North West Delhi Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result

North West Delhi constituency

North West Delhi


Northwest Delhi is the biggest Lok Sabha constituency in Delhi. Narela, Badli, Rithala, Bawana, Mundka, Nangloi, Jat Mangolpuri, Sultanpuri, etc are the regions of North West Delhi. It has a population of 3,656,539 people. Lok Sabha constituency of the north wast Delhi is one of the seven parliament constituencies in Delhi. 


In 2019, BJP won all seven Lok Sabha constituencies in the Delhi region. 


The main parties that will fight against each other for the Lok Sabha seat are Bhartiya Janta Party and the INDIA bloc parties, AAP, and Congress parties that have allied to defeat BJP. 



2019 elections:

During 2019 elections, BJP candidate Hans Raj won by a margin of 5,53,897 votes by defeating Gugan Singh of AAP. Hans Raj got 8,48,663 votes in total while Gugan Singh got 2,94,766 votes in total. Here the voter turnout was 58.96%. 

However, due to some unfavorable circumstances, Hans Raj was replaced by Yogendra Chandolia who was one of the oldest party members. 


Candidates Party Votes
Hans Raj BJP 8,48,663
Gugan Singh AAP 2,94,766


Important candidates:


For 2024 elections Udit Raj,former Member of Parliament (MP) from North West Delhi is now contesting for Congress. He is representing the Congress party in the elections of the North West Delhi constituency. He earlier represented the region as Bhartiya Janta party member from 2014 to 2019.



Candidate who will be represent the Bhartiya Janta party in elections for the North West Delhi constituency will be Yogendra Chandolia who has previously won the seat in 2019 elections. He recently held a road show in this region, where people actively supported him. He also promised to bring development to the North West Delhi region and will always be present to his people. 


Other candidates: 


Other candidates will be participating in the election for the North West Delhi constituency. They will represent their parties and will fight against BJP, INC, and AAP. 


Sr. No Candidates Party
1 Aditi IND
2 Advocate Satish Chandra Ambedkarite Party of India
3 Pooja (Bhagtani) Bharatiya Jan Jagriti Party
4 Shyam Bharteey Gareeb Aadmi Party
5 Suresh Kumar Peoples Party of India (Democratic)
6 Vijay Bauddh BSP


Who will win the election in 2024 for the Lok Sabha seat of the North West Delhi constituency will be declared on 4th June, Tuesday. 



2024 results: 

Today results for the North West Delhi region were announced. _____ of _____ party won the elections defeating____ of ____ party by a margin of _____ votes. The total number of votes received by the winning party was ____ and the runner-up was _____. Thus, _____ will become the Member of Parliament (MP) for the North West Delhi constituency. 


Candidates Party Votes
Yogendra Chandolia BJP
Udit Raj Congress
Other Other



Thus, ____ has won the elections by _____ number of votes. Soon he will take the oath ceremony and will start his work and establish his government. We hope that this article was helpful to you and we hope that you have understood the situation in a better way.

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