Top 10 Best Mobile Brands in India in 2024: Check Now!

Top 10 Best Mobile Brands in India in 2024: Check Now!

The digital world has changed the life of communication entirely, from landlines to WhatsApp messages and video calls. Now we don’t have to send letters by post, but we send messages, photos, and videos through various apps. In today’s world, we are dependent on smartphones for entertainment, business communication, and much more. India has a very big market, and every company wants to penetrate here.

At present, the second-largest smartphone market in the world is India. The market is ever-growing because of the availability of the availability of cheap internet data packs. While purchasing your phone, you must be concerned about its features, so in this article, we will be covering the best mobile phone brands available in India.



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Overview Table of Top 10 Mobile Brands in India:

Rank Brand Market Share (approx)
1 Xiaomi 21%
2 Vivo 18%
3 Samsung 14%
4 Realme 13%
5 OPPO 12%
6 Motorola 8%
7 OnePlus 5%
8 Apple 4%
9 HTC 0.1%
10 Infinix 3.1%




Best Mobile Brands in India as per the IDC report (2024)


The demand for a particular product fluctuates depending on its qualities, after-sale service, and many other things. Below, we have made a table indicating the market share of a smartphone in the Indian market as per the report of IDC, which is a research agency.


Rank Brand Market Share (approx)
1 Xiaomi 21%
2 Vivo 18%
3 Samsung 14%
4 Realme 13%
5 OPPO 12%
6 Motorola 8%
7 OnePlus 5%
8 Apple 4%
9 HTC 0.1%
10 Infinix 3.1%





1. Xiaomi


Xiaomi offers budget-friendly smartphones that help this brand earn a spot as the leading smartphone brand in India. Xiaomi used to dominate the Indian market and is one of the top-selling brands. This brand is a spot in our top 10 smartphone brand list.


The main reason behind its best-selling market is the price, which is set according to the purchasing standards of the customers. In the Indian market, customers prefer cheap phones, and Xiaomi is very aware of this. This brand is famous for its high-quality yet cheap devices like smartwatches, laptops, cameras, etc.


Super Macro Shots

Back-Tap Facility

Horizontal or Vertical Recent Apps


Revoke the authorization.

Hypercharging Ability

Price Ranges: Rs 6299–RRs 69999/- (smartphones)

The best-selling Xiaomi smartphones

Xiaomi 13 Pro


Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Xiaomi Redmi 12

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus 5G

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 4G



2. Vivo


Vivo has the second-largest smartphone market in India, with a share of 18%. Vivo is well known for its innovation and sales. This company is based in China, whereas its parent company is BBK Electronics.

This company provides amazing software, a great camera, GPO RAM, and excellent storage at a reasonable price. This ability helped Vivo attract a lot of customers. Innovations like the friend pop-up camera in the display fingerprint sensor made Vivo one of the most popular mobile brands in the Indian market.


Innovations from the brand:

Vivo’s Fingerprint Sensor (the world’s first fingerprint scanner on display) Photochromic Technology

3D Ultrasonic Large Fingerprint Sensor Technology

Pop-up front camera

Price Range: Rs 7000–RRs 85000 (smartphones)


The best-selling Vivo smartphones

Vivo X90 Pro

Vivo X70 Pro Plus

Vivo X90 5G 12GB RAM

vivo V27


vivo T2x

3. Samsung


Samsung has the third-biggest mobile market in India, with a market share of 14%. Samsung offers a 5G brand, giving tough competition to the other brands in the market. Samsung is a South Korean industry that has been in India since adequate and is popular for its trust. Samsung understands the demands of Indian customers and provides mid-range mobile phones with the best facilities.

Samsung provides a high-end processor, good battery life, and an amazing display with a crisp camera at a mid-range price. The most popular mobile phones are the Galaxy M and A series.


Innovations from the brand:

S Pen

Biometric Authentication

Samsung Knox

AMOLED Displays


IP68 Dust and Water Resistance

Foldable smartphones

flippable smartphones

Price Range: Rs 1500–RRs 1,50,000/- (smartphones)


The best-selling Samsung smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S23 5G

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G


Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G


4. Realme


Realme has the fourth-biggest smartphone market in India, with an Indian market share of 13%. Realme God is popular for its affordability in the Indian market and is a subsidiary of Chinese giant BBK Electronics. This brand is becoming a popular brand in the European market as well as in the Asian market. Apart from smartphones, they also provide affordable earphones, bags, smart TVs, electric toothbrushes, etc.



