SSC CGL Salary Structure Explained for All Posts: Grade Pay, Perks, Allowances

SSC CGL Salary Structure

For all those candidates who are aspiring to serve in the Government of India SSC CGL is a great opportunity to get attractive jobs and a secured future. As the SSC CGL exam is conducted for numerous post candidates, they are always curious about the salary of those said posts. Today in this article will discuss the SSC CGL salary structure for all the different posts available in 2024. Based on this information you can select your preferences of job and get the most suitable job for your future. It is normal to be curious about the salary package benefits and allowances that one receives along with the job.


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SSC CGL Salary

To understand the salary of all the different posts in SSC CGL candidates must go through the complete article. We have included information such as grade pay,  basic pay scale and perks that are available for different posts in SSC CGL.

Pay Level of Posts Pay Level-8 Pay Level-7 Pay Level-6 Pay Level-5 Pay Level-4
Payscale Rs 47600 to 151100 Rs 44900 to 142400 Rs 35400 to 112400 Rs 29200 to 92300 Rs 25500 to 81100
Grade Pay 4800 4600 4200 2800 2400
Basic pay Rs 47600 Rs 44900 Rs 35400 Rs 29200 Rs 25500
HRA (depending on

the city)

X Cities (24%) 11,424 10,776 8,496 7,008 6,120
Y Cities (16%) 7,616 7,184 5,664 4,672 4,080
Z Cities (8%) 3,808 3,592 2,832 2,336 2,040
DA (Current- 17%) 8,092 7,633 6,018 4,964 4,335
Travel Allowance Cities- 3600, Other Places- 1800
Gross Salary

Range (Approx)

X Cities 70,716 66,909 53,514 44,772 39,555
Y Cities 66,908 63,317 50,682 42,436 37,515
Z Cities 63,100 57,925 46,050 38,300 33,675


SSC CGL Salary Detail- Posts and Basic Pay

SSC CGL Salary Pay Level-8 (Rs 47600 to 151100)
S.No SSC CGL Posts Ministry Group Grade Pay
1 Assistant Audit Officer Indian Audit & Accounts

Department under C&AG

Group “B”

Gazetted (None


2 Assistant AccountsOfficer Indian Audit &Accounts

Department underC&AG

Group “B”

Gazetted (None




SSC CGL Salary Pay Level-7 (Rs 44900 to 142400)
S.No Name Of Post Ministry Group Grade Pay
3 Assistant Section Officer Central Secretariat Service Group “B” 4600
4 Assistant Section Officer Intelligence Bureau Group “B” 4600
5 Assistant Section Officer Ministry of Railway Group “B” 4600
6 Assistant Section Officer Ministry of External Affairs Group “B” 4600
7 Assistant Section Officer AFHQ Group “B” 4600
8 Assistant Other Ministries/Departments/Organizations Group “B” 4600
9 Assistant Other Ministries/Departments/Organizations Group “B” 4600
10 Assistant Section Officer Other Ministries/Departments/Organizations Group “B” 4600
11 Inspector of Income Tax CBDT Group “C” 4600
12 Inspector (Central Excise) CBIC Group “B” 4600
13 Inspector(Preventive Officer)
14 Inspector(Examiner)
15 Assistant Enforcement Officer Directorate of Enforcement,

Department of Revenue

Group “B” 4600
16 Sub Inspector Central Bureau of Investigation Group “B” 4600
17 Inspector Posts Department of Post Group “B” 4600
18 Inspector Central Bureau of Narcotics Group “B” 4600


SSC CGL Pay Level 6 (Rs 35400 to 112400)
S.No. Name Of Post Ministry Group Grade Pay
19 Assistant Other Ministries/Departments/Organizations Group “B” 4200
20 Assistant/Superintendent Other Ministries/Departments/Organizations Group “B” 4200
21 Divisional Accountant Offices under C&AG Group “B” 4200
22 Sub Inspector National Investigation Agency (NIA) Group “B” 4200
23 Junior Statistical Officer M/o Statistics & Program Implementation. Group “B” 4200
24 Statistical Investigator Grade-II Registrar General of India Group “B” 4200


SSC CGL Pay Level-5 (Rs 29200 to 92300)
S.No. Name Of Post Ministry Group Grade Pay
25 Auditor Offices under C&AG Group “C” 2800
26 Auditor Other Ministry/Departments Group “C” 2800
27 Auditor Offices under CGDA Group “C” 2800
28 Accountant Offices under C&AG Group “C” 2800
29 Accountant/

Junior Accountant

Other Ministry/Departments Group “C” 2800


SSC CGL Post Pay Level-4 (Rs 25500 to 81100)
S.No. Name Of Post Ministry Group Grade Pay
30 Senior Secretariat Assistant/

Upper Division Clerks

Central Govt. Offices/

Ministries are other than CSCS cadres.

Group “C” 2400
31 Tax Assistant CBDT Group “C” 2400
32 Tax Assistant CBIC Group “C” 2400
33 Sub-Inspector Central Bureau of Narcotics Group “C” 2400
34 Upper Division Clerks Date. Gen Border Road Organization (MoD) Group “C” 2400


SSC CGL Salary Structure

Now as you have landed all the information about the salary of different posts let us understand how the complete salary is made. Latest resume a person who is posted in Delhi which is the class X city and has a grade pay of 4600. The basic pay of that person will be 44900 per month. From this he or she is eligible for house rent allowances if he or she is not using the government provided accommodation. The HRA is 24% of the basic pay. Now the person is also entitled to INR 3600 as  travel allowance.


Now let us Calculate the Amount Provided as Gross Pay –

The total remuneration that you are  entitled to receive before deductions is called gross pay. Once your gross pay has been arrived there are various deductions that are being cut from your salary before you receive it in your account.


Deductions:  like every government job there is also deduction in the SSC CGL posts. The major chunk of the salary goes to National pension scheme and the employee provident fund apart from that there is also TDS and education shares which are being deducted from the gross pay every month.


Distribution of Allowances:


House Rent Allowance

As decided by the 7th pay commission the HRA depends on the classification of cities as proposed by the government. Cities in India A are divided into 3 groups X, Y and Z. The big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai ,Kolkata ,Chennai Bangalore ,Hyderabad and Pune are included in group X. People posted in any one of these cities receive the highest amount of HRA which is 24%. This is because of the high cost of living in the cities.  For people serving in group Y cities the HRA is set at 16% and for Z HRA is set at 8%.


Travelling Allowance:

The candidates serving in the SSC CGL posts are also entitled to receive a monthly travelling allowance. For the candidates who are serving in the group X cities will be provided with INR 3600 as transport allowance. While the remaining to groups are given rupees 1800 as travelling allowance


Medical Allowance:

All Government employees receive an insurance which reimburse any medical expenses incurred by them on themselves or their family.


Special Security Allowance:

Candidates working in the sensitive departments such as CBI IB or any other security agencies are entitled to receive special security allowance which is 20% of their basic pay



All Government employees are entitled to pension after their retirement. This pension is the result of their contribution to the NPS for all those years of service .


So this was all about the salary , perks and allowances of different posts in SSC CGL. Apart from the monetary benefits these government employees are also receive huge respect in the society too.

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