Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium, Dallas: Overview, History, Upcoming Matches | Texas Cricket Venue

Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium, Dallas: Overview, History, Upcoming Matches | Texas Cricket Venue

Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium is a cricket stadium in the United States. It is located in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas. Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium helps to promote and support cricket as a sport in North America. It is developed by Major League Cricket(MLC). Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium was established in 2007 and opened in 2006, on 16 May. It is designed to meet international standards and is suitable to host national and international matches.

  • Another Name: QuikTrip Park, The Ballpark in Grand Prairie
  • Capacity: 7000
  • Flood Lights: Yes
  • Pitch: Turf


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Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium Ground Overview

Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium is a wonderful stadium in Texas. Let’s check out its ground characteristics-

  • Location: The Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium is situated in Grand Prairie, a city in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. It is situated at the perfect location which gives excellent connectivity. It is easy to access by the locals as well as international visitors.
  • Seating Capacity: Currently, Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium has approximately 7,200 spectators seating capacity. There is an expansion plan for a future capacity of up to 15,000 spectators. These facilities allow the stadium to host huge matches as well as high-stakes events.
  • Facilities: Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium is a modern stadium with all international standards. It has modern dressing rooms, practice nets, media centres, and hospitality suites. Moreover, it also has advanced floodlighting which is used for day and night matches.
  • Pitch and Outfield: The pitch of Grand Prairie Stadium is batsmen-friendly, adhering to international cricket standards. The outfield is lush and well-maintained which helps players to achieve their best score.



Grand Prairie Cricket Iconic Moment

Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium is a new venue as compared to more established cricket grounds. There are few matches held in it. Even in its short history, Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium has already witnessed some memorable moments that we listed below

  • Inaugural Match: The Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium’s inaugural match marked the establishment of a major cricket venue in the United States and was a historic occasion. The opening match featured high-quality cricket and set the tone for the stadium’s future.
  • Major League Cricket Launch: The Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium Major League Cricket (MLC) debut was a historic occasion. With the attendance of international stars and increased awareness of the sport, this event ushered in a new era for cricket in the United States.
  • International Fixtures: Teams from the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and other international T20 leagues have played in international matches held at the venue. These matches have attracted significant crowds and showcased the stadium’s ability to host top-tier cricket.
  • Youth and Community Engagement: Grand Prairie Cricket Stadium has served as a focal point for cricket-related events aimed at promoting youth and community involvement. The stadium is essential in producing the next wave of American cricket players, hosting youth competitions and coaching workshops.
  • High-prominence Visits:  stadium has welcomed visits from cricketing legends and dignitaries, to boost its profile. These trips frequently align with matches or other special occasions, highlighting the location and local sports.


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History of Grand Prairie Stadium

The Grand Prairie Stadium is designed for other ports and transformed into a cricket stadium. The transformation was driven by the increasing demand for a dedicated cricket facility capable of hosting international matches and significant domestic leagues

Grand Prairie Stadium opened in May 2008 as the home stadium of the Texas AirHogs of the American Association of Professional Baseball from 2008 through 2019 and of the USL League Two soccer team Texas United from 2017 to 2019.

In October 2020, when Airhogs folded, American Cricket Enterprises commercial partner of USA Cricket leased the property and redeveloped it as a cricket ground. It cost around $20 million for the development program. Major League Cricket (MLC) spearheaded this development, aiming to provide a world-class venue for cricket in the U.S.


Before it was converted into a cricket stadium, it was a venue for hosting minor league baseball games. To support the cricket in the region, MLC renovated it and support cricket in the region. The renovation project aimed to create a venue that could host not only domestic cricket matches but also attract international teams and tournaments Henc. The renovation program is based on meeting international standards. Therefore, the renovated stadium included modern dressing rooms, practice nets, media facilities, and advanced floodlighting systems for day-night matches. This renovation and enhancement program makes it a premier cricket venue.

Grand Prairie Stadium officially opened as a cricket venue in 2023. This is a significant milestone for cricket in the United States. The inaugural match is a very important event which gathers cricket fans from across the country and features high-profile players and teams.  This inaugural match and subsequent games are live showcases that the stadium is capable of hosting large crowds as well as able to give an excellent viewing experience to the fans.

Since its opening, Grand Prairie Stadium has hosted several cricket events like Major League Cricket matches and international fixtures. Within some time, the venue quickly became a hub for cricket activity in the United States. Grand Prairie Stadium was the launch of Major League Cricket (MLC) in 2023. In addition, the stadium also hosted international fixtures, including matches involving teams from the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and other global T20 leagues.




Upcoming matches in the Grand Prairie Stadium

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 Matches

  • USA Vs CAN, 1st Match, Group A
  • NED Vs NEP, 7th Match, Group D
  • USA Vs PAK, 11th Match, Group A
  • SL Vs BAN, 15th Match, Group D

Major League Cricket 2024 Matches Scheduled At This Venue

  • TSK Vs LAKR, 2nd Match
  • SFU Vs LAKR, 4th Match
  • LAKR Vs SOR, 6th Match
  • SOR Vs WAF, 8th Match
  • TSK Vs MINY, 12th Match
  • MINY Vs WAF, 14th Match
  • MINY Vs SFU, 16th Match
  • TSK Vs WAF, 17th Match
  • SFU Vs SOR, 18th Match
  • LAKR Vs MINY, 19th Match
  • SFU Vs WAF, 20th Match
  • TSK Vs SOR, 21st Match
  • TBC Vs TBC, Eliminator (3 v 4)
  • TBC Vs TBC, Qualifier (1 v 2)
  • TBC Vs TBC, Challenger
  • TBC Vs TBC, Final

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