Panchayat Season 3 Review: Humor, Emotions, and Rural Politics Shine in Latest Installment

Panchayat Season 3 Review: Humor, Emotions, and Rural Politics Shine in Latest Installment

The much-anticipated third season of “Panchayat” has finally arrived, bringing with it a delightful blend of humor, emotion, and political intrigue. This installment takes a deep dive into the politics of rural India, capturing the essence of grassroots bureaucracy with an exceptional cast, including Jitendra Kumar, Neena Gupta, and Raghubir Yadav. While the series impresses on many fronts, it leaves a few loose ends that may leave the audience wanting more.


Panchayat Season 3: Heartfelt Rural Drama Returns with Compelling Characters and Authentic Storytelling


Panchayat 3: A Sinusoidal Wave of Emotions

Political Intrigue and Rural Bureaucracy

The third season of “Panchayat” opens up a new chapter, delving into the intricate politics and bureaucracy at the village level. The series portrays the transfer of Sachiv Ji, setting the stage for a story rich in themes of grief, community support, and unity. The narrative quickly immerses the audience back into the life of Phulera, filled with twists and turns that keep viewers engaged.

Key Themes Explored

  1. Grief and Healing: The season thoughtfully explores the process of handling grief, particularly through the character of Prahlad, who struggles with the loss of his son.
  2. Community and Unity: The importance of communal support and unity is a recurring theme, highlighting the collective spirit of the villagers.
  3. Political Rivalry: The political dynamics at the village level add depth and tension to the storyline, reflecting real-life issues of corruption and power struggles.



Outstanding Supporting Cast

Shifting the Spotlight

One of the standout elements of “Panchayat 3” is the director’s fresh approach of highlighting the supporting cast. This shift allows the supporting characters to drive the story forward, providing a more rounded narrative.

Noteworthy Performances

  • Durgesh Kumar as Bhushan Sharma: Durgesh’s character emerges as a strong force, posing a significant threat to the lead characters and showcasing his true potential.
  • Sunita Rajwar, Pankaj Jha, Ashok Pathak, and Bulloo Kumar: These actors, playing Kranti Devi, MLA Chandrakishore Singh, Vinod, and Madhav, respectively, shine in their roles, adding depth and diversity to the storyline.
  • Aasif Sheikh as Ganesh: The return of Ganesh is a nostalgic and pivotal moment in the plot, delighting fans of the series.

Music and Atmosphere


The musical score by Anurag Saikia enhances the series’ emotional and narrative impact. From the lively title track to the subtle background score, the music perfectly complements the show’s various moods, making the life of Phulera more vibrant and immersive.



Lead Cast Dynamics

Dependable Yet Underutilized


The lead cast, including Jitendra Kumar as Abhishek Tripathi, Raghubir Yadav as Brij Bhushan Dubey, Neena Gupta as Manju Devi, Chandan Roy as Vikas, and Sanvikaa as Rinki, continue to deliver endearing performances. However, their roles are somewhat underutilized this season, taking a backseat to allow the supporting cast to shine.

Character Arcs and Development

  • Jitendra Kumar as Abhishek Tripathi: Brings a calm and steady presence to the series.
  • Sanvikaa as Rinki: Adds an innocent love angle that is both sweet and engaging.
  • Neena Gupta as Manju Devi: Hints at a potential rise in political influence, which could be an exciting plot point for future seasons.


Narrative Strengths and Weaknesses

Engaging but Stretched


The writing of “Panchayat 3” is engaging, though it shows signs of fatigue in parts. Some subplots feel stretched, and there are moments where the narrative seems disjointed. Certain story elements, such as the introduction of the MLA’s daughter and the character joining a strike, are left underexplored, creating loose ends.

High Stakes and Future Potential

The stakes are high in this season, and while the conclusion may not be as impactful as anticipated, it sets the stage for potential developments in future installments. A high point just before the climax could have served as a better cliffhanger, but overall, the season delivers on entertainment and emotional engagement.





“Panchayat 3” may have its slow moments, but it is rich in entertainment, emotions, and surprises. The supporting cast’s performances elevate the series, making it a worthwhile watch. A quick recap of the previous seasons is recommended for viewers to fully appreciate the references and continuity of the story.





When was Panchayat 3 released?

“Panchayat 3” was released on May 28, 2024.


What is the main theme of Panchayat 3?


The main theme revolves around political rivalry, community unity, and handling grief at the grassroots level in rural India.


Who are the standout performers in Panchayat 3?

Standout performers include Durgesh Kumar, Sunita Rajwar, Pankaj Jha, Ashok Pathak, Bulloo Kumar, and Aasif Sheikh.



What are some key plot points in Panchayat 3?

Key plot points include the transfer of Sachiv Ji, Prahlad’s journey through grief, and the political dynamics in Phulera.



Is there a hint of future seasons for Panchayat?

Yes, there are hints of future seasons, with ongoing work on “Panchayat 4” and plans for a fifth season as mentioned by the director, Deepak Kumar Mishra.


How does the music contribute to Panchayat 3?


The music by Anurag Saikia enhances the emotional and narrative impact, with tracks that reflect the storyline’s mood and atmosphere.

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