Heat Wave: Punjab announces early Summer Holidays from May 21 due to severe Heatwave

Heat Wave: Punjab announces early Summer Holidays from May 21 due to severe Heatwave

The nation is facing severe heatwaves mostly in northern India temperatures reaching 47°C. Temperature is roaring, nearly half of the boiling point making people feel cooked. The Heatwave is affecting work and school timings in most of the northern indian states. Amid this Punjab government declared early school holidays from 21st May 2024. 


Severe Heat Wave Sweeps Through North India: Schools Adjust Timings

North India is currently experiencing a severe heat wave, with temperatures soaring to extreme levels. In the national capital, Delhi, the mercury has reached a blistering 47°C, making daily life challenging for residents. Other parts of North India, including Rajasthan, Punjab, and Haryana, are also grappling with scorching heat. In response, state governments are taking urgent measures to ensure the safety and well-being of their citizens.



Education Departments Take Action

On Saturday, the Punjab government announced a change in school timings to cope with the heat wave. All government, private, and recognized schools were to remain open from 7 am to 12 noon however due to heatwave conditions the government announced early summer holidays from May 21 to June 30. Additionally, early summer holidays have been declared to protect children from the extreme temperatures. The decision does not follow the release of the Punjab School Holiday Calendar 2024, which was issued in December and provides a detailed list of holidays and vacations for the year.

Similarly, the Haryana government also announced measures to tackle the heat wave. Specific districts in Haryana are experiencing exceptionally high temperatures, prompting the state to take similar steps to safeguard students and staff.



Heat Wave Intensifies Across Punjab

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has been issuing warnings due to the unusual weather patterns. AK Singh, the director of IMD Chandigarh, expressed concern over the severity of the situation. “This is a very unusual weather pattern. We never had to issue continuously five-to-seven-day red alert warnings in Punjab over the past few years,” he stated. Particularly affected are the districts of West Malwa, including Fazilka, Muktsar, and Bathinda, where the heat wave is expected to persist for the next few days.

On Sunday, Bathinda recorded the highest temperature in the region, with the mercury hitting 46.4°C. Other parts of Punjab are also suffering from extreme heat. Amritsar recorded a maximum temperature of 43.9°C, Faridkot hit 44°C, Patiala reached 45°C, and Ludhiana recorded 44.2°C. The relentless heat has prompted authorities to urge residents to take precautions and stay hydrated.


Government Measures and Public Precautions

To mitigate the impact of the heat wave, Education Secretary Kamal Kishore Yadav has emphasized that teaching and non-teaching staff will continue to perform their duties, including those related to upcoming elections, during the vacation period. This ensures that essential services and responsibilities are maintained despite the challenging weather conditions.


The severe heat wave has led to an increase in health advisories from the government. Residents are encouraged to stay indoors during peak hours, drink plenty of water, and avoid strenuous activities. These precautions are vital to prevent heat-related illnesses, which can be serious and even life-threatening.


IMD’s Continuous Monitoring and Future Outlook

The IMD is closely monitoring the situation and providing regular updates. The department’s warnings have been crucial in helping state governments and residents prepare for the ongoing heat wave. As the situation evolves, the IMD will continue to issue necessary advisories and support measures to help North India navigate this extreme weather.

In conclusion, the severe heat wave sweeping through North India is causing significant disruptions and concerns. State governments are taking proactive steps to adjust school timings and declare early summer holidays. Meanwhile, the IMD’s continuous monitoring and warnings are helping residents stay informed and take necessary precautions. As temperatures remain high, it is essential for everyone to stay vigilant, hydrated, and safe.


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