a civil service exam.


10. Pharmacy

In India, pharmacy is one of the most difficult courses to complete. To get into this course, one must know the science field, pharmaceutical organic and inorganic chemistry, ayurveda, and pharmacognosy. The pharmacy curriculum is vast and requires a great deal of commitment and hard work to succeed. Candidates with very good skills in this field can make great changes in this field, apart from selling drugs in stores.


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