Passport Seva: How to Apply for Passport Seva in 2024 l Complete Procedure

passport seva

Passport Seva is a great initiative introduced by the Indian government. It offers a lot of measures and services to improve the management of passports. It makes the procedure of services and passport issuance convenient and quick. For Indian citizens, it prioritizes offering clear, simple, efficient, and user-friendly services for applying passports. 

With the help of Passport Seva people can easily apply for their passport in no time. And another thing is you don’t have to go to passport offices you can do it by sitting at your home, office, etc.


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Services of Passport Seva:-

1. Passport Seva Kendra

Passport Seva Kendra are the centers established and located throughout India. It helps in providing passport-related services to citizens of India.

People can go to centers and apply for a passport, renew an old passport, or get additional passport services.


2. Online Portal

If so, you can apply online without having to visit the office, however you are required to show up in person to pick up your passport.

A copy of the family register (certification of all matters) must be sent by mail or delivered in person for those who need to validate it via an electronic application. Applying online could take longer than applying in person, depending on the specifics of the passport-issuing application process.

With the help of the portal, users can fill out their passport application forms, set appointments at PSK, track and manage the status of their application, and can also get info regarding passport rules, laws, and regulations.



What are the advantages of renewing a passport online?

The number of times you visit the counter is arguably the largest advantage. You had to visit a passport center counter multiple times in total—once to apply and another time to pick up your passport—when applying via a paper application form. On the other hand, if you apply digitally for a passport renewal, you will only need to visit the counter once to obtain your passport. It will be advantageous. If you can apply online, it would be easier as you might have to wait in long lines at the counter at times of high demand.



Should this be your first application?

Since passports are provided according to family registration, you have to apply for one within six months if this is your first time applying, if your current passport is no longer valid, or if your legal name or main residence address has changed as a result of marriage, among other circumstances. Your family register must be submitted in a certified copy.

If you register on paper, you will still need to present a certified copy of your family register at an office in many regions. However, if you apply online, in some areas, you are going to get a certified copy of your family register via regular registered mail.

It’s also important to remember that, except for some districts, you will not be able to apply online if your name changes on a family register or the permanent address. Since family registration is the basis for passport issuance, if this is your first application, your prior passport has expired before, your permanent address or name has changed as a result of marriage, etc.



Help with Forms

The seva helps people and users in filling the information and forms correctly asked by the government under rules and regulations. The form consists of details like address, name, and additional personal data that are important for the passport.

Users must fill in their details correctly and properly in order to get their passports easily and quickly without any difficulties. If one info is wrong then your passport application will be canceled or dismissed.

Document Verification

Once applicants submit their forms online or offline, Passport Seva examines your documents and details to ensure all the info is proper and correct. They cross-check documents such as ID, birth certificate, address proof, etc.

Mobile Application

Passport Seva also offers a mobile/smartphone application to its users and applicants. The application is referred to as  ‘mPassport Seva App.’ The application allows numerous services and features to users related to passports. So that an individual can perform all these tasks easily from his/her smartphone while sitting at home. This app makes the procedure very easy, quick, and convenient for users even if you are a beginner or applying for the first time.

It assists people in tracking their passport application status and to manage appointments.

Customer Support

If you are a beginner and have any doubts or difficulties while applying for a passport, the application has a customer support system to help its users and clients. Applicants can always call them regarding their queries and visit the office for assistance.



How to Apply for Passport Seva in 2024

Below are the steps regarding how to Apply in 2024 for passport seva:

  • Users can visit the official website of Passport Seva and create or sign up an account for themselves. Now, fill out the given application form with proper and correct details/information.
  • Second, applicants can pick a Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) near them, and with the help of a portal, they can schedule appointments.
  • Individuals must gather and collect their personal documents for verification. You must collect important and needed documents like identity proof, birth proof/birth certificate, and address proof. And make sure you meet the criteria and specifications needed for documents.
  • Users have to pay the fee amount asked by Passport Seva. You can pay it online or at the office’s counter at PSK. The amount of fees depends on the kind of passport and services a user is requested or in need.
  • Using the application an applicant can also track the status of their passport application.



Role of Passport Seva

The role of Passport Seva is very important and beneficial for users and applicants who are interested in passport services. It offers a lot of benefits for Indian people, below are some of them:

  • Passport Seva makes the procedure and application process easy and efficient for users to apply. It has established special and trustworthy centers where people can visit for passport-related services. 
  • The passport centers will assist in filling out the form right and in a proper way and ensure that users have the correct documents.
  • Also, the important one, if a user has damaged or lost their passport, Passport Seva assists you in getting a new one.



Procedure for Passport Seva

The procedure for passport seva consists of a few steps to make sure people get their passports easily and smoothly. The steps are very easy and quick to follow even a beginner can perform them efficiently. Below is a simple outline of the passport procedure:

  • Online Registration
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Document Verification
  • Fee Payment
  • Visit PSK (Passport Seva Kendra)
  • Application Status Tracking
  • Application Processing



Important Points to Remember for Passport Seva

  • It is compulsory to make online registration.
  • You must submit correct information and proper documents, which are latest and valid.
  • Look out for the nearest Passport Seva Kendra and schedule an appointment.
  • Carry your original documents.
  • Pay your fees online according to your requirements or at the PSK counter.
  • Keep and write down your application reference number safely.
  • Respond immediately or on time to any queries and communication from Passport Seva.

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