Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, North Sound, Antigua: : Overview, Record Stats, Iconic Moments and More!

Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, North Sound, Antigua: : Overview, Record Stats, Iconic Moments and More!

The Sir Vivian Richards Stadium is located in the North Sound, Antigua. It is named after the legendary West Indies cricketer Sir Vivian Richards. It is a modern cricketing venue that has become a significant fixture in the Caribbean cricketing landscape since its inauguration. It was built in 2007 for the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup but now hosts several international and national matches.

  • Established: Opened Feb 10, 2007
  • Named After: Sir Vivian Richards
  • Capacity: 10,000
  • End Names: Andy Roberts End, Curtly Ambrose End
  • Flood Lights: Four towers
  • Pitch: Grass
  • Owner and Operator: West Indies Cricket Board


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Sir Vivian Richards Stadium Ground Overview

Sir Vivian Richards Stadium is a new venue for cricket. Hence, it is featured with top-tier facilities that meet international standards. It is one of the favourite cricket venues for national and international players and teams.

  • Location: Sir Vivian Richards Stadium is located only 10-20 minutes away from the capital city, St. John’s, and the country’s international airport, which makes it easy to access by local and international players and teams. The cricket venue cost US$60 million to build. 
  • Pitch and Outfield: The pitch of Sir Vivian Richards Stadium offers a fair balance between bat and ball. But it is favourable for the batsmen, especially in the limited-overs format. Where it also provides assistance to spinners as the game progresses. If we talk about the outfield, it is well-maintained and typically fast, which helps players for quick runs and exciting fielding performance.
  • Infrastructure & Facilities: Sir Vivian Richards Stadium has two main stands: the Northern Stand and the five-story South Stand. But in 2008, the South Stand was damaged by the heavy winds. In addition, the stadium has modern dressing rooms, practice facilities, media centres, and hospitality suites. They also have advanced floodlighting which makes it easy to organise day as well as night matches. Its practice pitch is most likely by several players.
  • Seating Capacity: Sir Vivian Richards Stadium has approximately 10,000 people seating capacity, with temporary seating, they can double the seating. During the 2007 World Cup, they doubled up the seating space for the huge cricket fans.



Sir Vivian Richards Stadium Record Stats

Sir Vivian Richards Stadium is the premier cricket venue and hosts several matches of all formats. They organised many TEST, ODI, World Cup, etc matches. Here is the record stats of all the format matches-


  • Total Matches: 12
  • Matches won batting first: 2
  • Matches won bowling first: 4
  • Average 1st innings Score: 272
  • Average 2nd innings Score: 319
  • Average 3rd innings Score: 277
  • Average 4th innings Score: 166
  • Highest total recorded: 566/8 (161.5 Ovs) By IND vs WI
  • Lowest total recorded: 43/10 (18.4 Ovs) By BAN vs WI
  • Highest score chased: 102/1 (19.3 Ovs) By WI vs NZ
  • Lowest score defended: 100/10 (26.5 Ovs) By WI vs IND


  • Total Matches: 37
  • Matches won batting first: 17
  • Matches won bowling first: 19
  • Average 1st innings Score: 229
  • Average 2nd innings Score: 199
  • Highest total recorded: 326/6 (48.5 Ovs) By WI vs ENG
  • Lowest total recorded: 105/10 (37.3 Ovs) By WIW vs ENGW
  • Highest score chased: 326/6 (48.5 Ovs) By WI vs ENG
  • Lowest score defended: 168/7 (35 Ovs) By WIW vs NZW


  • Total Matches: 29
  • Matches won batting first: 14
  • Matches won bowling first: 13
  • Average 1st innings Score: 123
  • Average 2nd innings Score: 105
  • Highest total recorded: 190/5 (20 Ovs) By CAN vs BHM
  • Lowest total recorded: 68/10 (15.2 Ovs) By BHM vs CAN
  • Highest score chased: 149/8 (20 Ovs) By BER vs USA
  • Lowest score defended: 95/5 (20 OVs) By INDW vs WIW


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Sir Vivian Richards Stadium Iconic Moments

Sir Vivian Richards Stadium witnessed many unforgettable moments in cricket history. Here are some of the iconic moments that happened at this cricket venue-

  • Inaugural Match2007 ICC Cricket World Cup:  Australia and Scotland played in the stadium’s inaugural group stage match. This was the stadium’s first official cricket match. In this match, Australia won and established a precedent for the venue’s continued hosting of international cricket matches.
  • England’s record-breaker ODI total: England recorded a record-breaking ODI Against the West Indies. He scored a total of 418/6 on February 27, 2019, and won the match. The key highlight of the match is Jos Buttler’s incredible 150 off 77 balls, which included 12 sixes which is still a noteworthy moment
  • Afghanistan’s First ODI Series Win Against a Full Member: In June 2017, Afghanistan won their first-ever ODI series against a Full Member team, the West Indies. It is a remarkable historic moment at this cricket stadium. This series victory increases the Afghanistan cricket and also a noteworthy accomplishment on the international stage.
  • Sir Vivian Richards’ Presence and Influence: The stadium is named after Sir Vivian Richards’ name, who used to attend matches there. His presence in the matches has an extra level of prestige to the match as well as historical significance to the events which were held there. He has participated in presentations and ceremonial events on several occasions and connected the legacy of West Indies cricket with the new generation of players and fans.
  • Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Matches: The stadium is an important venue for the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), hosting several exciting T20 matches. These matches have had exciting endings, and standout performances, and have helped to make the T20 format more well-known in the Caribbean.


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