NDA Salary 2024: Structure, Stipend, Perks & Allowances

NDA Salary 2024: Structure, Stipend, Perks & Allowances

NDA  Salary is as attractive as its job. NDA is the stepping stone towards a glorious Career in the armed forces. The National Defence Academy provides a four year course to all the candidates who aspire to be in the defence services after 10+2. It includes 3 years training at NDA and 1 year training at IMA. The gentleman cadets do not receive any salary or stipend in the first three years, however once they enter into the IMA they receive a monthly stipend of INR 56,100. Once they complete their training they are commissioned as officers and after that they are entitled to receive a huge salary plus various other allowances such as dearness allowances, uniform allowances, transport allowances etc. The maximum NDA salary without allowances that an officer can receive is 2.5 Lakhs per month when he or she reaches the ranks of COAS. Today in this article we’ll have a complete discussion about the salary structure of NDA 2024.



NDA Salary Structure 2024

Below is the salary structure of the NDA 2024. We have included all the information such as Basic pay, grade pay, different allowances, deductions, gross salary and net salary.

NDA Salary Structure 2024
Basic Pay Rs 56,100-Rs 1,77,500
Dearness Allowances 17%
MSP Rs 15,500
House Rent Allowances 8% to 24% of basic pay
Transport Allowances Rs 3600 to Rs 7200 based on job location and rank.

NDA Training Period Salary 2024

All the selected candidates have to undergo a compulsory three year training at the National Defence Academy where the candidates have to complete their graduation and the basic training. Once they complete their three years of training they are transferred to their respective academies i.e. Army, Navy and Air Force.  And during this period they’ll start to receive their monthly stipend. All the Commissioned officer receive Level 10 salary and from there on the level increase with promotion.

Fixed Stipend Stipend Amount Pay Level
Stipend to male/female Cadets during the entire duration of training at IMA Rs 56,100/-p.m Level 10

NDA Salary After 7th Pay Commission

Below we have shared the rank wise NDA salary as prescribed by the 7th pay commission.

NDA Salary After 7th Pay Commission
NDA Posts NDA Pay Scale NDA Pay Level
Stipend during training at IMA Rs 56,100 Level 10
Lieutenant Rs 56,100 -1,77,500 Level 10
Captain Rs 61,300- 1,93,900 Level 10 B
Major Rs 69,400-2,07,200 Level 11
Lieutenant Colonel Rs 1,21,200-2,12,400 Level 12A
Colonel Rs 1,30,600-2,15,900 Level 13
Brigadier Rs 1,39,600-2,17,600 Level 13A
Major General Rs 1,44,200-2,18,200 Level 14
LT General HAG Scale Rs 1,82,200-2,24,100 Level 15
HAG + Scale Rs 2,05,400-2,24,400 Level 16
VCOAS/Army CDr/Lt Gen (NFSG) Rs 2,25,000 (fixed) Level 17
COAS Rs 2,50,000 (fixed) Level 18

NDA Military Service Pay Scale

Another attractive addition to the NDA salary is the Military service Pay. All the serving officers are entitled to receive MSP from the ranks of Lieutenant till Brigadier.

NDA Military Service Pay Scale
Military Service Pay(MSP) to the officers from the rank of Lieutenant to Brigadier Rs 15,500 p.m. fixed

NDA Salary 2024 Perks and Allowances

All the Commissioned officers are entitled to receive various perks and allowances apart from their regular salary. Below we have mentioned all the perks and allowances that you can receive in addition to your UPSC NDA salary.

NDA Allowances
Dearness Allowances Admissible at the same rates and under the same conditions as are applicable civilian personnel from time to time
Para Allce Rs 10,500/- pm
Para Reserve Allce Rs 2,625/- pm
Para Jump Instructor Rs 10,500/- pm
Project Allce Rs 3,400/- pm
Special Forces Allce Rs 25,000/- pm
Technical Allce (Tier-I) Rs 3,000/- pm
Technical Allce (Tier-II) Rs 4,500/- pm


Flying Allowance

Air Force officers and the members serving in the flying division of Indian Army and Navy are entitled to receive flying Allowances of 25,000/- PM.

Field Areas Allowances

Based on the ranks and the posting all the Commissioned officers are entitled to receive field area allowances. Below we have listed different field area allowances that are available.

Level Highly Active Field Area Allce Field Area Allce Modified Field Area Allce
Officers Rs 16,900/- pm Rs 10,500/- pm Rs 6,300/- pm

High Altitude Allowance

Level Category I Category II Category III
Officers Rs 3,400/- pm Rs 5,300/- pm Rs 25,000/- pm

Counter Insurgency Allowance

Level Counter Insurgency Allce in Peace Area Counter Insurgency Allce in Field Area Counter Insurgency Allce in Modified Field Area
Officers Rs 10,500/- pm Rs 16,900/- pm Rs 13,013/- pm

Transport Allowance (TPTA)

Pay Level Higher TPTA Cities (Rs. Per month) Other Places (Rs. Per month)
Officers Rs. 7200+DA thereon Rs. 3600+DA thereon

NDA Other Allowances

The NDA salary is supported by lots of different allowances that makes this job attractive. Below we have listed all such allowances.

NDA Other Allowances
Siachen Allowance Rs 42,500/- per month
Uniform allowance Rs 20,000/- per year
Ration in Kind In peace and Field areas
Children Education Allowance Rs. 2250/- per month per child for two eldest surviving only. CEA is admissible from Nursery to 12th Class
Hostel Subsidy Rs  6,750/- per month per child for two eldest surviving only. Hostel Subsidy is admissible from Nursery to 12th Class

NDA Salary 2024 for Disablement and Death

Below we had shared the NDA salary 2024 in case the candidates gets Disablement or Death.


NDA Salary 2024
In case of Disablement ●      Monthly Ex-gratia amount of Rs. 9,000/- per month.

●      An ex-gratia disability award of Rs. 16200/—per month shall be payable in addition to 100% of disability during the period of disablement, subject to prorata reduction in case the degree of disablement is less than 100%.

●      No disability award shall be payable in cases where the degree of disablement is less than 20%.

●      Constant Attendant Allowance (CAA) @ Rs 6750/- per month for 100% disabled on the recommendation of Invaliding Medical Board (IBM

In case of Death ●      Ex-gratia amount of Rs. 12.5 lakhs to the NoK.

●      Monthly Ex-gratia amount of Rs. 9000/- per month to the NoK


So this was all about the salary of the NDA. Officers commissioned through NDA exam are of Permanent commission i.e. they serve for 40 years or till the age of 62 whichever is earlier. The job in the Indian armed forces is one of the most respected and thrilling jobs that you can have.


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