Top 10 Traders In India 2024: Insights into Their Strategies and Success Stories

Top 10 Traders in India


What is Trading ?

Buying and selling Stocks, currencies funds, and shares to create profits by the fluctuations that take place in market values is Called trading. In India trading is widely and actively used by the people. People who are trading or willing to do it should have a good knowledge of asset management, marketing fluctuations, asset planning, and a variety of tactics and also they have to be well ‘n good in risk management.


Trading in India

There are 23 stock exchanges in India. The two most  used in India Trading in stock markets is done in 2 types of stock exchanges the first one is “Bombay Stock Exchange” ( BSE ) and the second one is “National Stock Exchange” ( NSE ). The BSE was established in 1875 and the NSE was established In 1992. In NSE it had 2266 firms listed on it whereas the BSE had 5315 firms listed on it. Simply We can say that the NSE has a large volume while the BSE is an older stock market and the other 21 are Regional stock exchanges( RSE ).



Top 10 Traders In India 2024:-

Given below Traders are arranged according to their wealth and what they are known for:-

Rank Trader Name Known For
1 Premji and Associates Pioneering investments in the IT sector and significant philanthropic activities.
2 Radhakrishnan Damani Building one of India’s most successful retail chains, D-Mart.
3 Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Notable investments in Titan Company and Lupin, with high returns.
4 Raamdeo Agrawal Co-authoring the renowned ‘Wealth Creation Study’ series.
5 Mukul Agrawal Exceptional investments in pharmaceutical and technology sectors.
6 Sunil Singhania Successful global investments and a strong focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria.
7 Ashish Dhawan Leading investments in Indian private equity and significant contributions to education reform.
8 Ashish Kacholia Noted for his discreet yet highly successful investment style in emerging companies.
9 Vijay Kedia His investments have often turned lesser-known companies into major market players.
10 Ramesh Damani Known for his early investments in several blue-chip companies.


1. Premji and Associates

AZIM Premji

This is led by Azim Premji, we can say that he is the icon of leadership in the Indian business sector as an Investment Company. He is also among the wealthiest Indian people. He was born in Bombay in 1945 and established his company as an investment brand. He had invested not only in Healthcare and education but also in companies Like Wipro and JK Lakshmi Cements.


2. Radhakrishnan Damani

Radhakrishna Dhamani

We all have heard the name of Dmart, yes he is the person who transformed shopkeeping to the Dmart Where we can buy all things we need in one place. He had holdings of about 65 % on business shares in D mart.



3. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

He is one of the top traders In India who has shown their ability to take risks and strong Enthusiasm in the stock market. Because of this some people also call him the big bull of the Indian stock market. He has great ability in predicting stock market movements although he had holdings in Star Health Titan Company and Tata Motors.



4. Ramdeo Agrawal

Ramdeo Agarwal was born in a village of Chhattisgarh. He is known for his strategic and methodological approach towards the Indian stock market which makes him a great trader and investor also he is the Co founder of Motilal Oswal Finance Services.


5. Mukul Agrawal

With a net worth Of around 5,470 cr., he is among the top 10 traders of the Indian Stock market. According to some trustworthy sources he owns 79 stocks of which 58 active stocks. He is the master of investment strategy And risk analysis Also including aggressive or high-risk Investments.


6. Sunil Singhania

Sunil was the m, President Of CFA Society India for eight Years. He had done his graduation from Commerce College of Bombay University moreover He has a Net worth of Rs 2,894 crore although he led Reliance Mutual fund and under his leadership, it had grown 100 times in 22 years.


7. Ashish Dhawan

Having a worth Of 3,431 crore Ashish is an Indian Philanthropist and co-founder of Chrysalis Capital although he has Enthusiasm, particularly in the area of education and social exchange, and his vision of a long-term desire to make a long-lasting difference in industries he invested.


8. Ashish Kacholia

The co-founder of Hungama Digital has a net worth of 3,080 cr and also He is among The ace investors of India.  Moreover, He is mainly a business-concentrated investor including deep research and vast knowledge of the companies he is investing in.


9. Vijay Kedia

He was born in Kolkata and active in the Indian stock Market for 19 years and owns a company Kedia Securities Pvt. ltd. He has a Bachelor in Commerce from the University of Calcutta. His diversified and long-term investment plans from his portfolio are very well defined although with solid foundations and familiarity With investments makes him a great investor.


10. Ramesh Damani

He is a very Famous veteran broker at Bombay Stock Exchange ( BSE ) although he is among the ace investors of India Managing director At Damani Finance Pvt Ltd and also the chairman of D-Mart. D-Mart is currently one of the biggest supermarket chains in India, providing daily items at discounted rates.




Investments that are done in stocks and share markets Are considered amongst the best long-term investments and long-term Wealth-creating assets. With the help of proper strategies and planning anyone can achieve their financial goals in the stock Market. While it Comes with lots of risk when investing without Proper knowledge, one should know that their money can be lost too. Because Of that government and many investors suggest trading when you have proper knowledge and strategies.



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