Top 10 Water Parks in Delhi to Make Your Summer Cool



Delhi is one of the most populous city among Indian states  with unbeatable summer. During this harsh summer you must be thinking to have a good time like going for a movie, or having fun and if you’re someone who loves to get into water in this harsh summer you must have a look over these top 10 water Parks in Delhi.


1. Adventure Island, Rohini

Adventure Island, Rohini

This Rohini Island is a good to go option whether you’re in love with waterpark or not ,as they provide good quality food ,gaming sections, and an option for shopping lovers. The island has 25 vertigo incited rides that will amaze you. The Adventures island gets packed with children and adult on every weekends evening . This Rohini park also provides amazing dance performance and fun activities with music so that you can have full fun being there.

  • Price: Ticket Prices at Rohini for adults and for children on weekdays is set for 550 rupees;On the weekends and official holidays – Rs. 600. Senior Citizen’s ticket price – Rs.350. Entry-only ticket price – Rs. 300 + Rs. 100 per ride if you want to try once.
  • Location: At Rohini( Situated within the premises of Metro Walk Mall)



2. Splash- The waterpark :

Splash The waterpark

This waterpark is located on the outskirt of Delhi .It’s is a destination for all ages and  a perfect spot to go with family and friends. This water park comes with amusement rides and water together. Cyclone Family Slide, Mushroom Fall, harakiri and multi-lane slides will give you an unforgettable experience. For adrenaline junkies of Delhi it’s the best place.

  • Price : For Children – Rs. 400; For Adult – Rs. 700; and For Couple – Rs. 1000
  • Location: North Delhi


3. Just chill water park :

Just chill water park

This waterpark is one of the biggest water parks located in Delhi that can help you forget all the heat waves you faced before coming here and you will be delighted after having a harsh summer day .Just chill park have a lot of fun activities that you can enjoy along with their insane snazzy named vertigo including Black thrill ,Rainbow Godzilla and Katrina Twist come up with thrilled stunts.

  • Price: This Delhi water park ticket price is Rs. 700 for adults and Rs. 500 for children. For couples, the tickets costs Rs. 1400.
  • Location: GT Karnal Road, Delhi


4. Fun N Food Village :

Fun N Food Village

This is the  biggest water park of Delhi with the best facilities to cool you up on your harsh days in a single dive. This fun village have a 400 feet long water channel called as Lazy River and over 40 rides by combining amusement rides and water rides .It can be place where you can fit with your family and friends to enjoy till the time outs.

  • Price: This waterpark charges 500for children and for Adults the ticket is at  at Rs. 1000
  • Location: Old Delhi-Gurgaon Road.


5. Worlds of Wonder, Noida:

Worlds of Wonder, Noida

This waterpark is one of the largest amusement parks in Asia .Within their large space ,worlds of wonders provides a lot of thrilling facilities including slides, fun and thrilling activities to do and they also have facilities to have a night music performance.

  • Price: Adults – Rs. 1399, Kids – Rs. 999, Senior Citizens – Rs. 699


6. Aapno Ghar ,Gurgaon:

On the Sixth number we have Apno Ghar located at Gurgaon that again provides thrilling and adventurous experience it has a variety of facilities .Apart from all the thrill activities they also provide rooms to stay. There are a total of 42 rooms where one can stay. And they also provide a variety of Indian foods and also have options for continental food at a very reasonable price that can be offered by everyone.

  •     Price: The packages start from Rs. 675 to 1250
  •     Location: National Highway 8, Gurgaon




7. Drizzling Land, Ghaziabad:

Drizzling land also called themselves as an aquatic adventure park that is located on Delhi Meerut road .Drizzling land also provides exciting rides for adrenal junkies and they also have specifically modified zones for toddlers and teenagers. Drizzling land offers rides like a revolving tower wave pool etc. If you don’t want to stay in the water park you can choose the option for staying in a nearby hotel as the water park is situated between highly maintained areas.

  • Price: Children at Rs. 600, Adults at Rs. 950
  • Location: Ghaziabad



8. Appu Ghar, Oysters Beach Water Park, Gurgaon:

Appu Ghar formerly known as Oyster water park . Being an older park it has been renovated over the period and has now new fun rides. Appu Ghar is the most exciting and thrilling slide of 94 which is also the one of the tallest in India called free fall. Appu Ghar has also established a 45 degree Loop, that is again very exciting for adrenaline junkies. The theme of this amusement park is a rainforest that leaves people stunning once they want to visit again.

  • Price: Rs. 1200
  • Location: Gurgaon


9. Jurassic Park Inn, Sonipat

 Jurassic park is located in Sonipat, is an amusement park as well as a water park .Apart from this fun area as the  name suggests they also have accommodation facilities. There are 30 odd huge dinosaurs placed inside the park like the Carnotaurus and Velociraptor in many places . Their size makes them look alive and some of them also growl. There are 21 rights and 6 action packed slides and also specific zones for event hosting.

  • Price: Rs. 1000
  • Location: Sonipat


10. Ffunmax

  Ffunmax is an amusement park, water park and a party lawn also. It is located in Faridabad. This park is also known as rainbow water park. Also offers staggering drives and many poles including break dance frisbee giant, wheel kerosene ,toy train rain dance tubes lite ,multi lane wave pool kid rides body slide family pool and more. If you are planning to visit Faridabad you should have Ffunmax in your list.

  • Price: Children at Rs. 600, Adults at Rs. 700
  • Location: Faridabad




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