10 Tips for Viral Instagram Reels: Know Your Audience and Grow Your Reach

Know Your Audience, Grow Your Reach: 10 Tips for Viral Instagram Reels

Social media use is growing among youngsters at this time. Every app company is coming up with new features for their users. Instagram launched the Reels feature, and it became popular quickly. Millions of users worldwide are using Instagram to create and watch reels daily.

People can use them to entertain their followers. They can also show off their skills and promote their companies. It became a free marketing tool. You don’t need to invest anything but your time and creativity. Here are 10 practical tips for creating viral Instagram reels in 2024. You can use them to create content that goes viral on Instagram


1. Know Your Audience

know your audience

You need to know your target audience to create a viral Instagram reel. Every person has a different topic of interest. You cannot entertain all of them. Finding a small section of people with a common interest can help you focus on getting viral among them. To do so, make some time to research and learn about your follower’s interests, passions, qualities, and habits.

Knowing your audience’s interests can help you customise reels according to their likes. It will get you the most interaction and shares. Your reels will stand out in their feed and get more attention. It can only happen when it appeals to their preferences. These may be for humour, education, lifestyle, or something else. 


2. Keep it Short and Sweet

Keep it Short and Sweet

The trend of spending time watching hourly videos no longer exists. Because of this busy online and hectic life, people’s attention time has become increasingly short. They will continue to scroll until they find something that interests, benefits, or entertains them. They make their decision within the first 5 seconds of the video starting. 

Therefore, create videos that are 15-30 seconds long. It will grab their attention and hook them to watch the complete video. These videos encourage them to watch to the end and take action. Ask them to like, comment on, or share the content with their followers. Do this by keeping your message clear and short.

3. Create Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Create Eye-Catching Thumbnails

It would help if you made the most of your Instagram reel’s thumbnail. It’s your audience’s first impression. You can start by choosing an appealing image that delivers the information in your reel. It will immediately attract viewers to click and watch.

Interesting pictures, a unique colour palette, and clear photos may draw users in. It attracts viewers as they scroll through their feeds. It’s important to consider the overall look of your profile to create an appealing Instagram feed. Also, stick to a consistent thumbnail design.


4. Use of Trending Sounds and Effects

To keep your audience engaged with your content, you must keep yourself updated with the latest Instagram trends. Using trending sounds, tunes, and music effects on Instagram will make your reels easy to find and share. 

You can increase interaction and attract traffic to your profile by using trending sounds and effects. Your reels can appear in the Explore tab to reach a larger section of the audience. Keep your eyes on the ‘For You’ tab and check for new updates regularly.


5. Tell a Story 

Never underestimate the power of storytelling. People instantly connect when you start your reel by sharing a story. It acts as a hook to engage the viewers in the first 5 seconds of the reel. It can be a personal story, a behind-the-scenes look at your work, or your struggle in your career. Storytelling adds depth. It connects emotionally with the audience. It will make them like, share, or comment because it resonates with them. 


6. Showcase Your Personality

Create reels that showcase your personality. By doing so, your audience can connect with you better when they know you through your personality. A unique personality will let you stand out in the social media crowd. 

You can share your personal stories, share valuable ideas, or make them laugh by showing some sense of humour. It will give them the feeling of a genuine connection with you. And they will become your loyal followers. 

7. Experiment with Different Formats

To keep your Instagram reels fresh and interesting, try different formats and styles while creating them. There are multiple methods to show your creativity and hook your viewer’s attention. For example, you can include stop-motion animation. You can also add time-lapse films and creative transitions to your reels. 

Keep experimenting by trying new things. Step out of your comfort zone to find what will work for your audience. You can keep your fans hooked. It will keep their excitement level up about what you’ll come up with next if you add variety to your content. 



8. Engage with your Audience

Your Instagram followers are your virtual family. You must treat them with affection. You should not keep increasing followers and then forget about them. Maintain a strong sense of connection and bond with them. It is necessary to keep your content from going viral and build with your followers. 

Engage with them by replying to their comments, and sharing stories of the “Ask Me Anything (AMA)” feature. Ask them for suggestions for your next content topic, and go live once or twice a week to interact with them. 


9. Post Consistently

Stay consistent when you are posting reels. You can make a posting schedule when you will update new content. Your followers eagerly wait for the day to see what you have posted. It will maintain your regular presence on the site. 

You can stay at the top of your fans’ minds. This will increase the chance that more people will notice and share your reels. And Instagram will show your content to a large number of users. Your content can go viral by following these simple techniques. 


10. Promote Your Reels

Reaching users naturally is important. You can also use paid and creative ads to spread news about your Instagram reels. Instagram offers various marketing solutions that you can use to promote your content. It will boost your follower count and attract more attention to your content.

If you want to promote your reels on other websites, you can use affiliate marketing. If you invest your money in marketing and advertising, your content reach will grow. You will have more views on your reels and attract new viewers to follow you.



You can create viral Instagram reels by following these 10 practical tips. Do research on your target audience to learn about their interests. Keep the reel length short with valuable content. Be consistent on your page with your presence. 

Connect with your followers so they can feel a genuine bond with you. Update yourself with the latest trends to make your audience engage with your content. By using these tips, you can grow your followers and increase your chances of creating viral reels.

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