Realme Innovations:

Quick Launch

Smart Sidebar

Smooth Screen Recording


Flexible Windows

Simple Mode

Price Range: Rs 6,699–Rs 42,999/- (smartphones)

The best-selling Realme smartphones

Realme GT 2 Pro 5G 256GB


Realme X50 Pro 5G

realm C53

Realme 11 Pro

Realme 11 Pro Plus



5. Oppo


Oppo is in the sixth spot in the Indian smartphone market with a market share of 12%. Oppo is popular for its camera quality, their AI in hand technology, 3D structure, light technology, and facial recognition.

Oppo mobile phones are equipped with good features.


Oppo Innovations:

Ultra-Steady Video

OPPO Relax

Hybrid Zoom



Digital Wellbeing Controls

Estimated Price Range: Rs 6,999 to Rs 1,34,999/- (smartphones)

The best-selling Oppo smartphones

OPPO Find N2 Flip

OPPO Reno 10x Zoom Edition, 256GB


OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G


OPPO Reno10 5G



OPPO Reno10 Pro+ 5G


OPPO Reno10 5G



6. OnePlus

There was a time when this brand used to give the art of competition to Samsung and Apple, but its market was reduced to 5%. This brand is also owned by a Chinese brand of electronics, just like Oppo and Vivo. Smartphones come with a high-end competitive price that serves high-quality smartphones to their customers.

This brand also comes with fitness trackers, earbuds, a smart TV, etc.

One plus innovation:

Spatial Audio

Special Protection Plans


Dynamic Homeland Always-on Display

Extended Android Updates

Anamorphic Design

Price Range: Rs 20,000–Rs 70,000/- (smartphones)


The best-selling OnePlus smartphones

OnePlus 11 256GB

OnePlus 10 Pro, 256GB

OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus 10T, 256GB


OnePlus 11R


7. Apple

Since the beginning of Apple, they have always ensured high-quality devices, and they have successfully managed to have a market share in India of about 4%. Now I feel they are introducing their stores and manufacturing units to grow their business under the government scheme of Make in India.



Innovations from the brand:

App Library

Mac OS X

Apple Pencil

macOS Big Sur


watchOS 7

Estimated Price Range: Rs 50,000–RRs 1,75,000/- (smartphones)

The best-selling Apple smartphones

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB


Apple iPhone XS Max, 512GB

Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 15


Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB


8. HTC


HTC is a Taiwan-based company that produces desktop PCs, laptops, and cell phones that are popularly known for their cutting-edge features and technical innovation. This brand offers a variety of smartphone models with different features.




The first Android smartphon

The first 4G-capable smartphone

Introduction to the HTC Sense


UI-first smartphone with a metal unibody design

Ultrapixel camera technology

Dual-camera system

Edge Sense technology


Integration of VR with the HTC Vive

Blockchain phone

3D display

interface (HTC Evo 3D)


Best selling phones


HTC Desire

HTC One M7

HTC One M8


HTC One M9

HTC Evo 4G

9. Motorola


Motorola comes and 9th position of our list. This plant majorly focuses on the product of mid range with high quality. Motorola seems to spread his 8 to 9% of market share in Indian market. 




Mobile Phone

Razr series

Modular Phones


Moto modes 

Best selling phones of motorala are

Moto G Series

Motorola Razr 2020

10. Infinix

Infinix is a China based company. This company holds a market share of 3.1% in India. Major focus of infinix is in manufacturing of smartphones and their innovation so that customers can purchase smartphones at a reasonable price. 



Big Battery

Affordable Gaming Phones

Camera Innovation

Design and Display


Software features 


Best selling smartphone of infinix

Infinix hot 9

Infinix hot 10




  1. What is the market share of Xiaomi in India?
    • Xiaomi holds the largest market share in India, approximately 21%.
  2. Which brand has the second-largest market share in India?
    • Vivo is the second-largest mobile brand in India with a market share of 18%.
  3. What is the market share of Samsung in India?
    • Samsung holds approximately 14% of the smartphone market share in India.
  4. Which brand has the fourth-largest market share in India?
    • Realme holds the fourth-largest market share in India, with approximately 13%.
  5. What is the market share of OPPO in India?
    • OPPO holds approximately 12% of the smartphone market share in India.
  6. Which brand has the lowest market share among the top 10 mobile brands in India?
    • HTC has the lowest market share among the top 10 mobile brands in India, with just 0.1%.
  7. What is the price range of smartphones offered by Xiaomi?
    • Xiaomi smartphones range from Rs 6299 to Rs 69999.
  8. What is Vivo’s innovation in fingerprint technology?
    • Vivo introduced the world’s first fingerprint scanner on display.
  9. Which brand offers smartphones with AMOLED Displays and IP68 Dust and Water Resistance?
    • Samsung offers smartphones with AMOLED Displays and IP68 Dust and Water Resistance.
  10. What is the focus of Infinix in smartphone manufacturing?
    • Infinix focuses on offering affordable smartphones with innovative features such as big batteries and affordable gaming options.



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